For the Sugar Squad, trucking through strange, out of the ordinary adventures was a breeze. Same with using their well-earned rare ingredients to make scrumptious cupcakes. Nothing seemed impossible for the squad as long as they had each other... unless, schoolwork's involved. Since starting eighth grade at Gammon Middle School, the gang found themselves tasked with a decent amount of homework every week, supplied by their kooky teacher, Ms. Roni, who they swear gets kookier the more work she gives them. Fresh from another relaxing weekend, they were about to head to class, kicking off another hectic week. Both in and outside of school. On their way to Ms. Roni's homeroom, they chatted as they passed through the halls.

"Whew, boy... got another crazy week ahead of us. You guys ready to do two more essays dis week?" Chuck spoke, hearing an exhausted moan from Kim.

"Oh, gosh, don't remind me! I still can't believe she had to make us write a paper about which country we want to live in and another about which planet other than earth we'd want to live on! One thing's for sure, I definitely don't wanna live on whatever planet she's from." sneered Kim, shaking her head.

"I don't see why you're both complaining, I saw both essays as the perfect opportunity to flex my muscles as a writer." Frankie pointed out.

"Heh, at least dose are da only muscles you can flex." the Brooklyn boy mocked as he nudged the goth's side, getting nudged back.

"Hmph, you're one to talk as a novice pugilist."

"Okay, guys, easy there. We all know this year's gonna be a tough one for us but nothing we can't handle. And if you ask me, aside from the workload Ms. Roni gives us, I'd say this year's going pretty good so far." remarked Cookie, being the positive one of the group.

"Pfft, wish I could say the same. It's been nearly a month and not a single boy has asked me out yet, can you believe that?!" whined the ponytailed girl.

"I can." Chuck and Frankie snarked.

"Oooh, I wouldn't be so mad if you didn't say that in unison!"

"Aw, Kim, just focus on the more important things. Sooner or later, you have to realize there's much more important things than bo-aah!"

Next thing she knew, Cookie bumped into someone and fell on her knees as she dropped her textbooks.

"Oooh... yeah, that didn't hurt..." she groaned, trying to get back on her feet until a hand reached out to her.

"I really hope it didn't, need some help there?"

The girl in the denim jacket glanced at whoever called out to her, gawking slightly at the sight of a boy with caramel skin, blackish-brown choppy hair styled in an undercut, and those mysterious ocean blue eyes that resembled orbs of water. He was a rather handsome young man, his appearance seemed too flawless to be real.

"Uh, do you need some help or you good?" He asked again, having a voice deep, yet rich like the finest chocolate on the market.

"Huh? Oh! Uh, th-thank you! Thank you so much!" Cookie clearly sounded flustered by the boy's generosity, but it didn't go unnoticed by the squad.

"Ey, how 'bout ya watch where you're goin' next time, buster?! What, dose weird-lookin' blue eyes of yours can't help ya see good?!" jeered Chuck, elbowed in the side by Kim.

"Chuck, shut it! Heh heh, really sorry about him, he's a buttface who doesn't know his manners. Just like I was about to forget mine, I'm Kim! Dude that insulted you is Chuck, goth boy other there is Frankie, and that girl who obviously wants to marry you is Cookie! Pleasure to meet ya!" the Korean girl introduced everyone to their dismay, mostly Cookie's as her blush turned a deeper shade of red.

"Kim, don't start! L-Look, I'm sorry for bumping into you, I should really be more careful-" started the girl with the bun.

"Oh, no, you're fine. It's my fault for being in such a hurry, the name's Chip, by the way. Just moved here from Massachusetts and I gotta say, this place makes my hometown look like a can of sardines." the caramel-skinned boy chuckled.

"Y-Yeah, it's big... it's really, really big... heh, huge even!"

"Bro, why should we even care dat you moved 'ere? Stop buggin' us and go away!" spat the boy with the beanie.

