In a void of nothing and something, or was it all or null? Anyway in Setting?..area there was a place where gods go to mingle with other versions of themselves or gods from universes beyond their sphere of existence. Here was a god of bartending and innkeepers by the name of Korun watched over the meetings of his peers. Given the nature of the clientele the inners of the 'bar' shifted to fit the god's native environment, this means that there can be a greek temple next to a digital landscape with data streaming all around as bits and bites flicker.

Korun turned to the 'higher' being at the bar counter, seemed to be a mechanical deity of some kind that expressed 'normal' emotions, mostly asking for water then turning it into some form of oil? Hydraulic fluid? A non-natural liquefied metal? Korun just stopped asking what his patrons did once they had their drinks. From what he overheard from the bot it was one of those just lost original home types of stories. Going on about how it's parents had gone missing before it ended up here. The jacket that covered his back was marked with a strange design that the older god did not know.

The well dressed god moved over to the robotic one, the blue metal seemed to reflect the mustached face.

"How long were you worshiped?" Korun asked as he got another glass of water.

The dark visored face came to meet Korun's mismatch eyes. "Maybe a day or so after building a town in that time."

"A crafter god," Korun commented as the bot did the same water to fluid trick. "How specific were you?"

"Just building," came the reply as it nursed the glass. "Nothing major, there were better builders and why I got to be made into a god is beyond me."

"Do ya know this was ascension?"

"Parents ascended and blessed me with the powers." The bot set the glass down. "But I don't want you to bore you."

"Listening is a part of the job." Korun chuckled.