Hello again, this is the sequel from the previous fanfic. At this point, Robbie finally meets with Mullet. But their first meet wasn't as good as it is. Then how's their relationship? This chapter will tell you how they started.

Chapter 2

The First Contact

When two positive poles met each other

Will they work together?

After passing some students, they arrived at the cafeteria. The cafeteria is very spacious. It's twice as big as the previous school canteen. Due to lunchtime, the canteen is full of students. Only a few of the chairs were empty. As a gentleman, Robbie lets Nino order first."I'd like to order the perfect number 5, please," ask Nino as she moved her focus from Robbie to the menu.

10 seconds later, her food arrived at the counter. It's not too long for Nino to choose her lunch. She chose the set menu because all of her favorite foods were there. And also to make sure she stayed in shape. Robbie glanced at the menu. He realized the food here is a little expensive than his previous school canteen. Man, I could buy two cups of rice for a fish here.

Now it's Robbie's turn to order. Just before he looked at the menu, Nino waved at him. Where she already sat at the lunch table.

"We sit here, okay?" Nino's voice is as clear as sunshine. She sat there first and put her food tray.

Let's see…

Robbie's eyes scoped the menu, it took a little bit of time to choose his lunch, but he doesn't have enough as he doesn't want to hold the line of students. The order is divided into two, the set menu and À la carte. Due to he can't prefer all of the set menus (because the set menu lack of his food presets), he chose the À la carte, it took 10 seconds to decide the food and the drink. Then, he finally ordered.

"I'd like to order large rice, deep-fried fish, tofu miso, mixed salad, and milk. Please," Robbie's order was still usual for him.

"Of course, but don't you want a snack?" asked the cafeteria chef

"I'd like the Knockouts."

"Okay then."

After waiting for 20 seconds, his menu finally arrived. The price of his menu is a bit pricey than the set menu. Because he took the À la carte where all foods sold separately. He held the food tray to Nino's seat. The food tray getting warmer as the food is still hot, the aroma of his food forced him to sit quickly and fulfill his stomach. As the food tray was placed on a table. The sunlight pierces through the window and illuminates his food. Makes his food tastier than before like a dance of the professional chef with his cooking.

"Did you take your time perfectly? I see you try to decide your own perfect lunch." Nino guessed him with her cute grin.

"Haha. A little bit difficult to pick one for new students like me. But hey, I don't know if this cafeteria has À la carte like the fast-food restaurants. But doesn't that… weird to serve the menu separately like that?" Robbie actually wanted to say "rude," but he doesn't want to criticize because he's a new student. Not a decent cafeteria inspector.

"Yeah, Actually it's "weird" for new and transfer students. Formerly, there's no À la carte in this school before. And also it's still "weird" for us too" Nino emphasized the word "weird" because she knew what Robbie was actually meaning.

"Then why now school has it?"

"It's because our cafeteria has been sponsored," Nino answered proudly.


Before Nino replied, she realized that the food will get cold. Whether Robbie likes it or not, Nino canceled her rejoinder.

"It doesn't matter" She let out a sigh before continues "Actually, we should eat now. Do you want these foods to get cold?"

Robbie realized if his food and the lunchtime will be cold as he procrastinates by chit-chatting. Although the food is still warm, yet not hot as a few seconds ago.


They both silenced as they eat their lunch. Thanks to Robbie's choice, he had a great lunch. The mixture of dry and wet food filled his roaring stomach perfectly. The milk itself locked his esophagus from any foods, except the snack who got the VIP card to go inside.

"Oooweee! That food filled the hole!" Robbie let both of his arms hanging

"Yeah, I know, right? This cafeteria is enough for you to fulfill your stomach" Nino sighed again, she leaned forward to the table, and both of her arms folded on the ledge of the table. "We still have time before class. Shall we go now?"

"Maybe we better stay here for a little bit before we put our dishes to the dishwasher conveyor." Robbie took a breath before he continues. "I wanna ask you one thing. Are you the one who talked about me and that new student in the schoolyard back there?"

Nino surprised, and she admits it, "Uhh… yeah,"

"No offense, but why don't you have lunch with your friends?"

