Is anybody listening?

I don't wanna be on my own

I can't help longing for you

I don't wanna be all alone

But I can't help rejecting you

I'm sorry for what I said

Putting you through agony

I should have never bet

You would love this part of me

No one ever does

No one ever will

No reason to change

I know I can't win

I kept it caged for so long

Can't hold it back anymore

These voices inside my head

Will soon be reaching my core

Feels like I'm losing you

But lack the strength to care

Looks like the walls I built

Won't protect me. No more.

Not that I really mind

I'm sick of believing

Not that anyone minds

That they will see my wings

Can't wait to forgive

Everything that matters

My soul surrenders

To what's wearing me out

Is it the end of it all?

Or will time spread some more?

If it doesn't, well Hell,

Let's scream it aloud together!