The unidentified flying object had crashed in the southeastern United States, or more specifically, the swamps of southern Georgia. The fact that they crashed into a dense swamp was the only good news for the crew.

The ship was dark, but the moment Rex could move his three fingers he knew he was alive. Sore with fractures in his tail but alive and still kicking.

The alien stood up, his reptilian head resembled that of a Utah raptor with some feathers on the back of his head. He was over six feet tall with orange and black scales all over his body.

Shaking his head the captain of the ship looked around. The screens that were used for navigation were either cracked or entirely shattered, rendering them unusable. The power to the ship was completely gone.

Rex's yellow eyes twitched as he heard the rumbling of the ship as sank into the mud and water of the swamp outside. Already battle scarred from a rush across the known universe, the craft had left a crater in the swamp that quickly filled up with water, but it was mostly above the line. Despite the damage on the outside, including the loss of an engine and an entire wing, the inside suffered only minor damage.

That wasn't the only sound he heard. Off to the side, another bipedal reptile got up from the wreck that was once a ship. It was a taller and much more burly member of his crew with the head of a Syracasaurus, though one of his horns had long been chipped. A badge of honor from a previous battle.

"Captain? Glad to see you're in one piece..." The bigger creature eyed the captain, and though his little black eyes were hard to notice his emotions, he sounded relieved.

Rex nodded once, "Same to you..." He noticed right then that something was off. "Hammer, when did you use the Automatic Language Inhibitor?"

The inhibitor, or ALH for short, was a device meant to be used when travelling to planets with intelligent life. The inhibitor stored all known languages as well as general information regarding a specific planet. All it took was an injection into the wrist, right into the main blood vein, the power of speech was as easy as riding a bike.

"As soon as Ignis input the coordinates to this backwater planet." Hammer was the second in command under Rex, as well as a longtime friend from outside of the army.

Rex himself had done during the flight, though he had to admit that the ship had arrived on earth well before he had expected it to. Well, the flight was over, now they needed to regroup and evaluate their situation.

Not going to be easy, especially when the planet they were on was so backwards in terms of technology.

"Find Kappa and the others, we need to restore power to the Shell at least. Weapons systems as well if possible...but check to see who all made it first."

With heavy footsteps Hammer carefully made his way along the bridge. Sparks flew from the control consoles and the emergency lights kicked in. The entire room was darkened with a reddish glow, but being Reptilian the darkness didn't hinder his sight. Still, seeing his craft is such a deplorable state made him lose a bit of hope. 'Hope our enemies didn't trail us...'

He couldn't help but believe that if they had been followed they would be wiped out before a defense could even be thought up.


Rex heard a familiar squeaky voice and tapping of feet along the metal floor. "Cap? You there?"

Hammer's voice bellowed loudly through the ship. "Found Kappa hiding under the navigation table."

The little green and yellow bipedal chameleon wore a white lab coat over his small frame. He couldn't have been more than four feet tall but his voice was loud and proud. His eyes twitched in all directions, they were far more adapted to the dark. "I will let you know that the table was the only thing bolted down in my lab. I did that in case of an emergency landing or in this case a crash landing!"

Though unreasonable and downright irritating at times the little lizard was the brains behind the operation that Rex commanded and so most difficult tasks were left to him.

"Anyway Kappa, we've arrived on earth and I would appreciate it if you tried to make sure the crew was up to date with their ALI. There's a chance we'll run into primates here."

"You mean humans? They aren't anything to worry about."

Rex knew very little of the dominant species on this planet, other than they were in the billions and were extremely primitive in terms of technology but very advanced in the art of warfare. For the Reptilians humanity were seen as a friendly rival, even though they were unknown to the primate species. Far as he knew anyway.

Meanwhile Hammer had to report the rest of the crew's status. "A miracle this is, sir, but the rest of the crew survived the crash. Can't say the same for the Shell though."

The captain couldn't agree more. Their only source of travel was gone, and so returning home to their planet wasn't an option. Not without at least three hundred days of mechanical work to fix it, and that was if the humans had the right parts. How could they not have a interdimensional thruster in their junk piles? Those things were common anywhere.

Yet Rex knew there was also the fact that the humans would more than likely view their presence as a threat. They were a cautious species last he checked, to ridiculous standards. "Kappa, take the time and make sure the Carapace armor is ready for deployment. We could run into trouble."

"Always up to date on the armor sir. Just press the button on your wrist gauntlet and it will deploy as practiced. That is unless you imbeciles forgot how to press a button."

His condescending attitude irritated Hammer and he 'softly' knocked him on the head. That impact made the console he was sitting at shake under the force of the blow. Kappa, though knocked for a loop, was perfectly fine.

"Ignis and Sobek are checking the engine room to inspect the damage. They'll come here once they're done."

Sobek, a bipedal crocodile, was the mechanic of the ship. Ignis on the other hand was the navigator who was a bipedal iguana. He had been suffering from one of his usual sick spells. Ironic as he was the navigator and he got sick whenever the ship had flown erratically.

Proper procedure, thought Rex. His mind then shifted to a more pressing matter. "Hopefully we'll prepare a defense before anything finds us." No doubt the crash had alerted anyone that lived nearby. That meant curiosity would bite them in the bud and investigate. He turned to Kappa, "We need to divert what power we can to the camouflage circuit. The ship has to remain hidden from prying eyes."

"I'll add that to the list, sir," said Kappa, still smarting over the blow given to him from Hammer.

"I'd put that as high priority over the rest of it, Kappa," said Hammer as he finished checking the rest of the circuitry in the bridge. The entire bridge was out of commission, and thus their eyes and ears to outside the ship were out as well. "We will have to make sure no one is right outside."

The chances of anyone being outside the ship at that very moment had crossed Rex's mind more than once. Though if anything was in the vicinity of the crash they would have died from the impact which, while unfortunate benefitted the crew.

Still, he knew that it was best to make sure. He went and grabbed his wrist gauntlet from his chair and put it on his left wrist. "Get the shields up. I'll be back in a few moments."

Ever the officer Hammer grabbed his own gauntlet in his thick fingers. "Want me to accompany you sir?" He put it on before his captain answered.

Grinning to show many fangs in his mouth, the captain answered. "Of course, just don't shoot unless you're ordered to."

As the two officers left the bridge, Kappa managed to get one of the screens working. Coincidentally it was the one that led to the off-ramp that led outside. It flickered constantly, no doubt struggling to maintain connection as well as lost all color. Soon he saw his two superiors push the button that led was supposed to lower the ramp. It struggled at first and slowly, but surely, went down.

"Good luck, sir," said Kappa as the screen froze before finally shutting down entirely.

Thought I'd try something new for today's chapter, something I have never tried before: an anthromorphic style story in the vein of TMNT. Liked it more than I thought I would, to be honest.