Everywhere you turn you can find someone trying to persuade you. Someone will always try to persuade you to be interested in their ideas enough to make it your own. The reason I bring this up is to say to be careful about what you "take" from other people. If you live in an environment where you are constantly around other people, it's easy to feel bombarded by other people's views, goals, interests, etc. Many of you have probably been through situations where you felt your identity being put in jeopardy. Before I continue, I want to note that it's okay to hear other perspectives because this allows us to get a better understanding of the world so we can even understand ourselves. However, I don't want anyone to create a life that is based around what everyone wants but them.

It's very important to stay true to yourself even while being amongst others. Even if you don't know who you are yet, make sure that you are being authentic. What I mean is, make sure you are listening to your intuition and conscious because they are there for reason. Those things are there for you to use as compasses to keep you on track, so you are doing things and believing things that are in alignment with you. Now, as children/ young adults, our "compass" is limited by the lack of experience and knowledge of our world and ourselves, so we take on perspectives that aren't necessarily our own. Things that we want at 15 are not going to be the same at 25. We are meant to change and go through a period where we seek beliefs and people who feel familiar to our soul. This time allows you to get an idea of who You are. You must go through experiences that are meant to enhance you for the better. However, leave space for yourself and other people to be wrong. No one knows everything so don't follow blindly after anyone, especially if you are capable of thinking on your own. Be safe while gaining independence. My biggest tip during this time is to learn how to take care of yourself. Learn how to heal from the past, think for yourself, and stay receptive to learning.

Life is a game we all have to play and I want everyone to create a game that they'll enjoy.

Thank you for reading! Stay Safe