"You're the last person to get snippy with someone new to the city. Speaking of experience, I didn't care much when you moved here." snarked the lavender-haired boy.

"Aw, zip it, Frank."

"Well, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm actually looking for Ms. Roni's classroom and I've spent the last ten minutes trying to find it. Do you guys know where it is?" asked Chip.

"Oh, do we?!" giggled Cookie, wearing a huge grin after learning they would be in the same class. "That's where we're going too, what a coinky-dink! It's, uh... just go straight, then turn at the uh, corner and go straight some more and you're there!"

"Wow, awesome, thanks a bunch! I'll see-"

But Kim grabbed the boy's arm to stop him from making another move, "Eh, heh heh heh, sorry to burst ya bubble but my bestie nearly pointed ya in the wrong direction. Excuse her lovesickness, but Ms. Roni's is actually down the hall that way, you'll reach a fork in the road, go left and two rooms down 'til you see it! You can't miss it!"

"No, seriously, it's impossible to miss a sign with rainbow macaroni and glitter glue." added Frankie.

"Oh, well, thanks again. That being said, I'll see you guys there!, implying I don't get lost again... later!" the blue-eyed boy waved, strolling down the hall.

"Tch, dude can get lost and stay lost all I care. He's such a cornball." Chuck folded his arms.

"Yikes, somebody's jealous," the Korean girl then focused on a lovestruck Cookie. "As for you, somebody's got their first crush of the school year! Aaah, you two are so adorbs together! I can't stand it! You know I'm gonna start shipping you together, right?"

"K-Kim, there's nothing going on, I swear! I just... acted really stupid back there and... i-it had nothing to do with his good looks or anything!" argued Cookie but her best friend didn't buy it.

"Puh-lease, don't even try to gimme that excuse, Cook. But yeah, it's now decided that you and Chip are going to be the power couple of Gammon Middle School and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make this ship sail! 'Cause nobody's a better matchmaker than ol' Kim!"

"Ugh, geez, already wit' da ship talk? Is she like dis every time dere's romance involved?" Chuck turned to Frankie, staring blankly at him.

"Unfortunately, but you'll learn to get used to it. Eventually." the goth boy sneered.

"And since you're a part of the squad, you have to get used to my matchmaking endeavors! Consider yourself warned!" Kim sang, skipping off to class.

Minutes later, the squad was in Ms. Roni's class about to begin the first period of the day. Yet, Chip was nowhere to be found...

"Goooood morning, class! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and before you ask, no, I'm still no sorry about giving you those two essays to do last week! That's what being a good teacher's all about!, is what I would say if I consider a decent teacher." Ms. Roni poked her fingers awkwardly.

"Yeah, we get it, you fail as a teacher and a person. Can we just start class already?!" Angel screeched, already annoyed with her teacher's small talk.

"Easy there, Angel, I know you're eager to begin another exciting day of learning BUT! Today is a very special day for us! Yes, that's right, as of right now, we will be joined by a brand-new student, who I bet is just as thrilled to join us on our educational adventures as we are! But who is this mystery student, you ask? Well, look no further!, really, look by the door. Come on in, sweetie!"

Beckoned by the red-haired woman, Chip stepped inside and stood by the front desk, flashing his clean, pearl-white smile at the class. From the looks of it, Cookie wasn't the only girl enamored by the boy's charms. Though, Chuck just sulked while folding his arms, barely seeing the appeal to him.

"Aww, isn't he a precious pancake? Sweetie, mind being a doll and introduce yourself to your fellow Ronians. Heh, that's my little nickname for my students. You'll appreciate it in due time." Ms. Roni patted the blue-eyed boy's shoulder.

"I actually like the sound of it, Ronians. Pretty cute," Chip nodded at the woman with a grin. "Anyway, my name's Chip Baker-Brown and as you can tell from my unique appearance, I have a white dad and a black mom. So, I'm basically a marble cake baby."

