"Two to One" (5/9/09)

Two Hands,

Largest Hands,

Steady Grip,

Gentle Man!

Two Arms,

Strongest Arms,

Muscles Toned,

Safe from Harm!

Two Feet,

Swiftest Feet,

Never Cold,

Feel the Heat!

Two Knees,

Knobby Knees,

Rounded Knots,

Bend at Seams!

Two Ears,

Rabbit Ears,

Listen Close,

Stop the Tears!

Two Eyes,

Bluest Eyes,

Brilliant Orbs,

Twinkling Skies!

Two Cheeks,

Rosey Cheeks,

Sunny Smile,

Childhood Speaks!

Two Lips,

Fullest Lips,

Softest Flesh,

Love's First Kiss!

Two Beings,

Human Beings,

Warmest Hearts,

Truest Feelings!