The young man stepped out from the dungeon and was carrying a large bag with him that contained more items than he should have been able to carry. Just a month ago he was the crown prince to the kingdom and was on the verge of inheriting his father's throne. However, that all changed when an evil wizard and his demon minions came and took over. Now his father was rotting in a cell and the young man had fled.

Now he was on a quest to defeat the wizard who had overthrown his father and take his rightful place back on the throne. He had heard stories about the suffering of the people and this brought a tear to his eye as he hated such things taking place. However, it did give him motivation to complete his quest and free his people from tyranny.

The armour that the young man was wearing was nothing more than cheap armour that didn't fit him particularly well. It did its job in protecting him but he was sure that if he continued on with his quest that he would pick up better armour and weapons. Not just that but he was also picking up spells and other useful items. It might be slow going but he wanted to make sure that by the time he reached the evil wizard that he was more than prepared to take him down.

As he stepped out of the dungeon the young man began to look through the bag. His short black hair blew in the wind and he was hoping to find something valuable. Rather than really looking what he was picking up. He had simply picked up everything that he could find, whatever was of use to him he would keep and whatever wasn't, he would sell when he returned to a settlement. When he had fled, all he had were the clothes on his back. Everything else he had picked up from either raiding dungeons or completing quests for certain individuals.

Most of the items that he was picking out of the bag included tools, some pottery, potions, a few arrows and a couple of swords that were not as damaging as the one he currently had. Besides the arrows, it looked like everything that he had would be sold. It was likely that he wasn't going to make too much money but it would still help him in his quest no matter how small the gains were.

That was when the young man discovered something that he hadn't expected. When he had first seen it in the dungeon, he had just placed it in the bag and carried on. Now he could see that it was something probably more valuable than anything that he had discovered so far. The purple sphere was small enough to fit into the palm of his hand and he looked at it for a few moments before realising what it was. The powerful item was known as a summoning sphere, beings of potentially great power would be contained within and then could be called forth to do the bidding of whoever possessed it. Quite commonly these spheres contained beasts or minor demons while others were much, much more powerful.

One strange thing that he did notice was that there was some kind of note attached to it. As he took a look, he could see that it was a warning telling him not to summon the being who dwelled within while inside. It stated to only use it in a large open area and to warn that there might be some consequences to summoning this being.

This gave the young man some dread but as he looked at it, he could see the sphere beginning to glow and almost immediately he knew what was going to happen. Fear overtook him as the glow intensified. It got to the point that he had to cover his eyes so not to be blinded by it.

Suddenly there was a shudder through the ground and a loud crashing sound as if something big had just landed. By now the light had subsided and he no longer had to cover his eyes, that was when he discovered that it was darker than it had been a few moments ago. But when he looked up, he could see that it hadn't been day turning to night but rather something big casting a shadow over him.

This was when he looked up and saw a sight that would remain in his memories for the rest of his days. He could see a figure that stood taller than the tallest tower of the royal palace and this filled him with some fear.

For a moment he thought that it was some kind of monster but when he looked up, he could see that it looked like a woman. Her light brown hair was relatively short and tied into a braid while her eyes were a stunning green colour. What also surprised him was that she wore a cream coloured short toga and reddish-brown sandals. This was clothing that he did expect to see someone wear in the world's past but not of today.

Almost immediately the prince fell down to the ground as he looked up in shock and for a moment it looked like the colossal woman hadn't noticed him. All he could see her do was stretching herself as if she had just woken up from a long sleep. For a moment he thought that he was safe but then he noticed her looking down at him. It was at this time he thought that his quest would come to an abrupt end.

Quickly he got up and tried to run away but he felt the ground shudder as the giantess went down to her knees. Soon after he saw her giant hand reach down and easily pick him up without any hesitation. He expected her to crush him with her hand and then be done with him. But something else happened, something that he couldn't predict. Instead of trying to crush him, the giantess instead embraced him in a hug, as he had a moment to look up, he could see the smile was still on her face.

"You're so small and cute that I could just hug you forever and ever," said the Giantess as she continued to hug him. Being called small and cute was something that the Prince had never been called. It did seem that she was being careful not to harm him, even though she seemed reluctant to let go.

"S-Stop!" commanded the Prince. His voice was stern and somewhat annoyed. "Put me down this instance!" He didn't expect it to work but much to his surprise he felt her begin to place him down on the ground. The entire event was more than he could possibly describe but once his feet had touched the soil he staggered for a moment before looking back up at her. From what he could see, she still looked at him with a smile and some excitement. "W-Who are you?"

"Oh me?" She acted as if the question had come as a surprise but then she smiled again and pointed to herself with her thumb. "The name's Tahl and I'm the fastest woman in the world."

"That's because you're bigger than any other woman." He thought that this was just a stupid statement and dismissed it immediately.

