Even though it seemed like it was a great effort, Tahl did continue to run with the tentacles of the giant squid underneath her arms. Every passing moment, her speed had been slowly increasing. Even though she did have a bit of a smile on her face, she knew that the situation at hand was very dangerous. If she were to fail now, her summoner Prince Nelson and his companions would sure die. This was why she was determined not to fail and carried on running as much as she could.

The creature attempted to strike her a few times with its free tentacles but she was able to turn her head, see what was coming and then dodge while still mostly running. Her speed was what was saving her life as she continued to run faster and faster. At first, she had been dragging the creature on the ground but now it was almost flying as her speed continued to increase. She had a plan of action as she looked down at her breasts and could see the five people who were currently located there. There had been some panic between them over the situation and they didn't know what was going to happen next.

"Hold on everyone," said Tahl as to give them a warning. "I hope that you didn't eat anything recently."

Before they could fully figure out what the warning was but they watched as for a slightly moment she let go of the tentacles. But quickly she turned herself around and grabbed back onto them. The momentum was now pushing her back but rather than trying to run back she was jumping backwards. At the same time, she was beginning to spin around, using her momentum to her advantage.

The creature was unable to do anything to stop what the giantess was doing as she spun it around like she was attempting a hammer throw. She smiled as she got the creature exactly where she wanted and the finale of their battle was about to commence. Using all of her strength she threw the creature and it went flying through the air. All it could do was cry out as there was nothing that it could do to stop what was taking place. Tahl was able to stop herself as she could see it flying away and it wasn't long before it was completely out of sight.

"Bon voyage," said Tahl with a smile on her face although she did feel a little dizzy after what she had just done. She was glad to see that it was gone but she suddenly remembered about her passengers. This caused her to look down at the party and she was glad to see that they were still there. "Are you alright down there?"

There was no immediate response as all five members of the party were a little worse for wear after what they had just experienced. It would have been far worse if the battle had gone the other way but they still felt the ill effects. To them the world was spinning around them and they didn't even notice the giantess taking them out of her breasts and placing them back into her hand.

"Guess I need to take you to the other side of the valley now," said Tahl with a nervous chuckle. She thought that something like this might happen but to her it was an acceptable sacrifice.

With that the giantess began to walk forward with some care. She watched as the party slowly recovered from the experience and she even watched as they began to move around a little. Besides the temporary ill effects, there was no permanent damage so she was at least glad about that.

After a few minutes of walking she saw the edge of the valley and so did the members of the party. They were all glad about this as it seemed that whatever the Hooded Man had done to get them out of the loop had worked as this was definitely not the same edge that they had seen before.

With great care Tahl placed her hand down onto the edge of the valley and one by one each member of the party stepped off. They had more or less recovered now and for the most part was glad that the immediate danger was over and they looked up at the giantess who stood there with a smile on her face.

"There we go," said Tahl with a cheerful tone. "I got you across the valley safe and sound. Although to tell you the truth, it was a little more difficult than I thought."

"T-Thanks Tahl," replied Prince Nelson as he stepped towards the edge of the valley. He had no fear of falling as he was sure that if he did, she would easily catch him and ensure his safety. "You really helped us out."

"No problem, I'm here to help." The party noticed that she was beginning to glow and this was noticed by her as well. She lifted her hand and looked at it for a moment. "Guess I have to go now, don't forget that you can summon me one more time. Then my sphere will go poof so choose carefully." She smiled again as the glowing reached its peak. "See you all later, it was great meeting you all."

Before any of them could react Tahl completely disappeared. Under normal circumstances it seemed to be impossible for anyone to suddenly disappear like that, especially someone as large as Tahl. But with her task completed she was returned to the summoning sphere which for the time being was inside Nelson's satchel.

With their trek across the valley now complete, the party continued on with their quest. But after everything that had just taken place, they thought that they might need a rest. The other members of the party realised that they had a very strong weapon to use if they had really gotten themselves into trouble. However, they would have to be careful since they could only summon her one more time.

For Prince Nelson, this fact in particular was on his mind as he didn't want to waste the summon. Instead he would save it for when he truly knew that he needed it, plus in a way he was a little sad to think that he only had one summon left. Tahl's bright personality had lifted his spirits and to think that he would never see her again was one that he did find to be quite upsetting.