Cue a few chuckles from the class, aside from Chuck rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, I just moved here last week from Massachusetts, which I'll miss a ton but hopefully, I can find my place in New Pork City too. So, if you ever wanna chat or hang out, don't be afraid to talk to me."

"Wow, isn't he just the sweetest thing? Chip, I can already tell you're gonna fit in nicely with our little group, it's such a pleasure to have you join us. Now, where should I have you sit... there has to be an empty seat-ooh! Why don't you have a seat right next to Cookie over there? You know, Cookie? The girl with hearts in her eyes." Of course, Ms. Roni would also poke fun at Cookie's apparent crush on Chip, but neither she nor the biracial boy seemed to mind. Mostly, Cookie since she still seemed distracted by his good looks to even retort.

Taking his seat next to her, Chip gave her another smile, "Heh heh, funny how we keep running into each other, huh? Well, at least, in this case, we didn't actually run into each other this time. But, yeah, here's to being great friends and classmates."

"Y-Yeah! Same to you... cheers!" squealed the girl with the bun.

Following school in the afternoon, the squad went to Mama Sug's to hang out once again. At a table drinking boba, Cookie and Kim didn't waste any time gushing over Chip.

"Ugh, I can't believe I said cheers like that! What is wrong with me?" sighed the girl in the denim jacket.

"Cook, is it that obvious? You have fallen head over heels for that guy, it's written all over your face! And I bet it's written all over your notebook too when you were doodling in class." Kim smirked, making her best friend blush again.

"N-No, I wasn't, I was taking notes!"

"Heh, more like taking notes of how your wedding's gonna go. Cook, I know you better than anyone. You always act so shy and embarrassed when you're in love, you're not fooling anyone and you're definitely not fooling a romance expert like me!"

"Yeah, you're right..." Cookie took another sigh, along with a sip of boba before wearing a grin. "But, gosh, can we just talk about how cute he is? Oh, it's so easy to get lost in those sky blue eyes..."

"Right?! And he smells so stinkin' good! We have to know what kind of body wash and shampoo he uses-wait, hold the phone... do you think Chip takes baths or showers?" questioned Kim, chewing on her straw.

"I'm willing to bet he usually takes showers, but treats himself to a nice, hot bubble bath once in a while. And he does strike me as someone who likes bath bombs..."

"Eh, maybe but I just wonder if he has a brother. He's so hot, there's no way he doesn't have a brother who looks like him."

"Oh, gosh, imagine if he has a twin! Two times the hotness!"

"Oooh, Cook, you are speaking my language! All this Chip talk warrants further study!" Kim had a cheers moment with Cookie, tapping their cups of boba together.

"Tch, you girls droolin' over boys and stuff, freakin' disgustin'... What's so great about dat guy? He's such a loser! Like, who da heck calls himself a 'marble cake baby' and he's gotta be wearin' colored contacts 'cause dere's no way his eyes are dat blue." spat Chuck, leaning against the display by the counter with Frankie behind it.

"Geez, could you sound anymore jealous, Chuck? You barely met the guy and you already have a problem with him, why? ...but who am I kidding? It's probably normal for you to be all judgy without getting to know someone first." sneered the Korean girl.

"And why should I get to know him anyway? Da dude's a-"

Before the Brooklyn boy could continue, Cookie felt relieved to hear her phone ringing, "Oh, saved by the ring tone, hey, dad! ...yeah, I'm at Mama Sug's, why? ...uh, sure, but why can't Cinna do it? ...oh, figures. Alright, I'll do it, dad. problem, see you later."

"What was that all about?" asked Kim.

"Have to pick up Nutt from daycare real quick. Might as well do it since Cinna's too busy to, I'll be back in a few." the girl with the bun then left the bakery.

"And you boys better behave yourselves 'cause I'm gonna babysit you butts!"

"Pfft, whatever. Ey, Frank, you agree wit' me about dat dweeb, don't ya? Uh, what da heck are you doin'?" Chuck found Frankie pulling at his fingers that were caught in a finger trap.

