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Chapter 21



They finally reached the school at 2:57 PM, three minutes before it reached 3 o'clock afternoon. Robbie parked the van at the sheltered parking at the school parking lot. He didn't talk to Mullet at all because his friend kept silent during the way back home – making the situation even more awkward as the whole passengers are also quiet. Nevertheless, Mullet believes if Robbie knows if he wanted to ask something, but he had to talk about it later when there's no one around.

"Hey dude, may I have a moment?" Mullet asked.

"Sure." Robbie nodded.

Mullet brings Robbie away from the van to make sure the club members didn't hear their undisclosed discourse.

"I actually wanted to tell you before, but I guess it's too dangerous."

"Then what did you want to tell me?"

"I actually-"

"Excuse me, senpai."

Eiji came from behind and made them startled a bit. They turned back, where that first-year student's footsteps were inaudible from their ears.

"Robbie-senpai, Sonoda-sensei wants to meet you,"

"Excuse me, buddy. But we have something to talk here, could you tell her that I'm busy now?" Robbie asked.

"She wants you now to bringing up some stuff," Eiji explained.

"Ugh… fine," Robbie pouted, "Dude, imma going back to the van, alright? Let's talk about this later,"

"What're you talking about back there, senpai?" Eiji annoyed them.

"Nah, nothing special. Let's go." Robbie replied.

"Yo, Robbie. I'm heading back to the clubroom to take my stuff, okay?"

Mullet left Robbie after he suspends the conversation. However, the fear of what he experienced back in Toto still remains in him. Along with the paranoia about the atmosphere of the school itself, which was strangely silent. The wind that breezes his body is colder than it was supposed to, even though the weather is still hot. Hot enough to melt ice cream in less than 15 minutes.

Mullet kept walking through the red brick pathway. Morbid still, not only students from the outside are absent, but the ambient and the bustle of student's daily activities are nowhere to be heard. Just a dead silence featuring the cold-blooded howling wind passes through the schoolyard. This time, he walked carefully into the front door of the school.


The first floor of the school was dead silent when he walked into the shoe locker room. Not even a single ambient of daily activities to be heard there. The paranoia back from their visit to Toto district reentered into his nerves. Looks like it's not done yet.

Whether it's a weird happening in the school or all of the students and teachers were gone. He knows that he entered the second round of what was happening today. But he had to take some stuff in the clubroom although he would not like what happened next, especially on the second floor and above. By making no noise through the stairway, Mullet sneaked up.

"What the?!"

The second floor was utterly made Mullet scared the nerves out of him. A student tried to crawling downstairs while his back was severely hacked – brushing the blood trace as he crawls.

"Dude! What happened?!" Mullet asked frantically.

"Save yourself"

The student stopped crawling after he spoke to Mullet. He took his shirt off and tied it to his wound to suppress his blood loss. But sadly, just after he temporarily healed himself. He sits limply like a doll as between life or death was in front of his eyes.


The loud scream from upstairs can be heard by Mullet, although it was muffled by distance and walls. He put up his courage to walk upstairs to the third floor, and he prepared for the worst. As he expected, it was more gruesome than the first-year classes. Blood pools with some injured students have flooded the floor, where some of the students restraining their injuries while some of them are claimed to be dead by Mullet.

He hides in class 2-1 to avoid his attention of the current killer in the school. He decided to walk upstairs when the situation's clear up there. Mullet walked away to the stairway again, where he arrived at the third-year classes. Gory still, he sees the same bloody atmosphere with some wounded third-year students clutching their injuries despite there is no dead person there.

As Mullet reached the fifth floor, everything's different. There are no signs of students or any bloodbath there, except the same scream from the Art Club room. He walked to the club entrance and eavesdropped their conversation by afar, where Maekawa-sensei was being heard confronted by a third-year student.

"I don't wanna trouble here, but please, STOP!"

"I don't care!"

"Ray. I know that you have abusive parents, and he didn't lend you anything! But killing us doesn't mean anything!" Maekawa-sensei replied, "Here, I can give you all my salary today for you."