It was sometime later when he found himself confronted by another giant woman but this one didn't seem to be as friendly as Tahl. This one was around fifty feet tall and had long brown hair with purple eyes. Her attire was somewhat odd as it consisted of a grey bikini like top, black three-quarter trousers and brown sandals.

Where Tahl had been cheerful and loving, this giantess was more arrogant and prone to throw her weight around. Up until recently she had only been a few inches tall but after striking a deal with Prince Nelson's arch nemesis she had been given back what to her was a small amount of her lost size.

Her confidence had gone through the roof when she had regained some of this size and right now, she was in a wooded area and trying to find Prince Nelson who was attempting to hide away from her. She was more than keen with finding him as the Evil Wizard had promised to restore even more of her lost size if she brought Nelson back to him alive. Because of this she would do what it took to find him but not kill him.

Normally Prince Nelson would have his companions with him, but they had all been captured by the minions of the Evil Wizard. If he were to be captured now then the quest would come to an end and his kingdom would be facing a terrible fate. This was what motivated him as he hid away in some bushes.

One thing that he could see was that the giantess was having difficulties seeing things beneath the treeline. He thought that he would use this to his advantage as he hid away but it seemed that she began to knock down some of the trees so that her vision below improved. It was a risky move on her part as she could accidentally kill him. But to her it was a risk worth taking.

"Come on out Princey," said the Giantess as she pushed over another tree. The sound of it falling could be heard for some distance around. "If you reveal yourself, I promise that I won't hurt you."

Her voice was loud enough for him to hear clearly and he watched as her sandal clad foot came down very close to where he was hiding. For a moment he thought that she might have spotted him as she didn't move on straight away. Instead she began to look down for a few moments as there was something that she was suspicious of.

Prince Nelson did still have the option of summoning Tahl but for the moment decided not to unless he had absolutely no choice in the matter. He still remembered that he had only one summon left so he wanted to make it count. Instead he stayed where he was and tried to be as quiet as he could. He saw her inspecting a bush very close to him and for a moment he thought that she might have found him.

Suddenly a rabbit ran out of the other bush and ran right in front of the foot of the giantess. She looked down and didn't seem to be very impressed with what she could see. Instead she simply stood back up to her full height and she couldn't help but chuckle for a moment. She remembered the times when she had been tiny and rabbits had caused her problems. Now she was so big that she felt untouchable.

"Stupid rabbit," stated the Giantess in a somewhat annoyed tone. "I'm the queen around here now, not you."

The giantess began to walk away and Nelson looked on and gave a sigh, he had survived for now but he knew that he couldn't hide forever. He had to either get away from the giantess or find a way to defeat her. He began to think of a plan with Tahl being used as a last resort. Crippling the giantess was his best option as far as he was concerned, killing her would be close to impossible.

Instead he moved to another bush as he tried to make his way to the edge of the wooded area. He knew that he needed to make sure that he had lost her by then since if he was spotted in an open area there was no chance of him being able to get away. His capture would be guaranteed and his life would be more or less over.

From the bush that he was hiding in he attempted to quickly move towards a different one. For every moment he would look around to try and spot the giantess. He made sure that his movements were quick but also quiet as the last thing he wanted was to be captured. His heart raced every time that he was exposed and he would give a small sigh of relief once he had entered a bush.

The game of cat and mouse lasted for far longer than the giantess would have liked. She was beginning to lose her temper as she was pushing over more and more trees in her attempt to find Nelson. Each of her attempts ended in failure and her frustration was beginning to get the better of her.

Personally, she didn't have anything against Nelson and under normal circumstances she would have likely just let him be and not even give him a single thought. However, with the prize of becoming even bigger was what motivated her. She could remember when she used to be taller than a mountain but was then reduced to only a few inches. Now she was back to being around fifty feet but to her this was only the start. In comparison to what she had been, she felt like an insect.

To Prince Nelson, it didn't matter why she was trying to capture him, all that mattered was that it was his intention and that the lives of his subjects were on the line. His companions too were depending on him. Because of this, escaping was all he could think about and from the looks of it he was doing quite well.

