"You don't belong there," Ichiro said. "Just like all the Japanese people they took. Hell, you didn't even belong in that time. We shouldn't even be having this conversation. I can't let you be taken by them."

"If you don't then –."

"Yeah, yeah I get it," Ichiro said. "If we save you then your family won't exist."

"Ro, calm down," Dustyn said. Ichiro huffed as he sat back in his seat. "What information can you give us?"

"The original plan was to take her and another girl," Miyuki's husband said. "We had planned to take both at the same time but something happened that separated the two girls and we could only get the one. However, Miyuki saw us and we decided to take her too."

"Don't get the wrong idea. I didn't like living there. I spent the almost four decades in that god forsaken country." Miyuki said. "They locked me up in some building with guards outside my door. I couldn't do anything on my own. They forced me to teach their agents Japanese and how to act like a Japanese person. I was even one of the people who taught the terrorists who bombed the Korean Air bombing back in eighty-seven. They had us teach those who were sent to abduct other Japanese. It was terrible. But as the years passed, I became less resistant when I began to realize I wasn't leaving." Miyuki stared at the glass of tea Mako had set in front of her. "I may still have a bit of a chip on my shoulder from that experience but I love my family and had that not have happened then I wouldn't have them now."

"Stockholm Syndrome much?" Dustyn muttered in English under his breath. The twins shot looks at him with wide eyes.

"What did you say?" Miyuki asked. Her tone suggested she genuinely didn't hear him and wasn't challenging him to repeat something she found offensive.

He shook his head. "I was trying to connect pieces. Trying to figure out time travel isn't always easy. Anyway, When did you tell your husband you were from the future?"

"Shortly after we were married. It was a secret within our own family."

"At first it was hard to believe," her husband said. "But one of the things that helped cement the idea was Japan never asked for her specifically to be returned," her husband said. "They had a list of people who had disappeared in Japan. Some of them were abducted but others we had nothing to do with so it surprised me to see she wasn't on the list."

"Because she was from the future and no one would've reported her missing because she didn't exist yet," Dustyn said.

"There is something else I haven't told you about that night. Another reason I don't want you to try and save me."

"Which is?" Ichiro asked still refusing to believe his girlfriend would rather be abducted than be saved and returned to when and where she belonged."

"Because you both die."


A blood curdling scream ripped through the stillness of the night but was quickly silenced. The twins and Miyuki all looked at each other wondering if that was Nagisa or Megumi. The trio headed in the direction of the scream which was in the direction of the beach. They looked around the general area of Megumi's house as it had been reported that she was about 100 meters from her house when she was abducted.

The twins were a few feet in front of Miyuki poking their heads around corners looking for any movement. Miyuki ventured down a street alone after something caught her attention that had disappeared around another corner. She dashed toward the corner hoping to hold up the abductors until help arrived. She turned the corner to find three men with their arms wrapped around a girl. The girl's eyes widened as she mustered a cry from behind one man's hands. The three men loomed over Miyuki and there was no way she could do anything to help.

She could only let out a small scream before one of the men grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her in. She dropped her cell phone in hopes to leave a clue for the twins to follow. He covered her mouth with his hand.

The twins were close enough to hear the short scream and came running. Ichiro cocked his arm back ready to punch the closest man but was dropped by the man's attack. Kanon tried to help but was punched in the face and fell next to her brother.

"Should we take them too?" one man asked.

"No," another said. "We don't have the man power. Kill them."

The man grabbed the twins by their throats and squeezed hard. The other two dragged Miyuki and Megumi away. She watched helplessly as the man pushed the life from the twins. Their struggles began to slow before ultimately stopping. Miyuki's eyes widened as what happened registered in her mind. Everything blurred around her. She kicked and clawed trying to break free to try and help the twins but it was futile. Her smaller frame was no match for the muscular and trained bodies of the men. That was the last she saw of the twins. The crashing waves against the concrete wave breakers and the drowned out her screams. The two girls were tossed into the cargo hold of a ship. While Megumi still had some energy to fuel her cries for her parents, Miyuki had lost her fight. All Miyuki could think about were the lifeless bodies of the twins lying in the street. While Megumi clawed at the hull of the ship, leaving trails of blood from her broken fingernails, Miyuki bawled, mourning her friends. They felt the ship turning. Megumi's screams and pleas became louder. Miyuki scooted over to her, wrapping her arms around her, hoping she could protect her just like the twins had planned to do. That was her mission now. She was going to carry on the mission of protecting Megumi for as long as she could. The ship's engine revved up and began its journey home. Together, the two girls were on their way to North Korea.