"I said I don't care! I NEED ANSWER!"

"Ray! Let's be civil about this-"

"ANSWER ME!" Rei-senpai headbutted Maekawa-sensei to the ground, "You know what I want, right?!"

"Alright, alright! I'll give you his address!" Maekawa-sensei shuddered in fear, "He lives at Southwest Suburban, Blueberry St. number 8. I'm begging you! Please don't hurt him and his family!"

What the?! It's my home!

Mullet quickly rushed to the Art Club room. But unfortunately, the door is locked from the inside. Mullet kicked the door, but it needs a strong effort to break the door. Meanwhile, he sees Rei-senpai repeatedly punches Maekawa-sensei's head brutally with his brass knuckles. Then he took the head sculpture and slammed it to that teacher's head thrice.


The third slam to Maekawa-sensei made his blood burst out from his head – killing him instantly by the head statue. Mullet finally broke the door and get into the club room at the same time. Just after Rei-senpai killed Maekawa-sensei, he looked back to Mullet, who currently unarmed – making him a soft target.


Rei-senpai picks up his bloody sharp machete and charges his attack to Mullet's head, who was in front of the doorway. Mullet dodged the attack by moving to the right and grabbed his left arm and his shoulder to restrain him. Unfortunately, Rei-senpai was powerful than him.

Rei-senpai headbutted Mullet until he fell down to the cabinets in the Art Club room. The bash of his head made Mullet stunned for a split second, which it's making an advantage for Rei to aim for his head. He managed to avoid the sharp blade of the machete by quickly grabbing the head sculpture and smashed it to the machete that speeds to his head. Rei's machete finally slipped from his grip, along with the head sculpture that was broken in half.

Mullet throws the two-pieced sculpture one to his left calf and another one to his head. Both of his throws were right on the target. He stood up and countered his attack while Rei-senpai grimaced in pain because his left calf was broken by Mullet. He kicked Rei's right calf first, followed by rapid punches to his chest and his head. Mullet finishes his attack by charging his fist at Rei-senpai's face, but only to be missed when Rei-senpai dodges to the left, making Mullet punched and broke the window instead.

Rei-senpai quickly grabbed Mullet's collar and punched his face twice. After then, Rei charged his punch and shot it to Mullet's stomach – collapsing down that 17-year old kid quickly. He took back his machete quickly. Meanwhile, Mullet gets up quickly and saw Rei-senpai took that sharp machete to kill him. He focused and ran back to the wall and jumped, where he countered Rei's slash and roundhouse-kicked him to the face while in the air – making Rei-senpai knocked out quickly.

"Do you think you can easily hurt my family?! You picked the wrong house!"

Mullet snapped on Rei-senpai when he was already knocked down, but he quickly focused on Maekawa-sensei, where his body now laid stiff on the floor and blood flowing down from his head, creating a pool of blood near him. He kicked the machete away from Rei-senpai's reach and rushed to Maekawa-sensei.

"It's okay, sensei. I've taken him down. Come on, wake up!"


It's pointless

Mullet canceled his will to check Maekawa-sensei as his body was no more moving. He stared at the teacher, where his eyes still open – staring straight at him with his mouth opened and some blood flowed out of his mouth. It's too late, I couldn't save him.

Mullet closed his eyes and his mouth. Where he heard other footsteps towards the room. He looked back, where Sena saw him inside of the post-morbid atmosphere.

"Makoto-kun… what the?"

Sena shuddered in fear, she trembled as her eyeballs straight to the club room that looks like a hurricane came in. Mullet didn't answer her as his mind overshadowed by Maekawa-sensei's death. The fourth incident happened during his school days here.

Sena ran away from the clubroom and disappeared from Mullet's sight. A few moments later, Robbie and Piko-senpai came into the clubroom. They both were dumbfounded about what just happened now. Where he and the photography club members were going out to Toto before, and everything's normal like nothing happened.

