On an island where it seems lockdown has only increased Lulu Cabot's feeling that she knows absolutely everyone, and nothing interesting will ever happen to her again, Lulu meets a face and a pair of eyes over a mask she cannot place-or seem to forget.

When Silas Girard left his home of Grimsby on the Northern Coast of England in early March of 2020 for his long-anticipated trip around the (warmer climates of the) world, he could not have possibly expected that his three-night planned stop-over on the Channel Island of Jersey to see his uncle and cousins would have turned very quickly into "shelter-in-place" alone on his boat, marooned and unable to leave as ports around Europe, and the entire world, began closing. His money stake originally put aside for his dream trip growing ever-more dear, and his days becoming ever-more the same, even his dog Harry is starting to succumb to the monotony and endless nothing-to-do. It's just about then that Silas has a chance meeting at the Sand Street Tesco, where a mix-up at the check-out will shortly send him back there.