Inside her giant home the sweet giantess Chrissie was in the kitchen and filling up a large glass of water. Once again, she found herself dressed up in something that wasn't her usual outfit. However, this time rather than dressing in her superhero costume and going by the name of Chrissie-Girl. She instead wore a white apron with a red cross on it along with a white hat with the same cross.

It was a little difficult for her to fetch the water as the house was built more for the scale of a larger person as she was expected to grow throughout her entire life. But she was still large enough to get the glass, fill it up and then take it away with a small amount of haste. She was somewhat careful with this as she remembered when she once tripped over with a glass of water and it smashed on the ground. It had not been a pleasant experience for her and it was one that she preferred not to repeat.

Normally it would be her butler Remy who had gone to get the water, although he was only a normal size man. This time however, she was insistent on doing it herself as she made her way back to a room that was a short walk away from the kitchen. She had a smile on her face while she did this and she did hum at the same time.

It was when she walked into the other room when the reason for her task was obvious as she could see her older sister and legal guardian Claire lying in the bed. The larger giantess seemed to be in some discomfort but she turned her head and smiled when she saw her younger sister entering the room.

She wasn't alone as sitting on the covers was Chrissie's beloved puppy and superhero sidekick Remy Jr. He had been dressed up with a white coat and stethoscope which made him look like a doctor. As far as Chrissie was concerned, he was a doctor and went by the name Doctor Remy Jr.

"Nurse Chrissie is here and has a big glass of water for the patient," said Chrissie as she entered. Her tone was joyful but also like she was announcing something. She watched as Claire turned her head and gave her a smile even though she was in some pain and discomfort.

"Just what I need," replied Claire with a smile on her face. She was still lying in bed and as she looked towards the end of it, she could see that her feet were sticking out of it. She gave a small sigh as it was a reminder of what was happening to her.

The reason for her condition was that she was going through a growth spurt. This was something that giants did go through on a fairly regular basis. They would mostly grow fairly slowly just like a normal human being but then they would also have a much bigger spurt. This would increase their height fairly dramatically in a very short amount of time. As a side effect a giant was normally bedridden during this spurt and they would have to have someone care for them while it happened.

Claire's growth spurt in particular seemed to be a big one. Even though before the growth spurt, she had been around sixty-five feet in height. Now she had grown past that by a good margin and her growth spurt was continuing. Normally, these kinds of growth spurts didn't last long. Because of this she knew that it would end soon but she could still feel her body slowly stretching and expanding.

There were some barks from Remy Jr. as he looked at Claire. Like Chrissie he too was worried about her and he did want to help. However, it seemed that he was incapable of doing much besides sitting there and looking cute. This was enough to make the larger giantess feel better and she was happy to have two helpers with her.

Normally she would also be helped by Remy but he was out running some errands for her. Under normal circumstances she would have done this herself but with what was happening to her she knew that it was best to leave it to him. Even though she had fired him at one point, now he was as much part of the family as her sister or her puppy. She knew how much Remy meant to Chrissie and couldn't comprehend firing him again.

Chrissie seemed quite happy with caring for her sister but there was a small amount of concern as she heard Claire suddenly groan in pain. Although it wasn't obvious to them at first, Claire's feet were now reaching out of the bed a little further than they had been just a few moments before. However, Chrissie did go to the end of the bed and she could see just how far the feet were sticking out now. She had always known that her sister could fit in the bed quite comfortably, but now this wasn't the case.

"Wow Claire, you're going to be really tall when you stop growing," said Chrissie. She even poked Claire's foot and there was a reaction to this.

"I know Nurse Chrissie," replied Claire with a smile on her face. She didn't want to make her sister worry. "If I keep growing like this then my head is going to go through the ceiling the next time I stand up."

"Hopefully you won't because that would really hurt." She had walked back around to Claire's upper body. "But don't worry, Nurse Chrissie and Doctor Remy Jr. will make sure that you'll feel better."

"And I'm sure that you will." She then stretched out an arm and was able to wrap it around Chrissie and embrace her in a hug. "Thank you so much for your help."

"It's alright Claire since doctors and nurses make people feel better again." She then embraced Claire in her own hug. "I love you."

"I love you too Sweetie."

Even though Claire was going through her growth spurt that was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort, this wasn't the most distressing thing on her mind. Instead it was the fact that she was going to have to leave soon so that she could return to her job. It was something that Chrissie did know about and it upset her greatly. However, with this growth spurt taking place this was something that had slipped their minds for the time being. But it didn't make the problem go away, instead it was simply postponed for the time being and they would have to deal with it at a later time.

Meanwhile some distance away Mean-Man once again wandered the corridors of his castle like base of operations. Over and over again he had tried to defeat Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup but each time had been a failure. Not just that but it had blown up in his face in one way or another. He swore that he still had some cobwebs in his hair from when he was stuck on the webbing when his failed creation Mean-Bot tried to take over the world.