"Robbie, senpai…"

"Oh, god. How did this just happen?" Piko-senpai spoke in fear. His laid-back attitude changed quickly.

"Piko-senpai, can you call the police and the paramedics?" Mullet asked while he's still holding Maekawa-sensei's corpse.

"Sonoda-sensei called them. They will come here in a few minutes,"

"Good," Mullet glared at Robbie, "Robbie, I wanna talk for a moment. Let's go,"

The duo walked away from the Art club room, leaving Piko-senpai behind as he taking care of Maekawa-sensei's body and Rei-senpai, who got cuffed on the window. However, the bloodstains still remained on the whole school building (except for the first floor).

Some police officers and paramedics arrived just before they reached the stairway. The police officers are rushed to the whole fifth floor with their weapons to securing the school building, while a group of paramedics running to the clubroom with their stretcher.

"I cuffed the perpetrator, sir," said Mullet to one of the policemen.

Mullet and Robbie kept walking down to the fourth floor, where some of the police officers are securing the scene and the paramedics are taking some of the wounded and a killed student on their stretcher. The blood from their injuries stained the stretcher with a red and maroon color.

"When you going to talk to me?" Robbie asked.

"We need to talk this privately."

Mullet looked around the fourth and third floor, where the bloodstains, glass shards, and some messy and shattered things are spread along the hallway, where it made Mullet an idea. Where he had planned it since he has taken down Rei-senpai in the club room.

They finally reached the first floor, where Mullet leads Robbie into a boy's toilet stealthily to avoid being seen by everyone. The first floor is the crowded one, where some survived students and teachers are heading out to the assembly point again like before. And also, the police officers are patrolling the first floor, making it harder to hide, although they made it into the toilet. Well looks like it's the perfect time to talk now.

"Robbie, this is the fourth time the massacre happened, right?" Mullet green-lighted the conversation in a whisper.

Robbie nodded.

"And you got hunted down on the third accident, where is Yoshiko-senpai trying to shoot you?"


"Everything that happened to me prior to this gruesome killing. Did you know it?"

"No," Robbie shook his head, "And you didn't know anything before the school shooting that Yoshiko-senpai did before, right?"

"Yes, exactly," Mullet nodded, "I guess what happened to us was the accident is specialized to one person to know. For example, You saw any signs or weird things before Yoshiko-senpai shooting up the school. Meanwhile, I didn't see any weird things whatsoever. But the backfire is, she tried to hunt you down,"


"Then, the accident specialized to me like just now, and you didn't know everything just like me before. I guess the consequences that we just experienced for now is getting worse."

"Then who's next? Our friends?" Robbie asked.

"I don't know. And please, don't say that" Mullet frowned.


"It's okay. But I have a new idea. Alco-san said the killed person will be forgotten the next day, right?"


"And any injuries, bloodstains, and any kind of damage in this school will be gone and reverted back to normal like nothing happened, right?"

"Yeah," Robbie nodded, "So what you'll gonna do about it? D'you have any plan?"

"Yes. We are going to break into the school before midnight. We will take some videos and photos in the school minutes before the time reaches 0:00. Therefore, maybe we can see what happened at school. As we're videotaping, and the time passes to the 12 PM, will the bloodstains still remained there, or will it vanish in a blink of an eye?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Robbie smiled, "When are we going out?"

"We will break in the school at 11 PM. So don't get asleep," Mullet answered, "I'm gonna pick you up. Bring a face mask, a hat, and your watch, okay?"

"Sure thing," Robbie nodded, "Oh yeah. Did something happen to you back in the Toto district? I didn't see you back there,"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you before. But it's too late for now. I'm gonna tell you later. Let's get outta here,"

"Yeah, let's go,"

The duo finally proceeds to the assembly point, where the students are already sitting there no matter how they're all came out of nowhere like gophers.

The time from Mullet's alarm clock is 10:40 PM, twenty minutes before they're breaking into the school. He manages to stay awake as he drank a cup of coffee after he studied at 8:50 PM and continued to read his novel titled "Black Journal" until Robbie chatted with him via social media.