"Distracting myself, so I won't have to listen or speak to you." the goth boy snarked.

Meanwhile, Cookie strolled a few blocks north of Mama Sug's to the daycare, where she found a woman with rectangular glasses and short brown hair styled in a bob. Standing beside her was Cookie's younger brother, Nutt.

"Cookie!" His eyes lit up the moment his sister walked in, shuffling over to hug her legs.

"Aww, hello there, Nutt. Not to worry, your big sister's here to take you home! Thanks for looking after him, Mrs. Hopkins, hope he wasn't a handful." Cookie glanced at the woman, waving off her concern.

"Oh, not at all, he's a real sweetheart! Though, I thought your dad or sister would stop by, change of plans?" the woman with the bob asked.

"Yep, but I don't really mind. Thanks again, Mrs. Hopkins, we'll see you-"

Before she could head out with Nutt, Cookie appeared shocked to see Chip show up with a plate of cookies wrapped in plastic.

"Sorry, I'm late. Meant to come here sooner, but some last-minute things came up," the biracial boy then shifted his eyes to Cookie, giving her another smile. "Interesting to meet you here, Cookie. Heh, I didn't know you had a little brother, guess that's one more thing I learned about ya."

"Oh, you two know each other? Already becoming fast friends, I see? And Cookie, I don't blame you, this boy is such a charmer!" gushed Mrs. Hopkins to Chip's bashfulness.

"Aw, stop it, Mrs. Hopkins, but here's the cookies. Mom also wanted to tell ya hi. Would you guys like some too?" Chip started peeling off the plastic wrap, about to hand a chocolate chip cookie to Cookie.

"Um, thanks. But you really shouldn't give Nutt one, he's not supposed to have sweets before dinner." advised Cookie, seeing the boy kneel before her brother with the baked treat.

"Eh, one little cookie never hurt anyone. Here ya go, little guy."

"Yay, cookie!" chirped Nutt, jumping in the air.

"See, didn't I tell you he's a charmer? His mother owns a bakery just like your grandmother's, explaining why he brought the cookies over. You might wanna check it out sometime." suggested Mrs. Hopkins, having a cookie herself.

"I'll definitely look into that but we should get going. See you, Mrs. Hopkins." the girl with the bun waved, heading out while holding Nutt's hand.

"Wait, hold on! Later, Mrs. Hopkins!" Chip jogged after Cookie and walked with her. "Are you heading home? I can walk you over there, if you'd like. Besides, bringing those cookies was probably the last errand I needed to run for a while."

"That's very sweet of you but I think we can manage."

"Oh, well, that's cool... but I'll walk with you guys anyway since I'm bored for now."

"No, really, you don't have to. You're probably tired of seeing me all day, anyway." insisted Cookie.

"Oh, hardly. My thing is if you run into someone several times a day, it means you're destined to become friends with that person. So, all the more reason to blossom this budding friendship we got... my bad, that sounded pretty corny, didn't it?" Chip chuckled along with the girl.

"Eh, you're fine, I've heard way cornier things. But about your mom's bakery, it just opened up here, right?"

"That's right. As soon as we planned on moving to New Pork City, she knew she had to bring her business with her. And it's probably for the best too. Looking at these different types of restaurants and eating establishments, it wouldn't be too crazy to see a diabetic-friendly bakery here."

"Diabetic-friendly? So, those cookies were sugar-free? I never would've guessed, they taste exactly like regular cookies!"

"Right, that's the awesome thing about it. People with and without diabetes can enjoy stuff like this and that's what my mom wanted to accomplish when she got the idea for her bakery. Having diabetes herself, she wanted to make sure anyone could enjoy her stuff no problem." explained the biracial boy.

"Oh, that's really cool, I definitely have to check it out sometime. Might tell my friends about it too so you'll get a little more business." Cookie grinned with the boy.