He wasn't the only one present his assistant Mean-Girl too was inside of the building. However, she was having her own issues as she was sitting down on a chair that was too small for her and looking through a clothing magazine. She could see many items of clothing and outfits that she thought would look lovely on her.

The only real problem was that because she stood at eight feet in height, none of the clothing that was advertised would be able to fit her. There was the route of getting them specially made for her but this would be very expensive. She did have the budget for a few of them but not for all the ones that she would have liked to have bought. Instead she could only give a sigh as this was one of the hardships that she had discovered due to being so much taller than everyone else.

"It's pointless, completely pointless!" stated Mean-Man as he walked by Mean-Girl. She was somewhat taken by surprise as she was so fixated on her magazine that she didn't notice his arrival.

"What is it now?" replied Mean-Girl as she had gotten over her shock and was now more annoyed than anything else.

"Why is it that every single one of my plans to destroy those two super heroic numbskulls ends in failure? I have four . and almost any resource I could possibly want? How do they keep beating me again and again?"

"Maybe it's because all of your ideas are stupid!" She was still very annoyed by everything that had taken place. Including the fact that she was now one of the tallest people in the world and couldn't simply walk into a store and buy herself a nice outfit.

"No, it's not my ideas that are stupid, I'm a genius don't forget." This only annoyed his very tall employee even further. He did consider firing her but he had done that before and it hadn't worked out too well for him. But there was something that did appear in his mind, it was the beginning of a new idea and thus a new plan. "Wait a moment, what if I fight fire with fire?"

"Fire with fire? What are you talking about?" From what she was hearing, he was making no sense. She knew the meaning of the term that he had used but wasn't sure what exactly he meant about it.

"I remember reading stories that said that the only way to defeat a dragon was by using another dragon. Maybe to defeat Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup, I need my own Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup."

"And how do you plan on getting those? It's not like there's more than one of the pair." To her this sounded like it was going to become some kind of new scheme that would ultimately end in disaster.

"But maybe there can be. I've had an old cloning device sitting around for a while and I've been thinking about when the best time was to use it. I guess now is better than any other if you ask me."

"You have a cloning device?" By this point she stood up and was in shock. "You've had a cloning device all this time and you've never thought to use it until now? How long have you had it?" She was more shocked than anything else and she could think of several situations where a clone would have come in handy.

"Since before I hired you. It was one of the first devices I created, I thought that it would be pointless hiring a henchman when I could simply clone myself. At least then I would have someone on my own level of intellect." This got an annoyed grunt from Mean-Girl who was far from happy about his last comment. He realised what he had said had annoyed her so he quickly moved on. "However, the clones that were created were less than ideal. None of them lasted for more than ten minutes."

"Oh." She could see why it hadn't really been used but she still thought that such a device could be useful in somewhere. "Isn't there any way that you can simply tweak it to make the clones last longer?"

"Hmm it is possible. It'll take around an hour of work but I'm not sure that I have the time to do it."

"Boss, you have more than enough time. For the last week, you've been walking around doing nothing. If that cloning device only needs an hour to be perfected then do it. Is it just people that it clones or can it clone anything?"

"It can clone anything; all it needs is to scan it or have a copy of its DNA and it'll be able to recreate it perfectly. I could even create more than one at a time."

"Then how about this, rather than cloning Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup. Why don't you get something valuable, like a piece of gold or a gem, then begin cloning that over and over again? That way you have practically unlimited amount of wealth and you could just buy the city rather than trying to take it over."

For a moment Mean-Man did consider what his very tall employee was telling him. Such a thing would be possible if he did perfect the cloning device but ultimately, he dismissed the motion from his mind. Such an endeavour would be financially the best idea but not for an evil genius. Because of this he wanted to go through with the idea of cloning Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup so that he could defeat the dynamic duo with themselves. In his mind there wasn't anything that could go wrong.

Back at the giant mansion like house the butler known as Remy stepped into the house through a normal size door. He had finished running the errands that he needed to perform and he was looking forward to sitting down and having a rest. When he had taken the job, he thought that he would be working in a normal size home, not the giant built one he found himself in now.

Not just that but he also knew what would happen when Chrissie would look at him if they hadn't seen each other in some time. Even if this time was only around half an hour, she would still stop whatever she was doing and give him a hug. It would always be a pleasant hug but he sometimes found it annoying. Especially if he was trying to do something of importance.

Even so he couldn't tell her off for this as it would upset her and then incur the wrath of Claire. That was something that he didn't want to happen at all as he wouldn't want a currently growing giantess to be angry with him. It had happened before and he didn't want it to happen again.