Robbie: Hey, dude. Still awake?

Mullet: Yeah. I was wondering if you're asleep.

Robbie: Nah. It won't happen.

Robbie: Anyway, about the question in the toilet back there, Did something happen to you in the Toto district?

Mullet: Oh. I guess this is the perfect time to answer, then.

Mullet: Sonoda-sensei asked me to buy some donuts. I went to a convenience store and bought it. But I gotta go to the toilet when I was about to leave.

Mullet: I saw a weird thing. When I'm looking at it, it exploded like a flashbang. After that, the lamp went off. When I walked out of the toilet, everyone's missing, including you and the club members.

Robbie: Whoa.

Mullet: I got teleported after the sphere's exploded in my eyes. The homeless tents are gone, including Jimi's bunker. It was strangely clean. But when I entered it, the bunker was a long hallway.

Mullet: I managed to get in there and moved to the next door, although a scary ghost was after me. What I saw was make me utterly scared and dumbfounded.

Robbie: What is it?

Mullet: The first door leads me to the school hallway, but it very long and abandoned. The second door leads me to six rooms of the school merged into one huge room.

Mullet: The final one… is in the hallway leads to the principal's office. When I'm going into the principal's office, that ghost after me again. I managed to back to the real world in time.

Mullet: That's all I can say to you, Robbie. But I guess that's a portal to reach the principal's office, where that room acts as a bridge.

Robbie: How d'you think about it?

Mullet: Did you remember that we can't directly get into the principal's office, right? I guess we need another route, and I think that's the perfect one.

Mullet: By the way, let's break into the school now. It's almost 11 PM. Don't forget to bring a face mask and a hat. I'm waiting in front of your house.

Robbie: Yeah. See ya.

Mullet quickly put down his phone into his track pants and opened the wardrobe to put on his black hoodie with an 80s style tiger in the front. He keeps his bandana and his black beanie in his hoodie pocket. Without further ado, Mullet turned off his room lamp and sneaked out to the front yard. The dark and cold night shivers his skin as the temperature of the city has a cold and more unforgiving atmosphere at nighttime.

He opened the motorbike cover and pushed it a few meters away from his house to avoid waking up his brother. When he finally distant from his home, Mullet starts the engine and speeding up to Robbie's house, where it takes 90 seconds to get there.

Mullet saw Robbie in front of his house, where he wears an 80s green-orange jacket with orange track pants, making him look stylish even though he and Mullet actually want to commit a crime by breaking into a school.

"You bring your face mask?"

Robbie shows him his black UWU mask, his watch, and his black snapback hat – telling Mullet he brought what he actually needs. Without saying anything, Robbie gets on the bike, and they did 90 to the school before the time reaches 12 PM.

They arrived near the school, but Mullet decided to park the motorcycle a few meters away from the school to avoid being caught. He hides the bike behind the bushes and put on his bandana and beanie. Followed by Robbie, who also does the same thing.

Luckily, the brick fence of the school is 2 meters tall, which it's still easy to be reachable for them. Robbie climbed the brick fence first. Followed by Mullet. When they're already inside of the schoolyard, they decided to hide behind the bushes at the school because they were afraid of the school guard or a teacher is still guarding the school.

"Okay," Mullet looked at his watch. The time shows 11:30 PM, 30 minutes before midnight, "We need to do this quick and stealth as possible. Make sure no one sees us because I think it would be worse than being arrested."

Mullet shows Robbie a key, where it's a key that leads to the emergency door.

"How did you have that key?" asked Robbie.

"I stole it," Mullet rejoindered, "Anyway, let's break in now,"


The duo walked out of the bushes and looked around. No guard or teacher is patrolling the school, which was unusual for the school being left unguarded. Nevertheless, it's an advantage for them. They directly rushed to the fire door, where the door is locked. Mullet used the key and entered the school.


