Alex hurried out of the bathroom, which was awkward and clumsy because of his large wings, and quickly closed the door behind him. Yahya was already standing there, looking at him with big, disbelieving eyes. Alex shot him a warning glare, but Yahya doubled over laughing anyway.

"They were true!" he gasped between laughs. "All this time, I thought uncle had been exaggerating, but it was all true!"

"Well, at least you're laughing," Alex mumbled sadly. He didn't think this situation was funny at all. Otto rarely got angry, but when she did, he hated it. It felt like the breath was being squeezed right out of him by a giant boa constrictor. He wanted to run back inside and hug her tightly until they'd both forgotten that they'd been separated for the past few days, but she'd made it very clear she didn't want him near right now. He felt like crying.

Yahya had picked up on his mood too and had stopped laughing, but didn't offer any consoling words.

"You look like you need a hug," a small voice said. When Alex looked in the direction of the voice, he spotted a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes peaking from around the corner at the end of the corridor. She was wearing a frilly light-blue dress, of which the skirt fell well past her knee, and her hair was pulled up in a half-ponytail, of which the lose parts were styled in long pipe curls. All in all, she looked like a doll to Alex.

"Was mommy angry with you?" she asked when he hadn't said anything after a while.

"Yeah," Alex mumbled reluctantly.

"Why?" the little girl asked as she stepped around the corner. Alex thought for an instant. What could he say that this little girl would understand?

"Because I've done some bad things," he said. The girl tiptoed over and stopped right in front of him.

"Was it on purpose?" she asked, big eyes looking at him curiously.

"Not all of them," Alex said as he glanced at Yahya, who looked back at him just as curiously as the little girl.

"Then, are you sorry you did them?" the little girl asked, one and all innocence.

"Of course I am," Alex choked as he sunk into a crouch to come to the girls eye-level. It annoyed him to notice that his wings slid down the wall behind him, even though the hallway was by no means small. "If I could take it all back, I would. So many things happened and I hurt a lot of people, but it's all in the past now and there is nothing I can do about it."

The little girl looked at him thoughtfully, then frowned and said: "There is something stuck in your hair. Here let me take it out."

Alex dutifully kept still as the little girl went ahead to pluck all kinds of grime from his face, hair and clothes.

Yahya snorted.

"You're unexpectedly good with kids," he said.

"That's not how I see it," Alex said and heaved a heavy sigh. "Look, I don't know what you thought I was gonna say before you ran away, but I want you to know that the man you knew as your father is dead. You don't have to wait for him anymore and you sure as hell don't have to prove yourself to him either."

This seemed to take Yahya by surprise, as he didn't say anything, so Alex continued.

"You were right. Amon has been a terrible father. If he hadn't been so blinded by his grief, a lot of things would've ended very differently. I know it doesn't make everything right, but I want you to know that I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you and that I'm grateful for everything you've done for me."

"That's quite alright," Yahya said after a long pause. "I think I understand why you were that heartbroken. That's her, isn't she? Your soulmate. My mother."

Alex nodded.

"I must apologise too," Yahya said. "I knew who she was the very moment I realised she wasn't dead. I knew who she was, and I knew you'd be following. So I kept her close. Maybe I hoped you'd take me back with you to the land of the living… I don't know. But her kindness had taken me completely off guard. She seemed to have realised just how hard it has been to be the only living creature here, just by listening to my story. And then you came, and I found myself enjoying our bickering. I guess I panicked at the idea of being alone again. And I'm sorry, I shouldn't have."

"Yeah," Alex said slowly. "That makes me feel even worse. I'm definitely not leaving you stranded here this time. That's a promise."

"There! All done!" the little girl chose that very moment to chime in. Alex was pretty certain that he still looked like crap, but he decided to humour her.

"How do I look?" he asked Yahya who was looking at him with mischievous lights twinkling in his eyes.

"I'd like to say 'aweful', but I'm afraid we look too similar for that," he joked and started walking down the corridor.

"Where are you going?" Alex called after him, still squatting besides the little girl.

"I'm going home to take a bath," Yahya said with an amused grin. "The Shabti dolls must have the bath ready by now. Tell mom I say thank you, for getting angry in my stead."

"She's just as much your mother as I am your dad, Yahya! Remember that!" Alex called after him.

