I can't understand how, in this day and age, racism still persists around the world. I have no personal experiences with it, but it is clear from the media that it is continuing to ruin people's lives for no reason. People talk about four policemen involved in the murder of George Floyd, but that's not what I see; I see one murderer and three bystanders who witnessed murder and did nothing to stop it. But maybe I'm wrong, because I can't even bear to watch the footage for myself. How anyone can not only stand by and watch a murder is beyond me. But the fact that one of those witnesses actually had the audacity to film it and post it online is as disgusting as actually committing the murder.

And Trump's certainly not coming to save anyone! 'Let's build a wall to keep the Mexican's out because they're terrorists.' I sure hope that anyone joining in with the protests didn't vote for him because we don't need a bunch of hypocrites. Who could honestly vote for someone who's openly racist and sexist? I don't care what business sense he has, a leader should be all about the people, which Trump clearly isn't. America was much better off under Barack Obama's jurisdiction. Doesn't it tell us something, that the first black president was great for America? And shouldn't successful black leadership show the world how unnecessary racism is? While Trump's been hiding away in the Whitehouse, both Barrack and Michelle Obama have been actively supporting Black Lives Matter on social media. If Barrack was still in office there would be no need for any of this protesting.

And speaking of protests, what's the deal with all the violence? Showing Trump and the police the monsters they seem to think you are isn't going to prove to them how much better you deserve. I get it; you're mad. I am too. But fighting fire with fire only creates a bigger fire. What needs to be done is to use light to remove the darkness; if they show hate, show them the love they're missing. There is strength in numbers. If 99% of people show love, unity and respect, it's going to be very hard for that 1% to ignore, especially if Trump wants to be voted in again (which I'm sure he does considering how much he seems to enjoy his own power).

The other issue of violence at protests is the police. What I can't understand is how so many people can show such ignorance just because of the uniform they wear. Is racism part of the training for the American police force? How can they fire rubber bullets at people who are only asking for equality? And a few days ago I breathed a small sigh of relief seeing some of the police taking a knee with the protestors, but have since seen protestors posting that the same members of the police fired those rubber bullets once the photos were taken. It's incredible how inhumane the supposed protectors of the people are.

I know better that most people how fragile life is. No life should ever be lost in vain; every life is worth something, so every death should be worth something too. George Floyd's murder kickstarted a new wave for the Black Lives Matter movement, and hopefully this will be the final wave. We need to bring about a change together. Will you help to create a better world for all of us? Black. White. If they were just colours and not skin tones, which matters more? The answer remains the same for skin tones. I do not consider myself in terms of my skin tone. Other people may see a white person. All I see is a human being. All I see in a black person is a human being. Colour is invisible to me, but clearly not to the rest of the world. We need to see each other, respect each other, accept each other, love each other... because the only difference between us is the colour of our bodies, and we need to show the world that we are all human.

Black Lives Matter