"Actually, I'm too hungry to wait. And I don't know where they are, so-"

"That's your friends, right?" Robbie pointed his hand to Nino's friends. They sat together with Mullet and Kano (The two students that he coincidentally knows his name).

Nino startled and let out a gasp came out as Robbie points. Her hair lifted as she gasped, she swifts her eyes to her friends. The four of them walk to the dishwasher where has the same direction to Nino and Robbie's seat. There's no use for Nino to hide her face. The only choice that she has was to meet her friends now, along with Kano and Mullet, who walk together.

"Let's go and meet them. Let me introduce my friends" Nino stood up while she holds her food tray, and Robbie followed her move. I can't believe I had to meet this dude. Thought Robbie as he walked away from the lunch table. Looks like this will be worse than an awkward situation.

"Hey, Nino! Whoa, I can't believe you bring the new boy here by yourself. Hey, you better be careful. Because the girls will be jealous of you." said the girl with short violet hair. She's a little smaller than Nino and flat-chested.

"Nah, that's okay. These students don't know how to manage their time." Nino replied with ease.

While Nino and both of her friends chatting while carrying their food tray. Robbie and Mullet don't look happy. Kano, who walked behind them all. Feel confused because of the opposite situation. Feel happy in the front, feel irritated behind. He doesn't have any idea what to do.

"Yeah, what?!" said Mullet with an exclamation mark clearly marked in his face

Triggered, Robbie answered him with a small grunt, "What the- what is wrong with you?!"

"Uhh, guys, I think you two shouldn't fight here. Don't break the joyful situation that's going on right now," Kano suggested them with a small, but audible voice.

Robbie and Mullet's sight moved to Kano for a second, then they stared at each other.

"You better don't start a fight, buddy," Robbie warned.

"Shut up." Mullet scolded.

They arrived at the dishwasher. The girls then the boys put their dishes on. The machine and the dishes clanked as the dishes moved by conveyor belt. Along with the water that came from the faucets on it. After all of them walked away from the cafeteria to the hallway again, Nino spoke.

"Okay then, since we're in the hallway, let's introduce ourselves," and thus, Nino green flag'd the introduction. "I'm Nino. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Mary. Sometimes people call me Marie or Mari. Nice to meet you."

Mary's appearance has recognized by Robbie before. He only nodded as Mary introduces herself.

"Umm... I'm Shouko, nice to meet you all," said the third girl that Robbie doesn't know. Except for Mullet, who calmly smile, which he already knew her.

"And I'm Kano. Nice to meet you, dudes," said Kano with a relaxed face. Funny enough, as Kano introduces himself, no one was surprised like they all already

met before. Including Robbie and Mullet. Also, both of them able to know Kano by his curly dark brown hair.

"Well, what is your name, guys?" Mary asked. As she's the only one who doesn't meet with Robbie or Mullet before.

Before Robbie and Mullet start to speak, they stared at each other as they already prepared the cold war. You better don't make a drama here, punk! That's what Mullet's screamed inside of his brain.

Robbie begins the introduction with a sigh, "Alright, let me introduce myself first. I'm Robbie, you can call me Rob, or anything you like. Nice to meet you."

"Hey, Robbie is a great name. No one has such a name like that," said Shouko with a blush.

Mary replies with a chuckle, "Haha… I think Rob is a cool name tho. What do you think, Kano?"

Kano nodded.

Now it's time for Mullet to introduce himself. "And I'm Mullet, what a name, eh? Nice to meet you."

Mary chuckled again, "Haha, whoa. It feels weird to have-"

"Quit it, Mary" Nino cuts and stopped Mary's words before she continues to tease the duo again.

Before anyone starts talking, Robbie and Mullet glanced at each other. For a short time, they do an inner warning.

Just stay away from me!

Don't start a drama, Mr. Director!

"Oh yeah. I have an idea," Nino reopened the conversation again, "There's no club and afternoon class today. Our new friend here hasn't joined any club yet. How about we hang out after school? We can show him some wonderful places in this city. What do you think, guys?"