"Always so stingy!" Yahya laughed and left.

Alex stared in the direction to which Yahya had left and then at the bathroom door. He wondered for a moment how long it would take Otto to finish her bath and if it would be worth waiting for. Then he looked at the girl in front of him, who for some reason still hadn't skittered off, even though she obviously had a short attention span.

"So, … what do you need to do to take a bath around here?" he asked her and her face lit up with a smile.

"I'll show you!" the little girl said happily as she grabbed his hand and pulled him along. "I've taken a bath here lots of times before! I know what to do!"

First, she dragged him to a small closet which stored the buckets to haul the water with, and then she dragged him along to the river where they got the water.

"We saw a rabbit over there! We tried to catch it, but it ran there and there and there, and then it got away," the little girl explained animatedly, running to all the places she had pointed to. Alex felt himself smile. Amenemhat and Intef had been around the same age when he'd taken them in, but they'd always been very level-headed. It was fun to see a lively child for once.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked when the little girl stopped two meteres away from the stream. She looked nervous.

"That's the best part of the river to fill the bucket," she said. "I'm not going to go any closer, because that's where Innes appeared. She was screaming really loudly until Annabelle finally pulled her out. It was very scary."

Alex looked at her for an instant.

"That's very smart of you," he said after a while. "If you can't swim, you shouldn't go near water or you'll drown."

"Right?! Annabelle always says it's no use to be afraid of water," the little girl said back to her original excitement-level. In the mean time, Alex tried an experimental scoop with the bucket in the water.

"I didn't say you should be afraid of water. I said that you should be smart and think about what you're doing first," Alex said as he tried to get a feel for the weight of the bucket. It was a relatively small bucket, approximately 8 liters of water would fit in it at a time. That meant that a full bucket wasn't terribly heavy, but if you needed to haul enough water to fill a bath, it could become a tedious task. Maybe there was room for improvement?

"Are you afraid of water?" Alex asked the little girl. She'd been watching him with great interest.

"Of course I'm not!" she said, sounding offended. "I bathe once a week!"

"Good," Alex chuckled as he looked from the little girl to the surrounding mountains, right where the river entered the valley. "Then, are you afraid of heights?"

"Are you going to fly?!" she asked excitedly. "Can I come? Please? Please? Please?"

"Oh, boy," Alex thought to himself. Seeing the girl this exited over something he wasn't used to himself yet, definitely felt weird. And it didn't help that the little girl trusted him, for some unknown reason, for the full one hundred percent. It was rather overwhelming.

"Remember what I said about being smart and thinking things through before you do something?" Alex asked. The little girl nodded. "Well, what makes you so sure you can trust me?"

"That's ok," she said cheerfully. "Because I like you and so everything will be fine."

Alex blushed.

"I'm sure mommy will like you too," she continued. "I doubt she'll stay angry for long."

"That's the second time she's called Otto mommy," Alex thought, but didn't say anything.

"Well then, that settles it, doesn't it?" he said instead and reached down to pick up the girl. "What's your name anyway? If we're going to be partners in crime, shouldn't I at least know your name?"

"It's Eva," the little girl said as she ran into his arms with a huge smile on her face and Alex easily picked her up and set her in his neck.

"My name is Alex, nice to meet you, Eva. Are you ready? Hold on thight! And please, try not to put your hands on my face. It would be problematic if you'd cover my eyes," Alex said as he started to flap his wings. He'd flown far enough to get a general feel of what his wings were capable of, so taking off by jumping off a high point seemed rather silly now.

With three mighty flaps of his wings, his body lifted off the ground and Eva squealed in exitement. She started giggling nervously when he started flying forward. They didn't need to go far, so it wasn't necessary to pick up speed. Judging by the squealing little girl on his shoulder, this level of excitement was already more than enough.

"This is amazing!" she yelled above the wind, but Alex could tell she was more than a little terrified as she kept clutching his hair. Alex couldn't help a little chuckle of his own.

"Ok, Eva," Alex said once they were flying above the river where it entered the valley. "Would you say we are higher up than the houses right now?"

"Way higher!" she yelled exitedly.