"Heh heh, that would be cool. And I'll be sure to check out your bakery too, if you got some sugar-free goods for me."

"You have diabetes too?"

"Yep, and it's no cakewalk, I'll tell you that. Pardon the pun there. People think it's just about dealing with glucose when it's so much more than that. It's a more serious disease than people claim it is."

"Yeah, don't I know..." sighed the girl in the denim jacket, staring at the concrete as she walked.

"You... know someone with diabetes?" asked a concerned Chip.

"My grandma... and the thing is I could never tell if she was really struggling with it or not. I saw her take her blood sugar a few times, but I didn't think about it much.'s so strange. One day, she would be fine and not have a care in the world but the next day, she found herself in a coma... seeing her in that bed with tubes and wires strapped to her still haunts me to this day."

"Man... I'm really sorry to hear that. Really, losing someone to diabetes has to be so difficult to deal with. And it's a wake-up call for those who have it to take better care of ourselves. I'm sure she misses you as much as you miss her."

"That's definitely true... but it's okay because I always know she's looking down on me. Watching over me to make sure on the right track with my baking and all. She's the one who taught me how to bake and oh-get this! The other day, I found this book she left me with these rare, magical ingredients, right? And my friends and I, we've been searching for them and making cupcakes with them. Heh, sorry for rambling like that, just... needed to change the subject."

"No, I totally understand but that does sound interesting. Something you'd see on TV, but pretty interesting. Might have to join you guys sometime, if my mom doesn't have me overworked." the biracial boy chuckled.

"You should, I'm sure you'll fit right in with the Sugar Squad!, that's we call ourselves. We named ourselves after my grandma."

"Ah, gotcha but cool name, though. Heh, Sugar Squad, pretty catchy, not gonna lie."


"Cookie, I'm hungry! I want more cookies!" cried Nutt, tugging his sister's hand.

"We'll be home soon, Nutt, dinner should be waiting for you there! ...if Duncan ordered something, I hope." Cookie muttered to herself.

"No, I want cookies! Cookies! Cookies!"

"Heh heh, little guy's a lively one, huh?" remarked Chip with a smirk.

"Oh, no kidding. He's adorable but a bit on the bossy side." giggled the girl with the bun.

"I hear ya, got a baby sister who's a mini-diva herself."

Meanwhile, Chuck paced around the bakery, waiting for Cookie to return until he looked out the window to see her walking and laughing with Chip. Clearly enjoying each other's company, which brought out his temper quicker than anything.

"Oh, are you freakin'-yo, guys, c'mere! Get a load of dis!" the boy from Brooklyn beckoned Kim and Frankie to the window.

"Sheesh, what are getting so fussy about now?" Once she got her answer, Kim couldn't help but gasp as she held her cheeks with adoration. "Awww, cute couple alert! Cute couple alert! Cutest couple in New Pork City coming through! If that doesn't prove they're destined to be together, I don't know what! And usually, I'm pretty good at calling these things, so I know I'm right!"

"Tch, I still can't believe you're encouragin' dis nonsense. Dis dude really has nothin' to better to do dan bug her when she's takin' her kid brother home? How pathetic. Dudes who act all gentlemen-like and polite to girls make me wanna hurl."

"Same, except dudes who're clearly so full of testosterone that they can't stand seeing a better guy than them. Will you stop being such a grouch and let them be happy together? For Cookie's sake?"

"Pfft, can't promise nothin'..."

"Well, you better! I got a brown belt and I ain't afraid to use it!"

All of a sudden, Frankie's finger trap fell off his fingers, "Huh... talk about anti-climatic. Looks like my finger trap didn't take too kindly to your threat, Kim."

"As it shouldn't!" chirped Kim, striking a pose with her hands on her hips.

Next day at Gammon Middle School, Ms. Roni's class was in the middle of P. E. at the wooden gym. More specifically, in the middle of a rowdy game of dodgeball. While most of the teens tried throwing balls at each other, Kim had a more powerful method: kicking the balls at her classmates rather than throwing them. No surprise, it left quite a sting on her peers, physically and emotionally.

