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Part 4: Where we used to Meet

Kolson had sat across from her; his feet propped on another chair as he slid into his seat. Yawning, he cupped his mouth and flashed her a smile. Luna's cheeks had burned as her lips slipped into a smile of her own. Flicking her gaze to the floor, she had taken a sip of her coffee. A cube of ice slid into her mouth, nibbling on the edge of the cube, Luna swished the ice from one side of her mouth to another. Kolson took a long gulp of his iced tea, then slammed his cup onto the table. Luna jumped, coffee splashing against her top. Glancing down, she muttered a curse, as splotches of coffee dotted her new, white, blouse.

"And that is why I never wear white," Kolson said, giggling.

"Shut up," Luna replied. Grabbing a handful of napkins, she pressed at the stains. "If you didn't need to be dramatic over everything, this wouldn't have happened.

"Come on," Kolson said, placing his feet on the ground. "It's just a shirt."

"I was going to wear it to an interview," Luna said, sighing. Dropping the napkins on the table, they clumped together. "Now, what am I going to wear?"

"Uhhh, any of your other white blouses and grey pencil skirt combos," Kolson said, rolling his eyes. "It's like your entire closet." He smirked. "If you want, you can even add in one of your black cardigans."

"Shut up," Luna said, nibbling the inside of her cheek. "I have more clothes than that." She sighed, scratching her forehead.

"Really, cause the last time I saw you wear something even remotely fun, it was at prom." He said.

"Well, we can't all dress like we don't give a shit Kol." She said, grinning. "Some of us want a career not to drink beer every night."

"Come on Lunny, you should know me better than that," Kolson said. "Beer is for frat boys and middle-aged men watching sports. Tequila sunrises and Moscow Mules are my kinda drink." He said, grabbing her drink and taking a sip. "You'd know that if you ever went out with me to the bar."

"I would, but I don't want to be stuck babysitting you and your friends," Luna said.

"Oh, we don't need babysitting," Kolson said, putting Luna's drink down. "We know how to handle ourselves."

"Okay, then," Luna said. "Handle this." Flipping Kolson off, Luna spun out of her chair and flipped her hair. "I'm gonna go get another drink." She said.

"Fine by me."

"And tonight, you're taking me out for a drink." She said, walking away.

That night, at the bar, had been a mistake. Luna thought as she glanced at the empty cafe. The cafe had closed hours ago, and yet, Kolson's laugh seemed to echo within the air. Was this what love felt like, a constant ache as every memory became a memento of the past. Walking through the night's chill air, she wondered what Kolson was doing right now. Was he thinking of her, as she thought of him? Did he look at pictures of her and wonder where his other half was? Or, was he already asleep, dreaming of everyone but her? Was he lying on his couch, with someone else wrapped within his arms? She missed that the most, she thought. Feeling his arms clinging to her as they watched a movie. His hands dipping deep into the popcorn and wiping the butter on her cheek. They had never been a couple, yet some nights, when her phone was buried deep in the sheets when her ex's texts didn't ping, she'd lean deeper into Kolson's chest, and imagine that it was him who she woke up to in the morning.

I was so stupid. She thought, thinking back on her ex. Every time Kolson had visited, her ex would send her text after text, and after every five missed; he'd call, demanding to know where she was. Kolson would slide out of her bed, and she felt the chill as only air lingered between them. Her ex's voice would raise, and here's would match his. Soon, they'd be screaming at each other. Some nights, Kolson would stay. Pretending to leave, but waiting outside her door until he heard her crying. He'd then knock, make up a lame excuse of forgetting something, and hold her as she cried. Other nights, he'd leave. Luna would wrap herself within her blankets, her tears staining her bedsheets. Kol had always been right there.

Moving past the cafe, Luna continued walking. It had been so long since she had last sat with Kolson, heard his laugh, seen his smile, felt his hand in hers. If she could take that night at the bar back, turn it to how she felt now, she would. A tear streamed down her cheek, and she clung her coat tighter around her. It was getting late, and she'd need to quicken her pace if she were to catch him while he was still awake, but she wondered, does he even still love me?

Kolson had stood by the bar, facing the dance floor. His shoulder rested along the edge, his hand clinging to his glass of beer. His breath seemed more ragged, and for a moment, Luna had thought of shuffling out of the bar and running home. Turning, her heels clicked against the floor. Kolson's eyes shot up, his lips widening into a grin. Luna! He shouted, pushing himself from the bar. He sauntered across the floor, sidestepping couples dancing, Kolson threw his arms around Luna.

"I didn't think you'd show." He said.

"I almost left." She said, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Ha," Kolson said, pulling away. "That's everyone's reaction their first time at a bar."

"Then maybe bars should be a bit nice." She said, pointing to a broken jukebox in the corner and a broken beer bottle, as dried beer clung to the floor.

"It's part of the aesthetic."

"Right, right," Luna said, stepping aside. "So can we skip to the part where the aesthetic is fun?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Kolson said. "That's gonna take a shit-ton of shots, and I'm not sure you're ready for that." He poked her nose and marched toward the bar.

Luna flickered her hair and stomped past Kolson. Grabbing a shot glass, she downed it. Gagged. Coughing, Luna stuck out her tongue as her face turned red. Gripping her chest, she bent down. Kolson laughed and ordered her water. Luna shot him a glance, before downing the water.

"Told ya," Kolson said, his hand wrapping around her shoulder. "Shots are business. Not fun."

"Business is my specialty," Luna said. Water glass clanking as it hit the bar. "Let's go again."

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