"Sounds like this is the perfect spot then," Alex said as he envisioned a waterreservoir and started manipulating the energy around him. He started with a little aqueduct, branching off the stream. The stream led into a large reservoir, hewn into the side of the mountain. He'd made it 5 meters in diameter and 3 meters deep. That should be enough to provide the 5 little chalets and the big inn of all the water they could possibly need. Well, possibly a lot more than they would ever need, now that he thought about it, since the dead didn't need to eat or drink.

"Swimming pool! Swimming pool!" Eva yelled excitedly as they both watched the water of the stream find its way into the reservoir.

"I guess it could be," Alex said. "If you aren't scared of heights that is. Now, sit still or you'll fall off."

Alex continued working on the reservoir. He watched as the water swirled inside the round pool and the water level rose slowly, but surely. Alex then willed a second aqueduct into existence. It started on the opposite side of the aqueduct which fed water into the basin, 50 centimetres bellow the rim, and allowed all the exces water to flow back into the river in one flowing motion, without spilling over the rim of the basin.

"That's the biggest waterslide I've ever seen!" Eva cried in amazement. Alex looked at her from the corner of his eyes and quickly raised the flanking walls of the aqueduct, so no accidents would happen if anyone ever felt the urge to try out that possibility.

"And now, to finish the project," Alex mumbled as he imagined a pipeline going down from the reservoir into the valley and connected it to the little wooden houses. For each bath there would be a connection to the reservoir with a tab.

"There, flowing tab water," Alex said proudly and only now noticed that the little girl in his neck had gone quiet. She was hugging his head as tightly as she could and was shivering from head to toe. Alex cursed himself that he hadn't noticed until now.

"Hey? Are you ok?" he asked as he touched one of her little hands to get her attention, but startled at how cold it felt.

"You're freezing!" he said, without waiting for Eva to answer. He scooped her from his neck, magicked a warm blanket into existence, wrapped her in it and cradled her close to his chest to keep her warm. He quickly started to ascend towards the big inn where he knew that Otto was. He was such a fool for not noticing earlier that the temperature up this high was a lot colder than down in the valley. Combined with the wind his wings constantly made, it was a miracle she'd managed to stay as energetic as she had been.

As Alex ascended, he noticed two small human figures standing on the terrace behind the inn, watching them. He figured one of them was Otto, so he flew towards them.

"Is that Eva?" the older woman besides Otto asked once he landed in front of them, pointing towards the fluffy bundle in his arms. Before Alex could answer her, Eva did so herself.

"A-A-Annabelle! D-d-did you s-s-s-see me? I f-f-flew! It w-w-w-was am-m-mazing!"

The poor girl was shivering so badly she couldn't get out a single word out without clattering her teeth. Once she'd noticed the state Eva was in, the woman Eva had called Annabelle rushed forward.

"Goodness, Eva, you're freezing?!" she uttered incredulously as she took the child from Alex's arms.

"I'm sorry," Alex mumbled guiltily as he snuck a worried glance towards Otto. So far she hadn't said a word. She just stood there watching him with crossed arms. "I should have noticed sooner. I feel so stupid."

"M-m-mommy! Can he b-b-be my daddy?" Eva said, already chattering considerably less. Otto didn't answer. She merely redirected the stern stare with which she'd been watching him towards the girl and heaved a sigh.

"Annabelle, could you take Eva to the hearth inside please?" she said with a gentle touch to the woman's arm.

"Of course," the woman said kindly and shot him a reassuring smile before she turned and left.

"N-n-nooooo!" Eva wailed as Annabelle carried her inside. "I don't want to go inside! I want to-"

But whatever she wanted, Alex would never know, because at that point Annabelle closed the door behind her and nothing except a stifling silence remained. He glanced at Otto's face, but ducked his head when he was met with a stern frown. He kept quiet, waiting for her to explain why she was angry with him. He hated this silence. He wished she was one of those people that started shouting when they were angry, but that just wasn't Otto.

"So, you have wings now?" she asked. It sounded more like a statement than a question.

"Yeah," he answered, his head still ducked low.

"Aren't you going to put then away? They look big and inpractical," she said.

"I can't. They are attached to me."

A fact he was truly starting to regret. His normal days were over. He barely fitted through doors anymore, not to mention what his dad would do once he saw him. Undoubtedly, he'd lock him away in some lab and research him until the end of his days.