The inside of the school is dark. Leaving the lights from outside illuminates the hallway as there are no lights were turned on. The duo still on the first floor, continuing their plan to walk upstairs and start videotaping.

The first floor of the school is clean, yet morbid like few hours when the school was still operating (only to be stopped by Rei-senpai's genocidal vengeance). There are exactly no sounds of anything, not even the vending machine that operates 24/7. Only their footsteps to be heard although they try to be quiet as possible.

"It's still 11:34. Let's get to the clubroom. It still opened tho," Robbie whispered.


The duo reached the second hallway, where it's the classroom for the first-year students. As they expected, the second floor is blocked by the police lines. Mullet opened those lines and proceeded. Bloodstains and some dried blood pool of the students are still there, minus the bodies, where they're replaced by white police marks to indicate the crime scene. Some police scales, some numbered tabs, and notes are left there to let the police continue the investigation tomorrow (although it's useless).

"Holy smokes, Robbie. This place is so bloody!" Mullet whispered astonishedly.

"Yeah. It would be a bad joke if this all a prank or a haunted house in the middle of a funfair," Robbie replied.

"I guess we are entering a haunted school now. I mean literally."


"Don't turn on the lights," Mullet stopped Robbie from flipping the switch (flip flip :V).


Mullet and Robbie stay in the clubroom when the time still 11:38. 12 minutes before they start videotaping by using their phones. None of them talk due to Robbie is peeking at the window to see if anyone in the schoolyard. Meanwhile, Mullet is looking at the door - making the atmosphere indirectly awkward.


"Let's get outta here," Robbie whispered.

They walked out of the clubroom and start videotaping. The duo split ways where Robbie chose to take the footage on the third floor while Mullet videotapes on the fourth floor, where the third-year students studied there. Mullet took out his phone, opened the camera app, and starts recording. He keeps looking at the phone and his wristwatch alternately. The lens of his camera is enlightened by the phone's flashlight, where it illuminates the bloody hallway as he recording.

Dude, this is scary.

No! I shall not stop!


It's six minutes before midnight. Mullet decided to move to the Art Club room while his phone is still recording. The duration of the video now reaches 4 minutes, and it's continuing. Luckily, the art club room was left open, letting the police to continue the investigation.

Mullet walked into the art club room, where the dried blood pool of Maekawa-sensei was still there, along with the white mark, numbered tabs, and the broken head sculpture remains inside.


Five minutes left. Mullet still keeps his eye on the phone camera and his watch alternately. He also spins around like a playing disc to make sure no one's around.


Good god, I wish there's no killing today. I'm sleepy. Darn it.


Three minutes left, baby!


Mullet gripped the phone stronger. 90 seconds, baby!


Mullet intensely looked at the phone and the watch alternately like a metronome. He opened his bandana and smiled.


Thirty seconds!


Mullet's feelings flooded with glee. As it was only seconds before midnight. He makes sure if those bloodstains still there after midnight passes. His mind now filled by optimism – believing that he could record the proof.


Here it is! Moment of truth.


Five seconds








Mullet grinned widely, looking at the phone and his watch altogether. Then…


The bloodstains, the glass shards, the broken sculpture, and every rubbishes related to what happened today, was gone. Everything vanished instantly. The art club room is reverted back to normal in a blink of an eye.

Mullet's phone that is currently videotaping died suddenly. Along with his wristwatch that suddenly lost its digits. He was dumbfounded and petrified about how everything was gone in front of his eyes. What the what?! Where did the bloodstains go?!

His phone and his watch turned on abruptly with no restart command like the viruses infected them. Mullet's phone shows a picture that makes him utterly creeped him out. It's a photo of his family, where his parents, him, and Hiro lined up together. All of their mouths were wide open, and their eyes were empty black holes.

The picture changed into a red glowing demonic symbol, and his wristwatch turned on, but all of the digits show number 4, representing death. Suddenly, an apparition that looks like a black void summoned at the spot where Maekawa-sensei was killed. The ghost chased Mullet in full of anger. He quickly got on his feet and picked up his pace out of the club room.

