I stood there in the rain, tears rolling down my cheeks. An umbrella hung over me, as the pitta patting of the raindrops slid down the plastic exterior.

My lips trembled, as I looked at the crowd of people running by me.

But all I was searching for, was her.

In the distance was heavy mist and fog... the town flooded from the storm... more like a monsoon.

I had lost my little girl's hand as we were pulled apart by the waves and waters.

Now, after a day, I stood just at the edge of the flooded town, my eyes searching everywhere for my daughter.

I rubbed my red eyes, my nose was stuffy and my tears salty and hopeless.

I remembered what I taught her a few months ago, that if she ever fell into a deep pool of water, to just keep kicking her legs and wavering her hands to keep float.

I hoped she was alive.

After the fog had cleared up over the watery grounds, I began to re-enter the flooded area. Someone grabbed my shoulder, holding me back but I shoved them off.

"She' gone, mate." Someone said to me, their voice quaky.

"No." I denied. I just felt in my gut, just knew in my heart, she was okay.

I tore into the water, and with one misstep I suddenly was dunked deep under the waves. I gasped for air, clutching onto debris of a wooden door. I climbed it and peered around the lifeless town.

"SASHA!" I called out, begging the world for an answer, "SASHA, WHERE ARE YOU!?"

The crowds of onlookers watched me as I showed the hopeless display.



I turned my head around, hearing someone else shouting for my child.

"SASHA!" Another voice began to call, and the crowds began to slowly re-enter the flooded town, crying out for my little girl with all they had.

"SASHA!" I begged.

"SASHA!" They yelled.

After minutes had gone by I heard a faint rumble in the distance.


It was just barely audible, the sound of a weak voice... crying.

"Sasha!" I yelled and rowed my wooden door forward with my hands lapping against the murky water.


I quickly approached a metal roof of a house half-drowned and toppled over on itself.



I froze when I heard her quiet meek voice.

I quickly began to try to lift the metal sheet off, but it was too heavy for me.

I could feel the sweat running down my face, and in seconds I heard the sound of other people approaching. They slowly began to lift the roof up, and a flash of light from the sun lit up the inside of the flooded building.

And there she was... her little hands wavering in the water, and her legs kicking to stay afloat.



She fell into my arms, and tears welled in my eyes, pure happiness and joy I thought I would never feel again.

The storm had ended and the sun began to pierce through the heavy clouds.

But I had my daughter in my arms, and I would never let her go.