Welcome to the planet Alfred. It's in the same galaxy as Alfheim. Their solar system, alas, is a bit farther from this one. The elven natives of this planet, alas, are not nearly as evolved as their Norsemen-worshipped kin.

From orbit, the surface seem illuminated. From up here, the "greenery" seems brown...and it is. The oceans, seas, and lakes seem white...and they are. The earth is tan, and some of the lighter-colored plants are yellow.

In this day and age, most Alfreder elves live in colonies. Most are arboreal. Some are alpine. The hardest-core of them all are both...and a bit crazy. Or rather, crazier than the average Alfreder elf...

Here and there, what look like small balls of air slowly move across the lower atmosphere. These are airships. Or rather, they're airship balloons. From them, other elf colonies hang. The elves here are under-evolved...and yet, a few of them have mastered the airship.

In the center of one of the smaller continents, the Lonely Continent, is a crater. It's so big, it can be seen from space. Its basin is anywhere from dark brown to black, from orbit. In spite of the light that this planet clearly often absorbs, this crater, surrounded by the arid landmass of the Lonely Continent, is the darkest part of the planet.

Alone in orbit, an elf girl sleeps. Inadvertently, she surrounds herself in a mint-green-glowing force field. In revolutions at a time, orbit takes her around the planet. She sleeps on her back...on what appears to be thin air. And it is; but she's inadvertently resisting gravity...to where she stays in the core, at all times.

She's got a small body. Her blonde hair is cut to a bob. Her ears are lanceolate leaf-shaped. She's clad in translucent white silk...which half-reveals her revealing lingerie, beneath.

It seems that this cute specimen has either gone through puberty, or become an elven witch overnight...or both. Down there, on her planet, in an arboreal eucalyptus forest-dwelling elf colony on the Lonely Continent that she calls home, a few know her as Arisia. And naturally, some of the male ones wish they knew her MUCH better than they think they do...