"Hah hah, yeah! Now, THIS is how dodgeball is meant to be played!" the Korean girl grinned to herself, to the chagrin of her gym teacher.

"Except it isn't supposed to be played that way, Kim," the gym teacher, a Hawaiian male in a navy blue and white tracksuit, shook his head at the girl. "What's so difficult about playing it normally? You're supposed to throw the balls, not kick them!"

"Aw, let a girl have her fun, Mr. Kau! Don't have a cow, Kau!"

"I will never not get annoyed by that pun..."

Chuck had a one-on-one showdown with Chip, who found his targeting more entertaining than intimidating. But neither of the boys could resist a challenge, especially in sports. Yet, the Brooklyn boy couldn't get a hit on him. Every ball he threw at the biracial boy just flew passed him, or worse, had been hopped over by him. If they were in the ring trading jabs, it would've been a completely different story.

"C'mon, c'mon! You gotta do way better than that, I'm practically known as the Dodgeball King back in my hometown! You gotta know what you're up against! Try harder, man!" Chip continued to taunt, really trying to make Chuck's blood boil.

"Oh, just you wait, you blue-eyed bozo! Just you wait 'til I clock you in da face wit' one of dese!" shouted the Brooklyn boy.

With everything taking place, Cookie and Frankie leaned against the wall at the far end of the wooden gym, watching the chaos of the game unfold.

"Heh heh, wow. Chuck's not about to back down against Chip, isn't he? They're both giving it their all." remarked the girl with the bun.

"Er, sure. Anyway, I'm not sure if you noticed, but Chuck's been acting more aggressive than usual lately. Mostly because of Chip and how he foams at the mouth when you're involved with him. Doesn't it bother you?" asked the goth boy.

"No, why would it?"

"Cookie, you can't be this naive... it's quite obvious that Chuck resents Chip out of jealousy. More specifically, he's jealous that he's interacting with you more than him."

"Huh, that puts things in a completely different perspective. I never would've guessed that Chuck had those feelings for me, I just thought he really didn't like Chip."

"Well, you learn something new every day. But if I were you, I wouldn't pay much attention to his grudge and focus on yourself. If you like Chip that much, you should definitely spend more time with him... that way you can really tick off Chuck."

"But this isn't about ticking him off, Frankie," giggled Cookie. "Geez, you really have it out for Chuck, don't you? So much for thinking you're both starting to get along."

"To be fair, it was foolish of you to even assume we would be closer after that shopping trip. Also, seeing Chuck enraged amuses me." Frankie spoke, putting on a small, wicked smirk.

"Heh, I bet it does."

"Uh, hello?! What are you goobers doing?!" Kim stopped by to see her friends, jogging in place. "It's time for dodgeball, not gossip about who knows what! And if you're gossiping, shame on you both for doing it without me! For shame!"

"But, Kim, we're really not in up for playing dodgeball right now." the girl with the bun said.

"And I'm allergic to any activity that involves balls." snarked Frankie.

"Don't gimme those lame excuses! One of you's gotta play and one of you's gotta play now! Dodgeball madness awaits!" the girl with the ponytail shuffled off, getting back in the game.

"Well, if neither of us wants to torture ourselves, why don't we settle this with rock, paper, scissors?" suggested the lavender-haired boy.

"Sure, seems fair to me," Cookie brought out her fist with her goth pal's. "Ready, go! Rock, paper, scissors! Whooo, scissors beats paper!"

"Tch, figures the universe would curse me at the last minute... alright, here goes nothing."

Frankie stepped out from the end of the gym, holding his arms out for someone to whack him in the gut with a ball as he flinched a little.

"Can't say I didn't try." He then smirked back at Cookie, who let out a giggle.

P. E. came to a close, leaving the squad to get ready for lunch. Cookie was at her locker with the others, closing it as she headed for the cafeteria.