"Don't be ridiculous," Otto scolded. "You don't just grow wings like that in five days. Which must mean you made them appear. And if you made them appear, you can make them disappear again too."

"You make it sound so easy," Alex mumbled annoyed, but still did as he was told. He folded his wings, for the first time since he got them and was surprised to find they vanished completely when closed. It left him confused and made him wonder if Otto had know they would do that. He wanted to ask her but she was still looking at him with an unreadable expression.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" he asked as he dared to look up and was just in time to see Otto's lip start to quiver. Soon, tears were streaming down her cheeks. Alex froze, uncertain of what to do.

"Thank God you found me," she mumbled just loud enough for him to hear her, leaned her head against his chest and grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt tightly. "I was so afraid tha-"

Her voice broke as she tried to explain, but Alex had heard enough. He instantly wrapped his arms around her little frame and smothered her in a hug.

"I'm SO sorry. It really did take me too long to find you. You must have lost all hope," Alex mumbled into her sweet smelling, freshly washed hair. To his words, she suddenly whipped her head up and started shaking it furiously.

"I wasn't sure if you would find me," Otto said as she stared straight into his eyes. "But I never doubted that you were searching for me."

Alex could have reacted in a number of ways. For example, he could have kissed her passionately (because he really wanted to) or he could have said in a joking manner: "Wait, you thought I wouldn't make it?" But what he actually did, was shriek when he saw the huge smudge of dirt on her forehead.

"You have a little-" he started to say as he tried to wipe the smudge with the edge of his sleeve, but froze mid-sentence as that only made things worse. Then he noticed it wasn't just her freshly washed forehead he'd sullied, but every part of her body that he'd touched, and flinched away from her. From her bust all the way down to her waist and around her shoulders where his arms had held her, a nearly black imprint could be seen. Alex groaned half in frustration and half in disgust. He'd never felt less composed in his life. It was even worse than when he'd been too weak to move. The sound of Otto's sweet chuckling pulled him back from his panic.

"Come on," she said as she grabbed his hand and started pulling him along. "Let's get you cleaned up. We can't let your effort of installing flowing tab water go to waste, now can we?"

"Oh, Otto. Honestly, I was thinking of magicking myself clean. It's much quicker than bathing."

She slowed her pace at his words and glanced over her shoulder towards him.

"So you don't want me to wash your hair?" she asked, a faint blush dusting her sheeks. Alex instantly felt his face flush bright red.

"Oh, you… you were going to come with me?" he asked as he swallowed at the images his mind provided. He quickly shook his head to get rid of them. "As in, on the same side of the closed door, while I'm naked."

They hadn't done anything more than kissing in this lifetime. And not because he was too nervous to do anything. No, Amon's memories of his "alone time" with Neferet left him weak in the knees. Neferet had been a seasoned Egyptian woman, and in Ancient Egypt there was no such thing as prudence towards sex, but Otto was a sixteen year old, modern day virgin. Alex was trying to be considerate of the girl who'd hidden her bright red face in his chest the first time he'd kissed her.

"I can't?" she asked, a strange mix of doubt and disappointment audible in her voice.

"Of course you can," Alex said as he gave her hand a soft reassuring squeeze. "I just don't want you to feel like you have to."

Her blush intensified all the way to the back of her neck.

"But I missed you," she mumbled quietly. He couldn't help but grin at her innocence.

Once they were inside of the bathroom, Otto turned the knob of the newly installed tab to fill the bath.

"I'll go heat the water," she said as she filled a large kettle from the tab. Her heart was jumping with joy. She chuckled at how different she felt since the last time she'd filled this bath. And how much easier it was to have flowing water. Life wasn't easy without the luxury of modern day life.

"No need," Alex said. "I'll use my magic to heat it up. It will be quicker that way."

"If you say so," Otto mumbled dejectedly as she emptied the kettle into the bathtub and put it away. "Then give me your dirty clothes. I'll wash them and in the mean time, you could wear some spare clothes."

