A Journey into the Realm of Complete Bollocks

Hiding in Your Face

I am a clown and I hide right in front of your face, that's not to say other people are not hiding, it's just that they use different methods. There are those that hide behind formality, politeness or insightful cutting remarks, but a popular one for men is joking. Just keep joking and laughing off the horrors of your life, and maybe they won't catch up to you. Until you find yourself alone with nobody else to make laugh, and then it all comes flooding back. Nothing left in your head but dark.

Some people believe we are hiding what we think, when really were hiding who we are. Not just to other people, but we ourselves are the main target. Other people just help the process, if not the main ingredient in the recipe for trying to be anybody else, rather than face yourself and what you are.

I hide right up in your face, maybe make a balloon animal, magic trick or chuck a bucket full of confetti over you. Whatever it is it will distract you from seeing what's right in front of your face, and that person has a painted smile and a big red nose, and an agenda you don't know.

I am a clown with an agenda, and I do evil all over the world, not like that Joker clown in the Batman universe. I give diabetes to children all over the world, and cause heart disease in adults. Hell, you can eat my food and become obese, and yet still die of malnutrition. I am Ronald McDonald and I make the Joker look like a third-rate loser, he just kills in one city and he is quick. I like to kill them slow, over a matter of years and no Batman, or police show up to ask questions. It's all legal and above board, and the public keep coming back for more.

I used to own a farm that was left to me by my abusive father, he was the E-I-E-I-O McDonald from the children's nursery rhyme, and he was a violent drunk. He kept animals all right, in some of the worst conditions you could imagine. He would feed chicken faeces to the cows, and the cow faces to the pigs, and then the pig faeces to the chickens. That's how I became such a good businessman, and why I have a large share hold in the agriculture markets. The amount of pesticides I spray around I should have been locked up in a civilised world, but not here, here I'm a bloody legend.

So, kiddies remember this phrase "would you like fries with that" and you will always have a minimum wage job with me.