"Okay, I'll save a table for you guys!" the girl in the denim jacket hollered, unaware that her friends had their eyes elsewhere.

"Uh, yeah... we'll meet ya there, Cookie!" Kim lazily waved back, still distracted by watching Angel chat with Chip across the hall. "So, is anyone gonna tell me what Angel's doing with Cookie's future hubby?"

"Pfft, please, if you insist on callin' him dat. Probably provin' to us dat he's not dis squeaky-clean guy he pretends to be. Man, I can't stand fake dudes..." sneered Chuck, shaking his head.

"And I'm sure they can't stand you either. But knowing Angel and her twisted ways, it wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to use Chip as a pawn of sorts." Frankie added.

"She probably would."

"Yeah, right. She wouldn't be that evil to..."

Next thing she knew, Kim's jaw dropped the second Angel grabbed Chip by his arms and kissed him straight on the lips. Though, she should've known her best friend's rival would do something like that for a reaction, but she never thought she would stoop so low.

The Korean gasped with her mouth wide open, "Oh, no, this chick didn't..."

"Oh, yes, she did, and neither of us should be surprised." snarked Frankie, having his eyes on his phone.

"You got dat right and I ain't surprised dat squeaky-clean Chip actually contaminated his lips wit' dat chick. See, I knew dere was somethin' shady about dat dude and you didn't wanna believe me." gloated Chuck with a smug expression.

"W-Well, I still don't! Not our Chip... darn, we have to break the news to Cook, she's really not gonna be thrilled to hear this." sighed Kim, heading to the cafeteria with the Brooklyn boy on her tail.

"And I can't wait to keep rubbin' it in your faces dat I was right about him! Dis is why you can't be sleepin' on ol' Chuck!"

But Frankie stayed behind to watch the aftermath of Angel and Chip's "steamy" kiss.

"What is with you?! Why would you kiss me like that all of a sudden, what if someone was watching us?!" Chip exclaimed, sporting a peeved expression that didn't suit the boy's cordial nature.

"Oh, don't be such a dork, it was just one little kiss. Would it really be a big deal if someone saw how gorgeous we are together? Especially, that witch, Cookie? Heh, really hope she was watching, the look on her face would've made this so worth it..." smirked Angel, rubbing her hands together.

"Now, I see what you were doing... you just needed an excuse to get under Cookie's skin again. And don't think she hasn't warned me about you. Man, I was so stupid to waste my time on you, I'm out of here. If you only get joy from making people miserable, then you are one sad, little girl..."

"Tch, your loss, loser! Since you're such a loser, why don't you go hang out with Cookie and her loser squad!"

"You know what, maybe I will! They're actually nice to be around, unlike you!"

"Hmm, you may have gained a bit more respect from me, Chip." Frankie tapped his phone a few times before putting it back in his shorts pocket.

At the cafeteria, Kim and Chuck found Cookie eating alone at the table she saved for them.

"Hey, Cook, got some bad news for ya, girl." Kim began, sitting beside her best friend.

"What's wrong? And where's Frankie?" asked the girl with the bun.

"Eh, who cares about 'em? We just wanted to tell ya dat Chip ain't what he seems. And I knew it all along..." taunted Chuck with another wicked grin.

"Chuck, you better wipe that smile off your face right now, this isn't funny!" spat the ponytailed girl.

"Heh, if it isn't, why am I laughin' inside?"

"Okay, so what's going on? What exactly did Chip do?" Cookie tried asking again.

"Well, let me tell you, it's a good thing you're sitting down 'cause you're not gonna believe this. He was making out with the devil's daughter, Angel! Right in front of us! It took everything inside me not to give both of them roundhouse kicks!" Kim exclaimed, clenching her fists.

"Wait, you can't be serious. He really kissed Angel?"

"Sure did, on da lips and everythin', even did a little French kissin' too. Nearly made me puke, not gonna lie." sneered the boy with the beanie.

