January 25

"Why are you doing this?! What do you want!?" A taut male voice exclaimed from the far corner of the dark, empty room.

A tall, bulky man stalked across the tiny room, stopping less than a foot away from the cowering body in front of him.

"What I want-" the man said, stepping forward to close the space between the two, "-is something no one can get me. Ever. I can't ever get what I want back." He pulled out a knife from his back pocket, and slit the throat of the figure in front of him. The man then stabbed the body a couple more times, for good measure, and to make sure that figure was truly dead. Blood slowly oozed out of the figure's throat, dripping onto the cold, hard ground underneath.

He took a marbled red and white cloth out of his tiny jade green work bag and slowly wiped the blood off of the knife. He folded up the cloth and placed it in a small separate pocket of the bag. Opening an even tinier section of his bag, he pocketed his knife and turned back to the body.

Within the next five minutes, the man had the body packed inside of a giant cloth bag which was zipped close and then covered with an even bigger plastic bag. The man had made sure to wear gloves and take all precautions necessary to avoid getting his fingerprints on the bag.

He put on a black mask, which completely covered his face and most of his neck. After that, he pulled over a dark black overcoat, which engulfed his blood-splattered ones. He fished out a video camera from his work bag and twirled it around so the camera faced him. He flipped open the camera and switched on the video.

After the man's little speech to the camera, he turned off the camera and pulled out the little chip that now contained the video, still wearing his white plastic gloves. Placing the tiny chip in a ziplock bag, he opened up the beige cloth bag and shoved the bag inside. Taking off the costume, he walked out of the door of the basement and to his white car which awaited him.

He sat down in the driver's seat, turned on the engine, and drove it into the garage of the house he'd just left. Getting out of the car, he walked through the brown wooden door of the garage and back to the basement.

He dragged the heavy body in the cloth bag to his car and dumped it into the truck. After closing the trunk, he wiped any blood off of his hands with a blue handkerchief and stuffed it into his pocket and quickly got into his car.

But what the man didn't notice as he drove off in his car was that the blue square handkerchief had fallen out of his pocket and landed on the floor of the garage in the house of the man he had just killed.

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