The edge of the wooded area was very close and he knew that within a few minutes that he would be able to make his way to the open area. So far, he hadn't noticed the giantess at all and he assumed that she had moved away to search a different area. To him this was a relief as he thought that he might have gotten away from her once and for all. Even so caution was his best option in this situation.

Slowly he stepped out of one of the bushes and made his way towards another one that was close by. Suddenly a shiver ran down his spine which caused him to freeze in place, it wasn't a spell or anything to do with magic that had caused him to stop. Instead it was a wave of fear that took over him instantly.

As his head slowly turned behind him, he saw something that he had hoped not to see. This was the feet of the giantess and as he looked up, he saw her purple coloured eyes staring right back at him. A smile appeared on her face as she too realised what this meant as she looked forward to regaining some of her lost size in the near future.

"I found you," said the Giantess as she looked at him. Her tone was relieved but she saw that Nelson didn't respond. Instead he simply turned around and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He knew that his chances of escape were minimal but with everything that had happened, there was no other choice that he had.

As expected, the giantess simply took a few steps forward before leaning down and grabbing onto him. With minimum effort she lifted him into the air and he was powerless to stop her from doing this. Her smile was still there as she brought him up to her eye level and she chuckled.

"Hey look what I found," said the Giantess as she looked at Prince Nelson. "I cute tiny prince."

"Put me down!" replied Nelson. From the tone of his voice it sounded like he was more desperate than anything else. It was also at this moment in time he knew that he would have to go through with his last resort.

"Sorry no can do. It took me ages just to find you and I'll be handsomely rewarded when I take you in. It's almost a shame in a way, but don't take it personally. It's just business after all." Knowing that he had no other choice, Nelson took the sphere out of his satchel and seemed to be able to move his arm quite freely. This hadn't gone unnoticed by the giantess who simply stood there and smiled. "There's no point in trying to use any weapons, I'm immortal so nothing you have will harm me."

The sphere began to glow and even the giantess had to shield her eyes from the light. Despite this she wasn't worried whatsoever as she knew that even the most powerful weapon in the world would not harm her. The immortality that she possessed was the factor in that so she was sure that all she had to do was wait for whatever he had planned to run its course and then she would take him away.

Suddenly the giantess felt a shudder through the ground as if something bigger than herself had just landed. She was still not worried about something big coming her way but when she found herself engulfed by a shadow it caused her to look up. Only then did a wave of fear overtake her as she realised what she was looking at. The shadow that engulfed her came in a shape that she was unfortunately familiar with.

"Oh no!" stated the Giantess in absolute fear. Even though she was terrified she still kept a hold of Prince Nelson. "Anyone but her!"

"Macrona!" stated Tahl in a tone of both surprise and joy. The excitement in her face was hard to ignore and this only seemed to added to Macrona's fear. Just a few moments ago she was a beacon of confidence and arrogance. Now she was slowly backing away from the larger giantess. "I thought that I'd never see you again!"

"No, stay away from me you overgrown idiot!" With that Macrona turned around and went to run away. Unfortunately, she didn't get far as she felt herself get picked up by a gigantic hand.

The suddenness of it did cause Macrona to let go of Prince Nelson. Thankfully he didn't fall far as Tahl's free hand came down and caught him before he could be harmed. Almost immediately she placed him on the ground and this was exactly what she wanted to do. It meant that she could focus more on Macrona who was still struggling to break free with no luck whatsoever.

Even though the smaller giantess was around fifty feet tall, in comparison to Tahl she barely looked a foot tall. This was not lost on them and Nelson thought that Tahl was going to throw her around, instead this wasn't the case. Instead the larger giantess embraced Macrona in a hug and she had a huge smile on her face.

"Aren't you the most adorable thing I've ever seen?" asked Tahl as she began to hug the smaller giantess.

"Put me down!" replied Macrona as she continued to struggle. Unfortunately for her she simply didn't have the strength to break out of the grip of the larger giantess. "I'm not your hugging buddy!"

"Oh Macrona, you say the silliest things." It seemed that Tahl was in heaven as she continued to hug Macrona. It seemed that nothing the smaller giantess could do was able to free her, instead she was just embracing the hug for what was likely going to be a literal eternity.

Prince Nelson couldn't help but stand there and look at what was taking place. He had expected Tahl to stop Macrona but not in the manner that he could see right now. He thought that there would be some kind of giant size battle but instead it seemed that a giant hug was all that was needed.

