The sliding door to the Green-Eyed Monster's cockpit opened, and G.E.M. entered with his signature green jacket waving behind him. "Alright crew! What's going on today?" He asked, only to realize that no one was there.

All the seats were empty. And looking outside the windshield, he realized that they were not here, because they were not flying. Or, their ship was not flying.

Outside the windshield, men and women were walking and running about, working on biplanes that sat all around the Green-Eyed Monster. The planes were made out of wood, metal, and even paper.

The wings were mostly wood, with the metal pipes holding them together, the body had two seats, one for the pilots and the other for the gunner, and a metal propeller. There paper was mostly used at the end for the tail and an extra layer for the wings.

This did confuse G.E.M., as there were weaponized rockets on them. 'How do they keep from burning off their wings and falling into the Void?' He thought to himself

Looking on, he saw the mini cannon the co-piolets used to protect their butts and sides.

"Oh yeah, we're on Izanami flag ship." G.E.M. said to himself, his finger through his blue hair. "Well, might as well go to the kitchen. Maybe May's got something cooking."

He headed down to the lower lever of the ship, but noticed the kitchen light was off when he got close.

"Seriously?" He questioned. Walking up and peering through the door way, he saw no one in there. "I can't believe this. Where is everyone?" He shouted.

All the people outside the Green-Eyed Monster stopped what they were doing at the moment, hearing G.E.M.'s yelling. Some looked over at them, confused or wondering what was going on. Others just ignored the shouting, shrugged their shoulders, and went back to work.

G.E.M. stormed out of the ship, stomping down the runaway ram. He forced his way through the docking bay, till one person run was in reach of grabbing. "Hey!" He held the frightened man by the collar of his shirt. "Where is my crew?"

"Wǒ bù míngbái nǐ zài shuō shénme." He replied, scared out of his mind, and waving his hands in front of him.

G.E.M. growled, tossing the frighten man aside, and going off to find another.

Grabbing another unfortunate person to cross his path, G.E.M. repeated, "Where is my crew?" But this only got him the same response.

G.E.M.'s anger was getting the better of him, as he reeled his fist back, ready to knock the man's lights out.

Before he could follow through, G.E.M. felt someone grab his elbow.

He looked over to see Izanami's male body guard standing behind him, staring down at G.E.M. with murder in his eyes.

"Ah." G.E.M. said the man's name, not scared of him in the slightest.

"No fight on ship." Ah firmly told him, painfully squeezing his arm.

Not backing down, G.E.M. told Ah, "Then take me to my crew, or we're going to have 'fight on ship.'"

"First, you let him go," Ah demanded. His voice stricken and strong with every word.

G.E.M. smirked, "Sure." He cockily agrees, letting the man go.

The man turned away in terror, scampering off as fast as he could.

"There you go." G.E.M. smirked, before getting serious again. "Now… Take me to my crew."

Ah did not say anything, just huffed and turned around to lead the way.

G.E.M. came to a doorway that had foreign writing over it, but he knew what it was. The mess hall was full of men and women currently on their meal break. There were dozens of tables within the fifty by fifty-foot space, separated into three lines of tables.

The kitchen area was located on the left of the mess hall, with cooks serving the crew.

That did not matter to G.E.M., as his attention was on a table on an elevated platform at the other end of the mess hall.

Right there, in the middle of the table was the pain in his side. Izanami, wearing another of her loose-fitting, flower pattern kimonos that showed off her cleavage. And just to rub salt in the wound, she had his entire crew seating with her, laughing and eating like kings. Except for Boomer, who was just sitting there with an empty plate.

Alan and Bob were shooting grapes, rolled up balls of bread, and tiny pieces of meat into each other's mouth, arguing whenever one of them missed.

May was in heaven. With every bite, she gushed and squalled like a little girl. Well… tiny girl.

April smiled at her little sister's joy, before G.E.M. caught her eye. A chill ran up his spine, as she licked the bladed edge of the steak knife along her tongue. It always surprised G.E.M. that she never cut her tongue doing that. 'What was her secret?'

Sunshine was at home in his wealthy life style. Eating, drinking, and enjoying his time with everyone.

Victor did not look like his normal self. G.E.M. knew he liked to clean up, but he did not have a spick of grease or grime on him or his clothes. His bread was even cleaned up and trimmed down.

Pinky was on Izanami's left hand, talking with her like they were old friend.

Princess Zephyrus sat at her right hand, eating just like a princess. Proper, polite, and slowly cutting, chewing, and sitting straight.

The two female guards Izanami had a Zone-X standing behind her.

Growling under his breath, G.E.M. stomped right in front of them, pointing at Izanami, and shouting, "You!"