Like Claire, Remy had also somewhat become Chrissie's guardian as well. Even though she was an adult, thanks to her mindset she was still very much like a child and thus couldn't fully take care of herself. Some would say that her regressed mind would be a curse but in the mind of both Remy and Claire it was a blessing. Because of this she was happy all the time and this was something that simply couldn't be bought.

It was quite a walk for him but he was able to make it to Claire's room where the bigger giantess was still lying in bed. She did groan a little as the pain but looked towards the ground when she saw him entering. Chrissie too noticed and quickly knelt down and picked him up to embrace him in a hug.

"Remy," said Chrissie with a joyful tone. "You're back." Even though she was a giant she was very careful with her hugs. She didn't want to accidentally hurt him at all as it would upset her.

"Hello Nurse Chrissie," replied Remy. He knew that if he properly told her to stop hugging him, she would become upset so he had to think of a way of doing it without starting the waterworks. "I need to speak with your sister, can you place me on the bed please?" He had also remembered to call her nurse as she always preferred to be called by the title of whatever she was dressed up as.

"Ok Remy." Without thinking about it too much she broke off the hug and then placed Remy down onto the bed.

Like Chrissie before him, he could see that Claire's feet were very slowly drifting further and further out of the end of the bed. He couldn't estimate exactly how tall she was now but for the moment that didn't matter. Instead he had to speak with Claire about a few things of importance.

"Nurse Chrissie," said Claire fairly weakly as she looked over to her sister. "Remy and I need to talk about something very important, you don't mind making me a drawing to make me feel better?"

"Of course," replied Chrissie. "A nurse always tries her best to make their patient feel better again." With that she carefully picked up Remy Jr. who was still sitting on the bed and generally looking cute. "Come on Doctor Remy Jr., let's go and draw."

The puppy didn't resist at all as he was taken out of the room. He was simply willing to do anything to make Chrissie happy. He could barely remember a time when he wasn't with her but due to the love that she had given him, he knew that he was going to be by her side for the rest of his days.

Chrissie did hurry to her own room as she took out a giant piece of paper and some coloured pencils that she had. She was sure to get a small piece for Remy Jr. and a pencil to place in his mouth. It wasn't the first time that they would have drawn together so he knew what he needed to do. The pair seemed quite happy as all they needed for their joy was to be together and doing something that they love.

Meanwhile in the other room Remy prepared for what he needed to say to Claire. He could already see that she had grown considerably since the growth spurt had started and he was worried about how big she would be when she had finished growing. She had joked about her head going through the ceiling, but he feared that the joke might actually become stone cold truth soon enough.

"So, were you able to do everything that I asked you to do?" asked Claire. Right after she spoke, she grunted a little as she could still feel the pain.

"Yes, I did but I am somewhat concerned about what is happening," replied Remy who knew that Claire wouldn't want him to keep a worry from her.

"You don't have to be, this growth spurt will be over soon. Although it has lasted longer than I expected."

"Actually, this time it is not your growth spurt that is concerning me at this moment in time. Rather it is the fact that Chrissie believes that you won't be leaving after this spurt is done. You remember how upset it made her when you announced that you had to go back to work." There was some concern in his voice as he still remembered that event. Chrissie had become very sad about this and when had tried to cheer her up, she had held onto him for hours and refused to let go.

"I know, I know." She gave a small sigh. "But you see how happy she is right now playing nurse. I just don't have the heart to make her sad again. Besides that, it hurts me leaving as much as it hurts her. Our mother on her deathbed told me to take care of Chrissie and always make sure that she was happy. We both had achieved this to the best of our abilities but there are some things that are more difficult than you nor I can imagine."

"I understand that ma'am, but you need to make her realise what is happening. It'll only make things worse if you simply put it off."

Claire wanted to respond but she fell silent as she knew that he was right. Not telling Chrissie about this sooner rather than later would only make things even worse for them. For a moment she thought about what she was going to do but then another small wave of pain took over her and she could do nothing but lay there and allow it to happen.

In the other room Chrissie was still drawing away with her puppy by her side. Although she couldn't read or write, she was still able to draw. However, thanks to her mindset the art that she created was on the same level of a child. The picture in particular that she was drawing contained herself, Claire, Remy and Remy Jr. all in the park. She and her sister were portrayed by large figures where the latter pair were small figures.

She was humming to herself while she drew and then she looked over to her beloved puppy. He too was using his pencil to try and draw but he was having a much more difficult time than her. His mouth wasn't really designed to hold pencils and then draw with them. But after a few minutes he dropped his pencil and then turned his head to Chrissie. With a quick series of barks, he grabbed her attention and she turned to look at him.

"What is it Remy Jr.?" asked Chrissie as she looked towards him. There she could see the piece of paper still on the ground and the picture that he had drawn. "Have you finished your drawing yet?" He then barked at her as if he was responding to what was being asked of him. "Really, let me see."