When she turned around to look at Alex, she was surprised to find that he was already pulling his T-shirt over his head. Otto stared, completely taken by surprise by the sight of his muscular torso. Well, she had her suspicions since she could feel his muscles move underneath his clothes ever time they touched, but those everyday T-shirts didn't do anything for his body. She even suspected that he purposefully down-dressed to draw less attention to himself. A wave of heat rolled over her as her wandering eyes met his eyes and a knowing grin appeared on his face.

"Look away, you dummy!" Alex laughed as he threw his dirty T-shirt straight into her face. He'd throw it with enough force for a little dust cloud to puff up on impact. At first, Otto was angry that he'd thrown such a dirty piece of clothing into her face, but then she noticed it had Alex's smell all over it and had to push down the urge to inhale his scent and rub her face against the fabric. His scent reminded her of a smokey campfire.

"You don't need to wash my clothes," Alex said as a tell-tale splash resounded and Otto decided it was safe to pull the t-shirt from her head. "They're ripped and tattered. You can throw them into the fireplace for all I care."

When Otto looked up, she was just in time to see Alex's head sink into the smoking hot water, stay there for a few seconds, the water turning a cloudy dark grey as the water rippled from movement underneath the surface and came back up. Alex ran his hands through his wet hair, so it lay straight backwards, rubbed the water from his eyes so he could see, saw the dark-grey water, magicked it into a milky white colour, sank back into the water to his collarbone and put his arms on the rim of the bath. Otto swallowed. She wasn't even sure she'd heard what Alex had said before he'd sunk into the water. Had it always been this hot in the bathroom? Watching him bathe was just overwhelming. From his electric eyes, watching her intently, to his strong shoulders and chest, to-

The sound of snapping fingers, startled her away from her train of thoughts and she jerked her eyes back up to Alex his face, who was the one who had snapped his fingers a few times to get her attention.

"Eyes up here, sweetheart. You look like you might have a nosebleed if I allow your eyes to travel any further downwards than they already had," he said. Otto instantly flushed bright red and hid her face in her hands.

"Sorry!" she squeaked embarrassedly. She was pretty certain that she was blushing all the way down her neck.

"Don't be. I'm flattered," Alex chuckled. She heard the water slosh as he moved but didn't dare to look at what he was up to. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt his wet hands on her wrists. "Now come here and let me clean the dirt from your face. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were a chimney-sweep."

Otto allowed Alex to pull her hands away from her face, even though she still felt deadly embarrassed, and closed her eyes as he ran a damp washcloth over her face, making quick work of the mess he'd created earlier.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Otto scolded herself in thought, but her weak resolve was shattered when she felt his lips press against hers softly. Her eyes flew open, just to find that Alex was still hovering right in front of her face, watching her with a playful glint in his eyes. That was the last drop. She closed the gap, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily. He produced a noise, somewhere between a groan and a sigh and returned her kisses just as hungrily. She was glad to have him close. She'd missed him so much. He'd moved heaven and earth to find her. She just felt so flattered, so loved. She wanted to convey that feeling to him through her kisses. He moaned into the heated kiss, wrapped his arms around her waist and started pulling her closer.

"Wha-? Wait!" she mumbled hazily as she was already standing with her hips against the edge of the bath and threatened to lose her balance as Alex kept pulling. "My clothes will get wet if I fall into the bath."

"I don't care, I just want you close," he said, sounding just as hazy as she felt. She chuckled. Looks like Alex had gone off the deep end. The next time he gently tugged her waist, she obliged and climbed into the bath with him, water spilling over the edge as she did so.

Being in the water with him was exhilarating like nothing she'd ever felt: his body pressed against hers, the hot water around them, the fabric of her skirt fluttering around her legs in the water, tickling her skin.

Otto was just about to forget herself, when three polite knocks could be heard at the bathroom door.

"I'm sorry to disturb you when you are obviously very busy, dear," Annabelle said as she entered the bathroom without waiting for permission to enter. "I brought some of Jack's spare clothes, since it looked like the boy could use some new clothes."

It was clear that Annabelle was rambling because she was nervous. Which was understandable, considering that she had entered a room where a girl was sitting on top of a naked boy, with her clothes on, in the bathtub. Otto was feeling pretty damn awkward herself. What the hell was Annabelle doing here?!

"It looks like I better leave a change of clothes for you at the door too. Not that I was looking, honestly," Annabelle rambled on as she made her way in a big bow around the bath to the window. Only now Otto noticed the four little girls looking through the window. All of their faces bright red and full of curiosity as they had clearly been watching Alex and Otto from outside.