"Well it is because of that, but I can run even faster than you can imagine." With that Tahl stood back up to her full height and readied herself to run. She took a glance back to him. "Tell me when to go."

"Err go." The prince was in some confusion but no sooner had he said this, Tahl began to run as if she was competing in a race.

He could only watch as she began to run away and much to his surprise, she was running much, much faster than he would have expected of her. In a few moments she was already a few miles away from him and the only reason that he could still see her was simply because of how big she was.

The prince could only guess that if she were a normal size woman, she would run roughly twice the speed of a galloping horse. But not just that he could feel the shudders through the ground as she ran. They were growing fainter as she ran away but then he felt them growing stronger again as she ran back towards him. She was running at full speed and he thought that she was going to accidentally step on him. Thankfully, she was able to stop herself mere moments before that actually happened and there was a cloud of dirt that had followed her but as it cleared, he could still see her standing over him with the same smile on her giant size face.

"See I told you that there is no person faster than me," stated Tahl as if she had won some kind of race. The ground shook again as she knelt down once again so that she could see the prince. "Oh, how rude of me, I've introduced myself but you haven't told me who you are. I sometimes let my excitement get the better of me. So, go on, introduce yourself." The prince took a moment to get over his shock over what had just happened and he brushed any dirt that might have been on his armour and looked up at the giantess.

"My name is Prince Nelson Wittington the rightful heir to the throne," replied Nelson in an important tone. As he looked up, he could see that Tahl was becoming more excited with every passing moment. She was practically going to explode with the excitement that was housed in her body.

"You're a prince! I'm going to be serving a prince!" Her body was shaking from the excitement and this caused small tremors through the ground. Nelson had to do what he could in order to stay on his feet.

"Serving me, what are you talking about?" He looked at her with some confusion as there were still a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

"Oh yeah, I guess some explanation is needed." She paused for a moment and her body stopped shaking as if she had calmed down. "You see, I'm a summoned being just like those others that you've probably used. However, I work under different rules from the them. The first is that you can only summon me three times and that is not including this one as I count this as an introduction. Plus, you got a free hug from me, just for finding my sphere. Finally, once I am summoned, I can only stick around for half an hour at the most. Then I'll be forced to go back. While I'm summoned, I will fulfil whatever you command of me, although there might be a few that I'll refuse to do. Like going around and destroying things, that's a little something I'm not keen to do."

"Wait, what'll happen after I've summoned you for the third time?" Most of the questions that were in his head had been answered but there were still a few lefts that he wanted to be answered.

"Then my sphere will disappear and then reappear somewhere else. It'll just sit there until someone else finds it and the whole cycle starts all over again." She then rubbed the back of her head. "To tell you the truth I think it's been a while since I was last summoned. Probably a few months maybe."

Nelson fell silent as he began to remember a story that his mother told him about a giant who had suddenly appeared in the kingdom a couple of hundred years ago. Like Tahl had mentioned, she had appeared around three times before completely disappearing. It was thought that this story had simply been some kind of myth in order to tell an entertaining tale. Now he could see that it was the truth.

"Anyway, I've gotta go now," said Tahl as smiled back down to him. "I've done my introduction so now I go back into the sphere." She began to wave as she also began to glow. "Summon me whenever you want but don't forget that it is only three times, so choose carefully. Bye, bye now."

With that Tahl completely disappeared and besides the indentations in the ground there was no indication that a giantess had even been there. Nelson was still quite confused with everything that had happened but he looked at the sphere that he still held in his hand. It was then that he realised that he had acquired an item that had the potentially to defeat the Evil Wizard.

The only thing that he was disappointed about was the fact that he could only summon Tahl a select number of times. If it was unlimited like most summoned beings then it would make his quest incredibly easy. But for now, he was more than happy to simply place the sphere in his satchel and go on his way. He heeded her words and he wanted to only summon her when he truly needed her. Other than that, he wanted to rely on his own skills.

Some weeks later Prince Nelson found himself looking at a gigantic lizard like monster while standing on the walls of a grand city. The monster itself was a few hundred feet tall and slowly making his way towards the city which had stood for more than a thousand years. However, now it's time seemed to be over.

Prince Nelson wasn't alone as standing right next to him was a common girl that he had met shortly after he had obtained the summoning gem. Her name was Alexandra and she had originally tried to kill him and collect the bounty that was on his head. However, after an encounter with other bounty hunters and a scuffle she was able to see that his quest was noble and thus agreed to help him. Her darkened skin made her someone who was very unusual to see in this kingdom.

So far, they had survived many attacks together and he did admire her skills with a blade. However, even they knew that a simple sword wouldn't be able to do the trick. Worse still was that the monster was growing bigger with every step that it took and it wouldn't be long before it reached the city. Most likely it would simply make its way through, destroying the city and continuing to grow as it walked. The pair looked at it with some horror as Alexandra was particularly scared.