Izanami turned over to see G.E.M. standing there, and smirked mockingly down at him. "Well, well, well… Look who's finally awake."

"What the Void do you think you're doing?" G.E.M. demanded, getting glares and death stares from everyone in the hall.

"What does it look like?" She told him, "I'm thanking them for protecting the princess."

"Yeah!" May jumped in. "You should see it. Izanami gave us a guest room to stay in, 24/7 access to the kitchen, and a servant while staying."

G.E.M. glared back at Izanami. "I'm surprised by your generosity." He told her. "But why did you not offer these to me?"

Izanami tapped her finger on her cheek, pretending to think. "I thought that as the captain, you would like to stay on your ship."

"Yeah, right…" G.E.M. did not buy it, looking over at Victor taking a jaw breaking bite out of massive turkey leg. "And what are you doing here, and not fixing the damn ship Victor!"

Victor nearly choked. It was thanks for Boomer hitting him in the back, and a large glass of wine, he did not die. "I'll get right on it, Captain!" He responded, getting up, and leaving a dust cloud behind him.

G.E.M. huffed and shrugged his shoulder, as he started to make his way to where Victor sat. But before he could get on the platform, Ah blocked his path.

"Ah, ah, ah," Izanami said, wiggling her finger. "That's not your seat. Your seat is right over there." She pointed.

G.E.M. followed her finger, and saw an old, rotten, square table that did not even come up to his knees, with tiny chairs that were in just as terrible shape.

Looking back at Izanami in disbelief, G.E.M. said, "You can't be serious?"

"Oh, but I am." She told him, resting her chin on top of her crossed fingers, with a proud, smug look. "And if you don't, I'll have you killed."

"You won't dare." G.E.M. stared her down.

"I have over five thousand men on call." She explained, "And even I know that all of you can't fight off that many people, before dying."

The other Green Coats got ready for a fight. April had scalps out. Alan, Bob, and Pinky pulled their guns on Izanami. Boomer held his boomerang

"Don't!" G.E.M. ordered his crew, holding his hand up. "It's fine. I understand."

He started making his way to the table, walking in front of them, but stopped when he was in front of Izanami.

"You know Izanami," he said, turning towards her. "The way you present yourself goes completely against the old man's beliefs of Shèng Kāi De Huā Duǒ. If I am current, you are supposed to be seating on the floor, and avoid having yourself higher than others to live a humble life."

Izanami just stared at G.E.M., like he grown an extra head, that was twice as ugly, before bursting out into maddening laugher.

All the others in the mess hall started laughing, and the kitchen staff, once they stopped cooking.

G.E.M. glared daggers at her, waiting for her to calm down. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, it's just…" She said, having to wipe away a tear. "Well… Three things. One!" She held her hand in front of his face, counting them off. "I am not Izanagi. Two! I don't follow the Shèng Kāi De Huā Duǒ like Izanagi did. You should know that more than anyone." She slightly smirked. "And Three! The 'old man' wasn't as 'pure' as he presented himself to be."

G.E.M. just stood there, staring at the three fingers in his face.

"Now, go take your seat and eat something." Izanami told him, leaning back in her chair. "I already have the chefs whip something up for you. Better get it now, before it gets cold."

'Damn, this bitch just won't let it go'. G.E.M. thought. "Fine!" G.E.M. told her, "But I got one thing to tell you. One!" He flipped her off. "That is all." He lowered his arm and headed over to the tiny, rotten table.

Princess Zephyrus sat quietly this entire time, but could not help but wonder. "What's the deal between you two?" She asked Izanami. "I mean, I'm enjoying seeing him knocked down a peg, but you seem to be trying to beat him down."

Izanami looked at her for a moment, before looking away. "That's honestly none of your concern."

"Why?" Princess Zephyrus ask.

"It was long ago, and I wish to forget all about it." Izanami said, still looking forward at her men.

G.E.M. was having a tough time trying to fit in the chair. Every way he moved, it would crick and groan, threating to fall out from under him.

"Your food." A server girl said, bring him a plate, and placing it before him.

G.E.M.'s eyes popped. On the plate was nothing but rotten fruit and vegetables with flies flying over it, an old chewed up bone, animal interrails, and other stuff he did not want to think about. "What is this?"

"Mistress Izanami personally selected these for you." She explained, "Said that you, 'have a taste for that no one wants.'" The server then bowed and left.

G.E.M. growled. His fist clenched to the point of bleeding, and shaking with the hellbent desire to beat an arrogant, second-in-command beauty into the ugly witch she truly was.

