~Under A Sturgeon Moon~

Sundown, I sit under this August moonrise, while reflecting on our lost past
I can remember every scene by heart, as it again flashes before me so fast

I never quite overcame that dark time, but I'd learned to turn that grief off
I feared becoming too sentimental, or that maybe this doubt made me soft

That day we had such a sad falling out, as some lovers upon hard times will
But to end us, with only a phone call, that still brings to my soul a cold chill

I'd returned her text to say I'm all right, but my response came ever so slow
For if she'd thought I had forgotten her, I said I'd tried, but I couldn't let go

We had lived with a loving trust for years, and I sang of it in poems and song
Imagined our love whole and complete, until that day I was proven so wrong

At work, I struggled to concentrate, and I couldn't hold, to even one thought
And yes that time, was a tough break, but a hardship I know we both fought

When it seems like your world just ended, you might feel oh so lost and alone
And no matter where your head is rested, find no bed to remind you of home

Coming years will inevitably pass, and those pains truly won't stay the same
For people, as well as their circumstance, will either grow, regress, or refrain

And though it's sad when a loving relationship, comes crashing to such an end
It is with hope we salvage our hearts, and in forgiveness we stay a true friend