"Lùhào!" A loud voice shouted from the ship's speakers. Everyone could hear it, even G.E.M. deep inside the halls of the Green-Eyed Monster awoke with such a shock, he fell out of bed, head first onto the cold metal floor.

"Ah!" G.E.M. screamed in pain. "Void damn it!" Sighing, G.E.M. rolled over, pulling himself up to his feet, and rubbing his sore head. "I can't wait to finally be done with this, have the Green-Eyed Monster up and running again, and put this all further than entirety behind me.

Once he was ready, he decided to head up deck using the plane lifts. It was not hard. He just waited for them to lower one of the platforms to load some men, equipment, and a plane.

As the lift went up deck, the morning sun's raises shot right into his eyes. They shut right away from the rays of the sun, till they could adjust. He even had to place his hand over his eyes to protect them.

Even more unusual was that the normal endless blue sky was replaced with massive rows of green. The floating island country of Hǔ Bǎi Hé. Known as the largest island with over 9,600,000 km2. Even if he was looking at it from the top of the tower, G.E.M. would not be able to see the other side. Teach Island was nothing but a dot compared to seemingly endless green of Hǔ Bǎi Hé.

As the ship got closer to the docks, the workers scrambled to get the landing pad cleared of people and equipment. The ship's abnormal size made it harder for them.

The ship hovered over the landing and slowly lowered down. The dragon legs form the sides moved, becoming landing pads for the ship. They did not hold it up, but instead helped lower it genteelly on the pad and rest.

"Well," G.E.M. said, turning around. "Better get in costume."

The dock workers gathered around the massive airship, clearing away when the area between the two dragons opened up to form a ram.

Izanami walked down the ram of her ship, followed closely behind by some monks wearing tengai. It looked like they were wearing straw baskets over their heads. The leading monk playing a bamboo flute, while four more behind him carried a large sealed crate between them. Four more made up the rear, also playing the same flutes as the leading monk.

Most of the regular Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào pirates came out as well, riding in carts and pulling wagons packed with treasures and tributes by the dozen.

An elder man walked up to Izanami, rubbing his hands. "Welcome back Lady Izanami. What brings you back home?"

"I've got some treasure to pay to the Emperor." She told him, pointing over at the caravan.

"That's good to hear," The man said, making his way over to the crate. "I wonder what you got for him this time." His hands reached out to open it.

"Don't open it you fool!" Izanami shouted at the old dock hand. "Do you want your face to melt off!" This stopped them from touching. "Why do you think these holy monks have to cover their face, even while carrying it sealed? Cause it's fashionable?"

G.E.M. listened to Izanami yelling at the dock worker under the monk disguise he was under, wishing he could understand what they were saying in their native tongue. His skills with the flute were crap, also wishing no one would notice.

The old dock hand stepped far, far away from the crate. "What the Void?" He shouted at Izanami, "Why are you planning on giving something like that to the Emperor?"

"That is none of your concern." She firmly told him, walking right up to his face. "And if you question me like that again, I will have a new dock master take your place." She pulled out her bladed pipe, pointing the blade up to the dock master's neck. "Do I make myself clear?"

The dock master shivered, feeling the cold, sharp, pointed steel on his neck. There was a gulp that wanted to go down his throat, but that would cause the blade to pierce hin. The only thing he could do was nod and let them go.

"Thank you." Izanami thanked him, removing her blade from his neck, and turning it around to keep smoking out of it.

Izanami, G.E.M., the Green Coats, and the Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào continued on their way, carrying their supplies and tributes.

The caravan came to a stop a few miles in land at a small clearing far away from any farms and homes. Alan, Bob, April, and May all set the crate down. Everyone, but Boomer took off the straw baskets they were wearing, and May knocked on the crate, and Princess Zephyrus popped out. "Why do I always find myself in boxes?" She asked them.

G.E.M. stepped up to her. "We didn't have any disguises that would fit your tiny body. Though I have to wonder…" He said, looking over at Izanami. "Why did we put her in the most important box? The one the dock workers would most want to look in."

"And risk losing her in the piles of other boxes?" Izanami playfully countered. "When if we had to chance drivers midway and forgot which wagon or cart she was in? Then there's the fact that she would get bounced around in there. Not all the roads are smooth, and the rocky terrain can be murder on them."

G.E.M. rolled his green eyes and looked over at Princess Zephyrus.

She looked back at him, switching her attention between him and Izanami. "Do we have any idea where the Emperor's palace is? I don't want to be carried around in that thing the entire way."

Izanami looked down at the Princess. "It will take us a week at least get there, and that's not including risk of running into bandits."

"Bandits?" Princess Zephyrus questioned.

"Yes," G.E.M. told her, "Bandits. Bandits are everywhere. In every land, every country, and every kingdom. I do have one question." He asked Izanami. "Would they even dare to attack us?"

"They will attack anyone that seems to have anything on them." Izanami told him. "The smart ones will however not even image attacking the Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào, so we just have to worry about the dumb ones."

"So, we shouldn't have to worry." Pinky chimed in.

"Yes." Izanami agreed with her, smiling.

"Then let's get moving!" G.E.M. demanded, "I want to get out of this crap an hour ago."

No one moved, till Izanami shouted, "Jìxù yídòng!"

All the Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào pirates started moving, with Izanami turn back to G.E.M., Princess Zephyrus, and the others. "You better get back to your positions. We still got a week of walking."

G.E.M. groaned, putting it back on his head. As he was walking pass Izanami, she said, "You should know by now that my men only listen to me, and they don't understand a single thing you're saying. Oh, and you better put your baskets back on your heads. Don't want some traveling merchant wondering why outsiders are wearing traditional monk robes."

G.E.M. growled under his breath, before putting his basket back on.

While that was going, Alan and Bob were trying to get a peek under Boomer's basket.

Every time they would bend down to see his face, he would move the basket to block their view.

"Come man, what are you hiding?" Bob asked him.

"Do you have some hideous mole? Oo, oo, is it that your nose is Mondo huge!" Alan throughout a crazy suggestion.

"Or you got one of the biggest moles in the world!" Bob added in, only for both of them to get hammered on their heads by Boomer's fists.

Both of them were completely knocked out, laying on the ground with massive lumps.

Boomer walked pass them, as April came on up. "Oh boy!" She cheered, clapping her hands. "New peasants!" Pulling out her scalp, she leaned over them with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

Before she could cut into them, Pinky grabbed her by the shoulder. April looked over her shoulder at Pinky and May.

"Don't cut them." Pinky ordered, "They're still useful, even though they're idiots." She looked over at some of the Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào. "Does anyone here understand me?" She shouted.

The Zǐ Sè Dēng Pào looked at each other, till a young man came up. "I… know… little…" He slowly spoke.

"Throw those two," she pointed at Bob and Alan, "in one of those carts." She pointed at the carts.

The man nodded, calling a couple others to pick up the twin. They were tossed in the back of a cart, and piling boxes and supplies to hide them.

Pinky looked back at the girls, "Come on," She ordered, "let's get Boomer, and help carry the princess.

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