"What are we going to do?" asked Alexandra. Her long blonde hair did move quite a bit as she turned her head. "We can't stop that thing."

"I-I might have something that can help us," replied Nelson. Already he was going into his satchel to retrieve the sphere. "I just hope that it isn't already too big." With that thrust the sphere at arm's length. "Oh, Tahl the Colossus, heed my words and come forth!" The truth was that he didn't have to say these words, he simply had to think about summoning her while holding it. He was just doing it to show off.

The light from the sphere glowed brightly and after a few moments there was a loud crashing sound as Tahl made her appearance. She was just as large as Nelson remembered but Alexandra was completely taken aback by this. This wasn't the first time that she had seen a summoning but she had never seen one result to a being of this size. She couldn't help but be scared of the giantess.

Almost immediately Tahl went down to her knees and looked down at the pair. She had a smile on her face and even though they were standing on a wall, she still towered over them by a great deal. Her sudden appearance had also caught some of the soldiers protecting the city by surprise.

"Hey there Princey," said Tahl with a joyful tone. "So, what did you want…" Before she could finish the question, she noticed Alexandra standing next to him and this caused her to make an assumption. "Oh, that's adorable, you got yourself a girlfriend."

"What?" replied Nelson. Quickly he began to blush but Alexandra didn't as she was too scared to move. "It's not like that, we're just friends!"

"Yeah sure you are." She gave Nelson a wink and this annoyed him more than anything. "Let me guess, you summoned me so I could hug you again?"

"No, I didn't!" He then pointed towards the giant monster that was still slowly making its way towards the walls. "That giant monster there, I need you to stop it from destroying the city." He watched as Tahl turned her head and for the first time she was able to see the monster.

"You want me to stop that?" She asked this while pointing her thumb towards the creature. "Sure, I can do that, now you just wait here and watch me in action." She then turned around and got herself into position. No one but Prince Nelson really knew what was going on as the giantess got into her stance as if she was about to begin a race. "Do me a favour and tell me when I can go? You know, like if I was in a race."

"There's no time for that Tahl. It's getting bigger with every step!" There was some panic as he thought that it might already be too big for the giantess to deal with.

"Then I'll do it myself. On your marks, get set, go!"

With that she immediately started running as fast as she could towards the monster. Nelson was expecting her speed but Alexandra wasn't as she looked on in amazement with seeing just how fast she could run. She was so unprepared for everything that she couldn't even say a single word.

Tahl continued to run as fast as her legs could carry her towards the monster. Although she was smiling and generally having a good time, she knew the severity of the situation so needed to resolve it as soon as she could. Like Nelson she had a small fear that it would become too big for her to defeat if it stepped any closer to the city.

The monster was only able to see a cloud of dust at first as the giant speedster ran towards it. It was enough for it to stop in its tracks for a few moments and watch as Tahl could be clearly seen. Those who were watching were expecting her to punch it or unleash some kind of attack. Instead she did nothing of the sort as she stopped just a few feet away from him. The smile was still on her face and she even waved at the monster.

"Hi there," said Tahl in a pleasant tone. The monster seemed shocked over what was taking place and for the moment seemed dumbfounded. "I know that you want to destroy that city over there and everything but I'd like to ask that you don't. Standing on one of those walls is a guy who's summoned me and he doesn't really want you to go destroying and killing a lot of innocent people. So, you wouldn't mind doing me a favour and just turning around and going back to where you came from, that would be lovely." By this time the monster had recovered from its shock and could see her as some kind of threat. Because of this it attempted to slash her face with its claws and it expected to connect with ease. However, much to its surprise, she was able to dodge it with relative ease. It thought that this was just a fluke and attempted to strike her again, only for the same results. "I'm guessing that's some kind of mistake because it would be rude if you were actually trying to hit me."

The monster snarled as it continued to try and strike Tahl in whatever way it could. This included punches, slashing, kicking, biting and even tail whips. Each time the giantess was able to dodge and she made it look as though she wasn't breaking a sweat in the process. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Nelson or Alexandra who couldn't help but stare in wonder over what was taking place.

Nelson had thought that it was possible that Tahl was purely a fast runner and didn't have any fighting skills. However, he was seeing now that this wasn't the case. Her superhuman speed wasn't just limited to her running. It also affected her general movement which gave her the ability to dodge such attacks. Her own natural agility did help as well as not a single strike was hitting home. Also, she seemed to be somewhat mocking her opponent as she would come out with quick one liner, mostly stating that they were too slow or had only just missed her.