This continued being the case for the next few days on Izanami's ship. The Green Coats, except G.E.M., and Princess Zephyrus were treated with honor only royals like the Princess would have. G.E.M., in the meantime, was treated like a crap.

G.E.M. spent most of his time in the Green-Eyed Monster, alone with his thoughts, and Victor still working on the ship. Boomer kept to his room most of the time.

May would stop by once in a while to make something for G.E.M., Victor, and Boomer, but he was mostly stuck with leftover or cooking something that was edible, while Victor and Boomer could just go to the Izanami's kitchen. 'At least it's not garbage.' He would tell himself when eating it.

April would try to sneak up on G.E.M. to give him a "checkup" while he was alone, but G.E.M. would quickly lock himself in his room, the cockpit, and even the restroom when desperate.

Looking over the bridge's stations, he made sure they were on their way to Hǔ Bǎi Hé, and Izanami did not have other plans. He went to check out Victor in the engine room, after he was done.

"Victor?" He called out, trying not to frighten him.

"In here Captain!" Victor called back.

The engine looked a lot better than the last time he had seen it. There was still some duct tape, but it wasn't holding it together. All the pipes that were damaged had been replaced with brand new ones, perfectly fitting around the machine.

The only thing that was not there was the glass sphere that held the flight controls inside. "Where is the geo-holder?" G.E.M. asked, pointing at it for Victor.

"Oh, that?" He said, when he saw it. "The sphere we had was damaged beyond repair after getting through Zone-X's maelstrom, so Izanami is having a new one made for use in Hǔ Bǎi Hé."

G.E.M. groaned, throwing his head back, and his eye trying to roll into the back of his head.

After a full of week on board, they had finally made it into Hǔ Bǎi Hé. G.E.M. had been called up to speak with Izanami personally, along with Princess Zephyrus

G.E.M. climbed up the stairs, because the elevator was "broken." It was not a big deal. And if Izanami was thinking this would tire him out, she had no idea who she was dealing with.

The spiral staircase let up the five-story tower. Each floor had men and women walking around or standing. He did not know what they were meant to do, but his best guess was to man the cannons.

The higher he got, the easier it was to see the ship's landing and take-off strip. The dragons that were on each side were made with a golden material that allowed them to shine, but not blindingly.

The landing on the left and the take-off strip on the right, located between the two dragons. Little dots raced back and forth around the strip, using doorways located on the dragons to disappear and reappear.

There were two areas on the runaways that had lines going around them in a square shape. These were clearly the elevators that allowed them to lift and lower the bi-planes.

G.E.M. realized he had stopped climbing, and quickly ran up the rest of the way.

When he got to the top, he was greeted by a set of wood and paper sliding double doors. On it was a flower bud in a circle. The symbol of the Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào staring him right in the face.

Something between a sigh and a huff came out of his nose, as he opened the doors with a bang.

Inside Izanami and Princess Zephyrus having tea at a small table. G.E.M.'s entry surprised them, even though they were expecting him.

"Well…" Izanami said, getting over her shock. "What took you so long?"

"I got distracted by the view." G.E.M. said, walking up to the table, and sitting down to join them.

There were three stone cups on top of three stone plates on the table. There were no chairs, so everyone had to sit cross-legged.

G.E.M. looked at the already filled cup in front of him, taking it in his hand.

"This tea Izanami had gotten for us tastes amazing!" Princess Zephyrus happily expressed, drinking hers.

He was about to down it all in one gulp, but a slight giggle from Izanami's lips made him stop.

His pinky finger dipped into the warm tea, and after he tasted it, found that it was poisoned with laxative.

His eyes shot over at Izanami, glaring at her with burning hatred and rage. "You… Bitch!" He shouted. There was a third word he wanted to put between the two, but a quick glaze at the Princess kept him from saying it. At least he was able to get the final word out.

"Language." Izanami told him, smirking, while holding her index finger up at him.

"Yeah!" Princess Zephyrus added, "Didn't your mother teach you manners?"

G.E.M. just glared at the Princess before slammed the cup on the table, causing the drink inside to splash out. "Why did you want me here?" He demanded, "To torture me more?"

"Actually," Izanami started, leaning towards G.E.M. Her head rested in her right hand, and her elbow on the table. The kimono this time had that had fiery design on it, with reds, yellows and oranges. "We needed to talk about getting the Princess to the Emperor."

"She's come up with an amazing idea." Princess Zephyrus told him. "You're going to love it."

"Okay…" G.E.M. said, turning back to Izanami "What's the plan?"

"The plan is simple." Izanami explained, "We need to sneak you and your crew into the palace."

"And how do you plan to do that?" G.E.M. questioned her.

Izanami gives him an evil smirk.

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