Nino's idea made the gang surprised. Because they were never going out in six people. This might be fun. But not a good thing may happen, but bad things will happen, along with the ugly thing. The bad thing is Robbie and Mullet (probably) will have a fight with each other because of their hostility. Robbie and Mullet's relationship wasn't as well as teamwork, and they will scare the girls. And the ugly thing is all of them they'll spend their money if they can't manage the budget.

But a second after Robbie and Mullet heard Nino's offer. A loud agonizing scream suddenly came out of nowhere. Made the duo ceased from their steps like a paused video. Clarifying what just happened, Mullet asked Robbie in a whisper.

"What was that?"

"I don't know. Isn't that their voice?"

Mullet didn't answer or even nod. Before they both continue asking, Kano was confused and interrupted them as the boys left behind from the girls.

"Yo, what's the holdup?" Kano's question also halts the girls who were 5 steps ahead. But Robbie and Mullet didn't answer as Kano's interruptions are weak against their curiosity. Kano's voice has also withdrawn the girls. While everyone is confused with the duo's nothingness, the girls check on Robbie and Mullet, who looked like an absent-minded dweeb.

"What's the matter?" Mary asked.

Robbie looked at Mullet with a question mark. As Mullet understand with Robbie's meaning, he finally speaks up.

"Err… did you guys just heard that scream?" Mullet asked.

"No, what scream?" the short violet hair answered.

"I don't hear anyone screaming here," Nino replied with a confused face.

"Me neither," Kano answered.

Shouko shook her head before she continues to talk and make sure there's nothing happened, "Maybe it was your hallucinations. It's okay, don't think about it too much,"

With a partial smile, Robbie and Mullet acknowledged her by saying, "Umm… yeah".

As they don't want to flow with the problem, they continued walking through the hallway. Another idea flew into Nino's head like a bee that takes nectar from the best flower in the garden. "Oh yeah, because we have a lot of time today, why don't we go to the roof?"

"Why are we going to the roof? Shouko asked disgustedly.

"You'll get it" Nino's answers make the gang confused. Except for Mary, who already knew, she only smiled at Nino's words.

They finally arrived at the roof. It took 2 minutes to reach it, as their class distance to the school roof is 2 floors away. The walls inside the stairway are colored ivory. The sunlight shines bright as usual without any intervention of clouds that accompanied the blue sky. The weather is so perfect for the students to have fun at the roof. Some students can be seen doing their activities, such as taking a nap, slacking off, vegging, and any kind of activities to entertain themselves.

"Hey Robbie, Mullet. Come here and take a look," said Mary while her hand folded on the low wall, together with Shouko, Kano, and Nino on her right. The duo heard what Mary's said. They moved to the low wall. But Robbie decided to stand next to Nino while Mullet chose to stand between Mary and Shouko (Because there's a gap between them).

Whoa! This is so beautiful! I can't believe the view from here's so panoramically wonderful! That's what Robbie and Mullet thought for the first time. They can't believe the landscape of the city would be so perfect. From here, the downtown on the right side can be seen six skyscrapers stand tall amongst other tall buildings and some office buildings. The center side of the city is the area of the apartments where they are accompanied by trees and some beautiful parks. Make the district less dense than the downtown. On the left side of the city is the residence area, where it extends to the coast. But the closer the houses to the beach, the richer the households. There is some forest that lets the city has some green view for people to relax and last, but not least, the beach in front of the city is so beautiful with the beautiful blue seas that made the city perfect as a paradise.

I better take a photo here. Robbie took his phone and captured the panoramic view, followed by Mullet, who also took his phone out. After a few captures of the city, they both look at their gallery. While their friends snickered and talked to each other.

"Man… this looks like Northwest city," said Robbie with a sigh.

The words that came out from Robbie makes Mullet feel offended.

"Excuse me?!" said Mullet loudly.

The loud voice that came from Mullet makes everyone panic, including Robbie, who temporarily forgot his feud.

"What?!" Robbie asked with a confused yet menacingly.

The atmosphere became harder as Robbie and Mullet clenched their hands.

"What did you say back there, pal?!" Mullet scolded.

Kano finally stops the pre-fight before it happens by separate them and starts yelling.

