I cried at work today

I feel stupid for it

It was all my fault

It made me feel upset

I'm only human

I make mistakes

I forget things

Please don't call

Me out on it

Or tell me I'm rude

But I was though wasn't I?

It was an accident

I didn't mean to

Make you sad

Or uncomfortable

Or invalidated

Like me

I held up my front

The mask saved me

There was a waver in my voice


But I tried to hold it in

It kept coming to my mind

I kept thinking

That made it worse

Maybe my eyes were red

I kept sniffling

I blamed allergies

I cried in the bathroom

Good thing it was empty

I wiped my eyes

Didn't help

I could tell

Could others tell?

I feel stupid

I feel sensitive

Sensitive is bad

Why am I like this?

Why can't I be better?

I should've remembered

What I say every time

But I didn't

And it ruined my day

And the next one too

I hope you aren't

As upset as I got

I hope you forgot

I hope you don't remember me

As rude for not

Remembering to ask

It was an accident

I should've realized

Because you were quiet

You said I was rude

You corrected my mistake

You said you won't

Tell anyone

I wish you did

Say you would tell

Say you would complain

It would make me feel better

If you were worse

You said I was rude

I'm sorry

I didn't mean to be

Did you know I would cry?

I feel selfish

But I wish you did

I want pity

That's stupid

I don't deserve it

And I hope you didn't

Know I would cry

That's why I told you

To have a great day

I hope you did

I hope you don't hate me

I don't know you

I don't want to cry

I don't want these feelings

I shouldn't cry

When you were right

And it was my fault

For forgetting what

I should've remembered

I feel like an idiot

For crying

For going in the bathroom

Alone and over nothing

I don't deserve to feel sad

Over something so stupid

You are the one who

Deserves to feel sad

I made a mistake

And you told me I was rude

And you were right

I hate myself

I want to be better

I feel embarrassed

And it's all my fault

You should've told

I deserved to be punished

I wasn't perfect

I made a mistake

I was rude like you said

Because I forgot

To ask how are you