"I can't believe this is a thing," The navy wolf's eyes shifted from one patron to another. "Then again this seems like a normal day, But this is nearing the absurd."

The whole of the bar had been turned into a plush and knitted setting, it looked like some form of a kiddie wonderland. It looked like his kids' nursery but if his wife had gone overboard, or listened to her friends.

Given what Korun said, "This is a convention of sewing, weaving, and knitting gods. So the place will change to that form as you know."

The demonic wolf knew this, but the whole thing was almost too much to take...and then the plushness seemed to move and consume him.

Once he awoke his body felt weird, the prickliness of his fur was replaced by softness that made his skin crawl.

At least it would have if not for the fact he only felt like thread held him together.

It was at this moment his mind snapped and he began to claw at his body, this was not right. He had to deal with so much BS in this place but being turned into a plush version of himself, no his demonic pride can take a lot but this is too damn far.

The Barkeep, Korun, noticed the frazzled Demon as the wolf tried in vain to rip himself apart. Having been effected, really allowed would be a better term here, by the patron's request his heterochromic eyes drifted back to the now sealed door.

"I wanted to just have him in so I was not alone in suffering some of the vomit inducing actions of some of these gods. However, given his reaction to this all I'm starting to regret it."

The sound of ripping could be heard.

"And it seems his bladed hands are still a thing."

With a sigh Korun moved to get the magic thread that will change to fit what the base thread is.