"But we're really sorry you had to find out about your new boyfriend like this." added the Korean girl as Frankie met with the squad.

"No, guys, it's okay. To be honest, I had a feeling what I wasn't the kind of girl Chip is into and that basically confirmed it." sighed the girl in the denim jacket.

"So, you're not too heartbroken about it?"

"A little, but nothing I can't get over. That's just how love goes, I guess..."

"Er, sorry to interject in this dating dilemma, but I think you're all forgetting that Angel is a sick, demented person on every level. I'm sure she wouldn't kiss Chip so suddenly unless she was plotting something against you, Cookie." Frankie spoke up.

"Hold on, you're saying Angel forced Chip to kiss her?" Cookie questioned with a confused look.

"Nah, dere's no freakin' way. Nope! Nuh-uh!" Chuck quickly shook his head, refusing to believe the goth boy's assumption for the sake of not wanting to be wrong about Chip.

"But Frank's got a point, she would be the kind of chick to kiss and diss." Kim mused.

"And if you don't believe me, take a look at this." the lavender-haired boy then showed Cookie a video of Angel and Chip's argument he recorded from his phone, further proving his point.

"Nah, nah, nah, you probably edited it to make it seem like... oh, who am I kiddin'? You're definitely onto somethin', Frankie." sighed the boy with the beanie.

"But good looking out! Leave it to you to be our personal goth detective, Frank!" Kim patted her disgruntled pal on the back.

"Never touch me again..." deadpanned Frankie with a shudder.

"Anyway, with that cleared up, looks like you still have a chance with Chip after all! The ship's still sailing!"

"Pfft, unfortunately..." snarked Chuck.

"That's such a relief, I really need to go talk to Chip to see how he's doing. Thanks for looking out for me, guys, be back in a bit." Cookie then jogged out of the cafeteria.

"Good luck and see if you can get a date out of him!" hollered the Korean girl.

"Ugh, geez... so, Frankie, you gonna delete dat video or nah?" asked the boy with the beanie.

"I thought about it, but I could probably use this for blackmail material." replied Frankie, looking at his phone.

By the lockers, Cookie found Chip sitting on the floor with a book. Unsure why he chose to read over grabbing lunch.

"Uh, hey... Chip?" She called out, greeted by that friendly, shiny smile from him again.

"Oh, hey, Cookie. Don't mind me, just getting a little reading done... really helps calm me down." Chip said as the girl sat down next to him.

"Yeah, same. So, uh... I heard about what happened with you and Angel..."

"Yep, but you don't need to worry about it. You were right to warn me about her, I just feel so stupid for getting caught up in her games. And I'm not the type of person who gets angry easily, but she really got under my skin..."

"That's Angel for you, it's like her one goal in life to make everyone miserable. Especially, me..."

"And that's what I don't understand, how could she or pretty much anyone hate you? I mean, it's not like you've done anything to upset her, you're just not that kind of person." reasoned the biracial boy.

"Yeah, but you just can't be friends with everyone, you know?" the girl in the denim jacket added.

"Oh, don't I know. Heh, back in Massachusetts, I had a good number of haters myself. All because I'm a mixed kid, struggling to be more white or more black... it was so exhausting. But since moving here, I'm glad I haven't dealt with that problem again, everyone is so kind and friendly. ...well, other than Angel and that Chuck guy, what's his issue? Since I came here, he hated me from the start."

"Aw, that's just how Chuck is, but I'm sure he doesn't totally hate your guts or anything. But instead of worrying about him or Angel, why don't you sit with us at the cafeteria? I got a sugar-free cupcake with your name on it..."

"Oooh, consider me sold. See, Cookie, I knew I made the right call becoming friends with you." Chip chuckled, strolling down to the cafeteria with the girl.

"Heh heh, me too, Chip." giggled Cookie, pleased that with the drama pushed to the side, she could go back to enjoying her friends' company. With plenty of sweet treats to go around.