Chinatown was abuzz with activity, celebrating a festival like it was New Year's Eve. Activity was quite loud outside a fancy Chinese restaurant called the White Tiger. The place was closed for the night but the shops and stores around it were planned to be open as long as possible.

It was on top of the restaurant that two Asian teenagers were standing while watching the fun go down below, with only the stars above being their company.

One was a boy, who was standing like he was forced to be there, while the other was a girl. She had forced him to join her as a form of punishment though that flew over his head.

"Remind me why we're standing here again."

This was the third time that Xian asked, and for the third time his sister ignored him. she was so upset with him that she didn't want to talk.

"Sis. Why are we up here?" The younger twin asked again, unconcerned with his sister's attitude.

His sister looked towards the sky, where the stars were shining brightly in spite of the red-orange glow of the lights in Chinatown below. A festival had just begun to die down with the curfew kicking in less than an hour, people were trying to use what time they had left to enjoy themselves and make long joyous memories to share in the future. San Francisco itself was quiet with only the Golden Gate bridge being lit up for the night. Chinatown was the center of the universe for tonight, well outside of the country of China itself that is. The Qixi Festival was a big deal, being the Chinese Version of Valentine's Day and was celebrated worldwide.

Today was meant to be a big day for the girl whom Xian had earned the wrath of. His older twin sister Leixia, dressed in an expensive red qipao dress with a long skirt that was parted to reveal her smooth legs as well as had her hair braided in a long tail down her back, gave him the look of fury that outmatched any thunderstorm.

"I was ready to have fun today and you ruined it, brother."

"Gimme a break sis. That guy stole the prize I rightfully won."

Earlier in the night, playing some festival games Xian had been challenged by a tourist to a game of apple bobbing and though Xian won the tourist had tried to steal the prize. Long story short Xian beat the crap out of him and in the process got called on by the police, but not before a fight ensued within the crowd. The end result was the large tear on the left side of her dress going entirely up her left side to her underarm. the fabric was shot and so was the check to rent it for the day. Leixia had paid with her own money and her brother was the one who caused her to lose the deposit. Yet that wasn't the main gripe she had with him.

"Because of you we had to leave the festival."

The young man rolled his eyes, "All you miss out on is finding a boyfriend. There's always next year."

Crossing her arms over her chest Leixia sighed. Her brother didn't understand her at all. "I wasn't meaning to find one." 'Though it would been a nice bonus to have been asked out once...' she admitted to herself. She spoke aloud next, "I was hoping we'd get to fit in around here, you know, after moving here from Hong Kong. Not just that, it would have been great for you to make some friends. Today would have been the best time to do so, since you never leave the restaurant otherwise."

He made a sarcastic face at her that his sister failed to see. He didn't like it when she attacked his life style. He wasn't an anti-social person, he just claimed to have other things to do than go outside. Making friends was a chore anyway, especially in a new country. "And you are chasing after boys, which isn't healthy anyway."

"What do you know about healthy mister-I eat-snacks-all-day?"

"Enough to know that being desperate enough to wear that outfit makes you look bad."

"Shut it báichī, this dress cost more than you save in a month, and because of you it is ruined."

"Sheesh sis, it wasn't my fault that chick took a swing at you, let alone you countered it with a kick right to her jaw."

He wasn't wrong, though Leixia wouldn't tell him that out loud. Leixia, as well as her brother, were trained in martial arts though she took her training much more seriously. To the point where when she anticipated an attack she reacted without thinking. One girl who had envied Leixia's natural beauty throughout the night tried to get a cheap shot in and found out the hard way never to attack her. Though Leixia had worn high heels she still managed to land a high kick that would have impressed Jean Claude Van Damme. Too bad her dress had been torn in the process.

Leixia turned the tables on her brother. "Next year I'll make you look presentable and you just might land yourself a girlfriend."

"Why the hell would I do that? I have charm that is irresistible to girls. They will come to me before I go to them."

"What a load of crap," said Leixia before she yawned. Her day had been ruined, but it wasn't something she hadn't expected to happen. she had hoped it would have been done on an entirely different day, is all. 'I'm sixteen going on seventeen...and ever since I came to America I have yet to find a boyfriend...'

Leixia didn't want to think of herself as desperate, since she had been taking her time getting acquainted with the life her new home had offered, but sometimes she wished she could move time a bit faster so she would find herself one. Hanging out with her brother got boring in a hurry, especially when all her old friends were back in Hong Kong.

Though her brother was in the same boat he didn't let it bother him as much as it did her.

Xian got up from his chair and stretched his arms above his head, his hands running through his short dark hair. "Think I'm gonna take a bath then head to bed."

Leixia didn't object, she was planning on doing the same thing. "I'll be inside shortly."

"Gonna admire the view a bit more? I'll let grandpa know."

Leixia nodded once and watched her brother leave. Then while looking up at the star filled sky she walked over to the edge of the roof and picked up what appeared to be a sword sheathed in a green scabbard. The word lightning was etched in Chinese along the length of the scabbard. Sighing once again the girl looked up at the sky and for a moment she thought she saw a shooting star.

"Maybe next year I'll get lucky..."

With that thought she made her way off the roof and back inside to get ready for bed.