"Enough! Darn it! Can you two please just get along?! You guys act childish. Come on! Grow up!" Kano scolded louder than before, then he continued, "Just because you guys talk about your own hometown and you mad about it. I saw both of you quarrel back in the class. And both of you're not concerned about the girls. Now you want to bring it up again. Just quit it! You guys live in the same hometown! DID YOU HEAR ME?!"

Kano's wrath not only made Robbie and Mullet quiet like a Father who's angry at both of his sons. But also made the girls and the rest of the students on the roof fell speechless and petrified. The duo accepts the warning and nods.


After a few moments of silence, Nino makes his will to speak. But her intonation is low, and she spoke sadly, "Look, guys. I actually brought you all here not to fight, I actually ask all of you to be here because I just want all of you have fun and we all able to get along with our new friends, and also I ask you all to hang out after school is because of the same thing. I'm never want to make you all feel bad on purpose. But I'm sorry if this actually ends up fiasco."

Words that came out from Nino made everyone felt guilty. Especially for Robbie and Mullet, who started the fight.

"Hey, come on! Aren't you gonna play that game, Nino? Let's forget about it!" said Mary as she tries to bring back the happiness from the rainclouds.

"What game?" Kano asked.

"Werewolf!" Mary's expression shows happiness like a jumping bean.

"Uhh, hey. We don't play that game again before, right?" Shouko reminds she hasn't played that game for years. Then the group finally agreed one by one.

The funniest thing is, Nino has planned the game for Robbie and Mullet, where they both are the villagers. The role that they must work together to get rid of all of the werewolves. While the rest of the group randomly chose their role except Nino herself, which he roles as the God (AKA Moderator).

After everyone got their role, everyone closed their eyes, only left Nino who roles as the God,

The game goes on smoothly without any personal matters. The laugh, screech, growl, and any voices can be heard by the other students. Some students are spectating their games while the other students asked Nino to join the game. The game got more roles and merrier than the first game. Doesn't matter if Robbie or Mullet (or both) win or lose the game. But what Nino wants is their happiness and their friendship blooms, and their feud's gone.

As time passed by, the sun moves slowly to his lower position. Few hours before the sun had to say goodbye to everyone in the city until he comes again tomorrow. And finally, the school bell rang to inform the students they can go home. Meanwhile, the group and the students end the game and finally started to leave the roof one by one until no one's on the school roof. While the gang is walking out of the school, they recalled the werewolf game that they played with other students before.

"Hahaha… that's lucky for me, I've never been killed by anyone at the whole game," said Kano as he recalled his luck.

"At least you didn't kill me, you selfish guardian," Nino snickered.

"I can't believe the time goes fast. I wish we can play much longer than before," said Mary because she wasn't satisfied enough with her results in the game (She has more losing than winning).

"I can't believe you've done that, what a traitor," Robbie mocked Mullet as he was just laughing over Robbie's defeat. "But at least you're reliable, dude,"

"Well, at least this is not over yet," said Shouko while she stretching her arms up. Her large breasts can be seen easily, which makes Robbie, Mullet, and Kano blushed with their mouth gaped.

"Woah," the only word that comes from Robbie and Mullet's mouth.

"I know, right? But hey. She's single, you know," said Kano like a big fat pervert.

"Yeah, whatever," Mullet replied.

Mullet, who walks together with Robbie, is still aware of the scream back then. He won't ask Robbie because he was afraid if he will cause another trouble. I guess I better stay away from him. I can't ask this case to him while our feud still remains. Darn it! All he had to do right now is wait and have fun with his new friends.

The gang finally reached the bus stop. It took 30 seconds to wait until the bus arrived. The white-blue bus showed its existence again. The sound of the bus calls any passengers who can't wait to reach their destinations. The students lined up at the entrance as the bus door opened slowly like a heaven's gate. The air conditioner inside of the bus flows out to the students in line, make some students impatient to get in there. The students finally step into their seats one by one, then continued by Nino and the gang. Mullet is the last one who stepped inside the bus. The cold air that came from the air conditioner seized Mullet's fatigue away, the blue carpet of the bus made his step more comfortable as he walked to his seat where he sat next to Kano.

Let's relax at this time. After all, this is my first day.

To Be Continued…

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