"MUUUUUULLLLEEEEEETTTT!" The ghost roared, hatred and will to kill outburst in its mind.

Mullet ran through the hallway. Suddenly, another black void appeared from the principal's office, and merry-go-round music played through the hallway, making the atmosphere more unsettling like a psychopath chasing its prey with happiness.

"YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUU! DDIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!" the ghost screeched and the voice echoes and pierced through his ears.

He runs to the second floor, where Mullet found Robbie not far from class 1-3. Robbie's standing still, looking at his phone like a dumb person while death was chasing them at high speed.

"Robbie! Let's get outta here," Mullet shrieked, "Come on! Run!"

Without thinking too long, Robbie runs towards Mullet.


They ran to the first floor, where they're running back to the emergency door. Mullet reached into his left pocket to take the door key. But strangely, it's not there. He checked into all of his pockets while running, but he cannot find it.

"Robbie! I lost the key,"

"What the?! HOW?!" Robbie scolded.

"I don't know. I saved it in my pocket before!"

"Forget it! Let's get outta here through the window!"

Robbie leads him to the school lobby by running at full speed. The ghost now gained speed and chased them even faster. They arrived at the school lobby. Robbie quickly squared off at one of the lobby windows next to the door (which it's 2 meters high) and smashed it into pieces by using his fist. He ran outside first, then followed by Mullet.

They finally get out to the school grounds. But the ghosts still chasing them, where the apparition flies faster than their running speed. The merry-go-round music is still can be heard by them even though they're outside of the school building. Later then, the music changed with a scream that getting louder and louder – deafening their ears to force them to stop running.

"Mullet, climb the fence quick!" Robbie shouted as he was now out of the school ground after he climbed the wall fence.

Mullet climbed the wall fence quickly when the ghost is really close to him. He climbed hastily as the ghost can reach his legs and pulled him back. Luckily, he managed to get out of the school ground, although he fell down to Robbie's body – knocking him down.


"Aww, man!"

Mullet and Robbie quickly stand up like a jumping bean and continue running away from the school for a few meters. Notwithstanding still have enough stamina to run, they decided to stop as the horrible atmosphere was gone.

"Dude, stop. I think it stopped chasing us," Mullet signed him.

"Yeah. Let's get back to your bike,"

"What was that, buddy? Is that a thief?"

The voice appeared from another street, making Robbie quickly heads up to the traffic mirror, where two police officers were patrolling the neighborhood.

"Mullet, quick! To the bushes!"

Robbie grabs Mullet's left arm, leading him into the bushes where they parked the bike. While they're waiting to let the police officers pass, Mullet checked back his phone, where he's looking for the video he recorded before. Weirdly, the video that was supposed to be saved inside was nowhere to be found.

"Robbie, check your phone. Did you record the footage?"


Robbie opened the gallery app on his phone and searched for the video that he videotaped on the third and the second floor. But as same as Mullet, the video went 404 on his phone, although he really did record it before.

"Dude, where's the video," Robbie shows a surprised expression, "I've recorded it before. But where is it?"

Robbie scanned his phone twice. Alas, the video was gone and forgotten in his phone for good.

"Mullet, how did it happen?" Robbie muttered.

"I dunno. But my phone suddenly reset and showed me a picture of my family. God, that scared me a lot. I guess he prevents us from exposing this,"

"Darn it! We almost get it, dude!" Robbie spoke with a sour frown.

"I guess we need to ask this to Alco-san later. For now, let's go home."

They get on the bike, where Mullet starts the engine and speeds away from the neighborhood back to the Southwest Suburban. Another question marks summoned in his brain, along with the unsolved case that was getting harder. Anything that he hoped now is to solve them in order to make his plan to destroy the devil's pact and move out to a new school.

After he almost reached his house, Mullet stopped his bike and pushed it to his home to avoid the engine waked his brother. I wish my brother sleeps in his friend's house.

To be continued…

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