After around a minute the monster was beginning to get tired and Tahl could see this. It was why when one particular slash was coming her way, rather than trying to dodge it, she instead caught its wrist. She still had a somewhat happy look on her face but there was also some seriousness to it as well.

"I guess you don't want to play nice so I'm sorry but I'm going to have to put you down now," said Tahl. With her free hand she was able to punch the monster square in the face. As expected, her punch travelled faster than anyone could have expected and it connected with some force.

The monster even staggered back for a moment and as it stepped back, it shrank slightly smaller. However, its rage was evident and it began to run towards her making itself bigger in the process. It attempted to tackle her but soon found her leapfrogging over it and then finding her feet planting into its back.

The suddenness of the move took the monster by surprise as it felt Tahl's weight slam down onto it. Thankfully for it, it was able to withstand the attack without breaking its back but it still could feel the pain. However, before it could get up to its feet it could feel the giantess beginning to pull its tail.

It was evident that Tahl was trying to pull it away from the city to try and save everyone there. This caused it some rage as it was able to get back up to its feet and try and pull its tail from her grip. Unfortunately for it, Tahl was too strong for this but she also couldn't move it either. At this moment in time both giant beings were in a stalemate as the monster couldn't get closer to the city while Tahl couldn't pull it any further away.

"Come on now," stated Tahl as she continued to pull. It was taking a lot of effort for her to do this and she seemed slightly annoyed that she wasn't making any progress. "Be a good giant monster and leave the city alone. There are plenty of deserted islands that you could rampage."

They still didn't seem to be too much difference between them when it came to strength. In the end she acted quickly as she let go of the tail but then ran forwards as fast as she could and punched it in the face. The blow was enough to stun it for a moment. Using her speed, she was able to unleashed a combination of punches and a single kick to make it stagger back a few steps.

Tahl took several steps back herself as she prepared for what would be her ultimate manoeuvre. As fast as she could she ran towards the creature and at exactly the right moment she leapt off her feet and was jumped high enough in order perform a drop kick that struck it straight in the head. There was a loud cracking sound that originated from the impact and the both giant beings fell down to the ground.

Only one got back up to their feet and that was Tahl who brushed some dirt off her toga and then looked down at the giant monster. Its head was twisted in a very strange angle which was a clear indication that its neck had been broken by the giantess's final attack. Even though it had been a great effort for her, she didn't seem tired at all as a side effect to her superhuman speed was that she never became fatigued.

Cheers could be heard from the walls of the city as the soldiers who had been stationed there had seen that Tahl had defeated the giant monster. They knew that they would be able to return home to their families as many of them had feared that they would never do such a thing again.

This hadn't gone unnoticed by Nelson or Alexandra who had only been able to stand there and watch as the gigantic battle took place. Each movement that the giant beings had made also caused a small tremor to run through the ground. There was no escaping for anyone what was taking place but at least for them it had worked for the best.

Now that the battle was over Tahl turned to where she knew Nelson was standing. She smiled over to him before placing one hand on her hip and then stretching her free arm to gesture a piece sign. Not just that but she also winked one eye as if she was performing some kind of victory pose.

Almost immediately the giantess began to glow, now that her task had been completed, she began to disappear once more. Everyone besides Nelson and somewhat Alexandra knew what was happening. For everyone else, they were seeing the giantess disappear as suddenly as she arrived.

Even though she knew that she was disappearing she still kept the pose for a few moments longer before she disappeared completely. The sphere that was in Nelson's hand had been glowing throughout the battle but now it had grown dim and both he and Alexandra looked at it for a few moments.

"W-What just happened?" asked Tahl with some confusion. She was completely taken aback by what had just seen and was still working everything out within her mind.

"I summoned a giant to take down that monster," replied Nelson. By now he had put the sphere back in his satchel as he had no need for Tahl's assistance at all in the very near future.

"H-How long have you been able to summon her?"

"I found her sphere inside of a dungeon a few weeks back. She gave me quite a scare when I first saw her."

"Oh, I see." She fell quiet for a moment as she began to make a couple of connections within her brain. "Wait, you've had that summoning sphere the entire time we've known each other? Why the hell didn't you summon her when we were being chased by those wolves or when we were held captive by the Rock Lord?"

"It's not that simple." He was quickly trying to think of the right answer to give to her which wouldn't result in her rage only increasing. "I can only summon her three times." He was blushing at this as she continued to berate him for not summoning Tahl in equally dangerous situations.

Their argument went completely unnoticed by the people at large as they were simply happy that their city wouldn't be crushed. Already there were some celebrations that were taking place and it was likely that these celebrations would last throughout the night. Many of them had thought that they would never see another.

For now, all Tahl could do was remain within her sphere and wait to be summoned once more. She didn't know how long that would take but she didn't mind too much, for her the last outing had been fun and she couldn't wait to be summoned again so that she could run rampant all over again.