"So!" Annabelle said in a conclusive manner while she abruptly closed the curtains of the only window in the room, ignoring the complaints which could be heard from outside of the window and started walking back to the door she'd come in through.

"Please don't mind me, and do continue to enjoy yourself," Annabelle said as she pulled the door closed behind her. Alex and Otto stared incredulously at the door for a moment longer, simultaneously turned their heads towards the (now closed) curtains, glanced back at each other and laughed embarrassedly.

"Had you noticed them?" Alex asked, clearly ashamed of the fact that he hadn't. Otto shook her head, feeling sheepish herself.

"How long have they been watching?" Alex wondered out loud. "I hope they didn't see me enter the bath. Here I was, covering your eyes, while I should've been worried about soiling the eyes of some innocent little girls."

"No, they aren't little girls. Most of them are old hags," Otto corrected him. "Dirty, peeping, old hags."

Alex snorted.

"What are you mumbling about?" he asked.

"It's true," Otto said. "Most of those 'little girls' have lived their lives until they were old and grey and are now almost at the end of their reverse-life. So you don't need to worry about them. They are probably gossiping about it right now. Saying things like: 'What a splendid young man! Quite something else, compared to my husband.'" Otto explained as levelheadedly as she could and watched Alex's brows rise high in realisation.

"So you are actually the youngest person here?"


"Damn, now I feel like a cradle robber," Alex said, earning himself a playful slap against the shoulder.

"I'm not that young!" she complained. "And you are not that old!"

Alex chuckled in reply, but said nothing. A comfortable silence fell, which gave Otto the time to realise that she was straddling a naked Alex and instantly turned bright red.

"I-, I think I'd better get out," Otto mumbled as she tried to stand up and get out of the bath, only to find that she couldn't. Alex was holding on to her waist and it didn't look like he was going to let go.

"Alex, let go," she mumbled quietly.


"Why, you ask? I'm still wearing my clothes in the bath for one." It sounded like a hastily made up excuse even to her own ears. Alex gave her a measured look.

"I advise you to keep them on. Unless, you want to be naked in the bath with me. Then I'd be happy to magic your clothes away for you," Alex joked as he wiggled his eyebrows. Otto felt her cheeks heat up again.

"Magic this, magic that," she complained to distract herself from the very nosebleed-worthy image her mind had provided her at Alex's words. "Are you sure that you have the luxury to waste your energy like that? I don't know if you've noticed, but there's no such thing as electricity here."

Alex looked at her flabbergasted for an instant.

"Really nothing escapes you, does it?" he asked as he heaved a heavy sigh. "And here I was, trying to spare you the details."

Otto frowned at him, as his answer didn't seem to make sense. Was he keeping something from her? Had something happened?

"Long story short," Alex said as he took Otto's hand and gently kissed the tips. "Some things happened here which resulted in me obtaining a very large amount of energy. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about feeling feint ever again. Forget magicking little flowers into existence, I think I even might be able to create my own galaxy with this much energy."

Otto looked at him dumbstruck.

"You received an amount of energy that is large enough to create a galaxy?" she asked by way of verifying what he'd told her. He nodded. "Isn't that dangerous? I'd think that that much energy is unhealthy for the human body."

Alex frowned, clearly thinking something over.

"It should be fine," he mumbled in thought. "Yahya's father was the previous holder and he lived his life until he was old and gray, so I don't think it's harmful."

"I you aren't worried, neither am I," Otto said as she shifted into a more comfortable position. To her surprise, Alex gasped and his eyes clouded over with lust.

"Please do remember that you are still sitting on me," he said.

"Am I now?" Otto chuckled as she leaned into his chest and snuggled her face into the nape of his neck, just because she knew he was sensitive there. She drew her tongue along the length of his neck and nipped gently at his earlobe. A wave of self-confidence washed over her as she was rewarded with a soft groan. She smiled to herself as she noticed Alex had unconsciously angled his head to grant her more access to his neck. Very different from how he'd pushed her away the first time. Maybe it was because they already were in heaven, but being with Alex sure was fun.

Needless to say, they spend more time than necessary in the bath.

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