With that the giantess picked up the picture and took a good look at it. As she expected it was only really a series of lines that when in random directions but to her it was perfect. For his efforts he was given a stroke on his head which eventually turned into a belly rub. This was something that the puppy enjoyed a great deal and his tongue stuck out as the belly rub continued. Of course, his favourite person was very careful as the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt him.

A few hours went by as Chrissie continued to care for Claire. The larger giantess did appreciate her half-sister's efforts and she couldn't help but smile even though she was in some pain. But there was something on Chrissie's mind as it was almost time for her and Remy Jr. to go out on patrol.

This was a time that Claire always dreaded as she was worried that Chrissie might get herself hurt. On more than one occasion, she wanted to tell her sister that she should stop being a superhero but she knew how much she loved saving people. Not just that but Claire accepted that Chrissie was making the city a better place and that a lot of people felt safer while she was around.

When the time came Chrissie was sure to put her dark blue cape and mask on so that she could become the superheroine Chrissie-Girl. She had to do the same for Remy Jr. as he could put his cape and mask on himself. He always enjoyed wearing this as he knew that they were going on patrol. Any activity that involved him being alongside Chrissie was a plus for him. Even when he was being given a bath, as long as it was her who was bathing him, he would be more than happy to bathe.

After a few minutes Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup did enter Claire's room with a smile on her face. Remy was still there as he was having to give the larger giantess some medication to help with her discomfort. Chrissie-Girl lifted up her finger as if to announce something while Remy Jr.-Pup stood by her feet.

"Ok Claire," said Chrissie-Girl with a small amount of sternness in her voice. "Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup are ready to go on patrol!"

"Yes, you are," replied Claire. She gave her sister a smile and then reached out towards her. The smaller giantess knew what she wanted and stepped forward so that she could be hugged by her. "Please be careful, you know that I worry about you when you go out on patrol." She looked at Chrissie-Girl and she couldn't help but see her deceased mother as her younger sister looked just like her.

"It's alright, we're always careful and if I get in trouble. Remy Jr.-Pup is there to help me, isn't that right puppy dog?" Remy Jr.-Pup responded with a few barks and he seemed happy with everything that was happening.

The hug between the two sisters continued for a few moments before it was finally broken off and Chrissie-Girl made her way to the door of the room. She smiled and waved at her sister who did the same in return. Even though she was worried about her younger sister, Claire did nothing to stop her and simply let her go.

Only a few minutes later Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup found themselves on patrol in the streets. The first heroic act that they had to perform wasn't stopping some kind of robbery or taking down a supervillain. Instead there was a couple who needed help replacing a flat tyre. Chrissie-Girl didn't know how to change a tyre but instead was to simply lift up the car so that the tyre could be changed.

The next was helping someone find their way as they were looking at a map and trying to find their destination. Chrissie-Girl did find it confusing at times but after a few moments, she was able to find where he needed to go and then point it out to him. The man in question was very thankful for her efforts.

This showed to the people that Chrissie-Girl wasn't just there to help with the big problems but also with the much smaller ones. She was more than happy to help but she didn't realise that her patrol was being watched this time. Not too far away there was a small insect like robot that was flying around, for almost her entire patrol it had been monitoring her and waiting for the best moment to strike.

The robotic insect was being controlled by Mean-Man who was using what looked to be a video game like joystick in order to control it. On a couple of occasions, he thought that he could get what he needed but instead held back until he knew when it was best. The last thing he wanted was for it to get destroyed.

Instead he carefully flew down near Remy Jr.-Pup who was lying down and resting for a moment after he and Chrissie-Girl had gotten a cat out of a tree. He wasn't fond of cats in the slightest but he had also been taught how to be a hero and this was just one of his duties. He was feeling tired as it was quite late and he lay down for a moment so that he could rest.

"Are you tired Remy Jr.-Pup?" asked Chrissie-Girl who knelt down to him and gave him a small stroke. "Don't you worry, we'll go home in a few minutes and then get some sleep. That'll make you feel better don't you think?" There were a couple of barks in response but he suddenly yelped after he felt a quick but sharp pain on his back. This caught his favourite person by surprise who became concerned. "What's wrong Remy Jr.-Pup."

Before he could answer her, he too suddenly felt the sharp pain as well but this time it was on her hand. It caught her by surprise as well and only lasted for a few moments, she rubbed the area of her hand where the pain had come from and she had no idea what had happened. Thankfully she wasn't hurt enough to cry but it had made her feel a little sad.

They had no idea that the pain had come from Mean-Man's insect like robot that had extract some of their genetic material. Quickly it began to fly back towards its creator as it had gotten everything that it needed. It was likely that this was going to cause a lot of problems for the super heroic duo in the very near future.