There was something else that Nelson did notice which made him laugh when he stopped to think about it. Just a few moments ago, Macrona had been acting with absolute confidence. It was as if she knew that nothing could stop her. Now she was in the arms of a person several times larger than herself and looked to be a large doll being hugged by their normal size owner. Rather than the fact it was a giantess who was being hugged by an even bigger giantess.

He began to chuckle with what he was seeing. Even though the situation at hand was a dangerous one, to see the tables turn on Macrona like this was something that he couldn't help but think it was funny. He looked up to Tahl who seemed to be overjoyed with what was happening. Out of all the times that she had been summoned by him, this was definitely the happiest that he had ever seen.

"Thanks, Tahl," said Prince Nelson as he looked up to the giantess. "You've really saved my ass this time."

"No problem Princey," replied Tahl who still seemed happy. "And thank you for reuniting me with my friend." There were some muffles from Macrona, it was as if she was saying that they weren't friends but her words couldn't be heard clearly.

"But what are we going to do now? You can't hug her forever and when you disappear, she's just going to come after me again. Not just that but she can't be hurt."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. She's coming back with me and then she won't cause any more trouble."

"Y-You can do that?" He was quite surprised about this as it seemed that the larger giantess was constantly amazing him whenever she was around.

"Of course, we're both from the same world so she'll come back with me when I disappear. So, do you want me to take her away now?"

"B-But if you do, I can't summon you anymore." This caused him a moment to pause and he couldn't help but feel somewhat upset. Even though his time with her had been short he did feel like she had become his friend.

"Hey, there's no need to be sad. You'll do fine without me, you have those friends of yours who can help you and I'm sure that when you complete your quest, you'll be a fine king. You don't want someone like me around, I'd probably never stop hugging you." She chuckled at this and Nelson looked up to her with a smile. "But maybe we can have one more hug before I go."

"Y-Yeah, I'd like that."

With some care she was able to position Macrona so that she could be held with one arm. The smaller giantess continued to struggle but there was still no chance of her being able to escape Tahl's grip. Instead she could only watch as the speedster used her other hand to pick up Prince Nelson and embrace him in a hug. To him he felt a sense of both warmth and safety in the hug, as if when she was around, there was nothing for him to worry about. Her smile made him feel at ease but soon enough he was placed back down on the ground and he knew what needed to be done.

"Tahl," stated Prince Nelson. His voice sounded more official than it had earlier and she knew what was coming. "I order you to take that woman back to wherever you and her came from. This is my final command to you."

"No problem Princey," replied Tahl with the smile still on her face. She then looked down at Macrona who was still struggling as best as she could. "Hear that Macrona, we're going home. I'm sure that Lucy and Tilano have missed us." She did wave at Nelson as the process continued. "Bye, bye. It was great being summoned by you. Maybe we'll see each other again one day."

By this point in time, both giant women were glowing. The brightness increased steadily over a very short space of time. It got to the point that he could no longer look upon them with the naked eye and he had to use his arm to shield himself. He also had to turn away so that he didn't become temporarily blind.

When the light subsided Nelson could see that both giant women had completely disappeared into thin air. Quickly he went into his satchel and picked up the summoning sphere that he had used to summon her. To his relief it was still there but he noticed that it too was glowing.

The sphere didn't glow as brightly as the two giant women had but as it glowed, he could see that it was beginning to fade away. There was nothing that he could do to stop the process as the sphere completely disappeared within the space of a few seconds. Nothing was left of it and no one would have thought that there had even been a sphere there to begin with. Nelson knew different however and he still felt a little sad.

One happy thought that did cross his mind was that the summoning sphere had hidden itself somewhere else now, waiting for the next person to find it. Someone was going to find it eventually and summon Tahl once more. It could take place that day, or the next, or even in a hundred years.

Nelson knew that this wasn't the end of Tahl and that would day that she'd return. He hoped that he would still be alive to see it but he had to dash these thoughts for the time being as he continued on his quest. His goal was still to regain his crown and free his people from the tyranny of the evil wizard.

Right now, no one could save his friends or his kingdom but him and this gave him determination. Nothing was going to stop him and as long as he knew that his quest was just, he was unstoppable.

The End