They can't tell me who to be. Cause I'm not what they see. Jonathan thought as he trudged through the mud, thinking of his parents. If they knew that he was one of the only humans that had sided with the supernatural creatures of this world. As well as join them in their forces. By now they would know and probably disown him.

Prove them wrong, that the humans were the ones that are the ones in the wrong, not them. He thought, shaking his head. It had been a debate in the household for months, him arguing that the humans only were putting orders in place to suppress those with magical abilities that were unlike humans. Saying that they were the ones that caused most of the chaos in the world and they needed to be suppressed entirely.

That's what he was fighting for. As well as his future. He shook his head with a smile on his face. He didn't think he was one for going out to a seerer but he did before leaving home to join the battlefronts. And after the visit he knew he had to join the ones that embraced magic. Because his soulmate, the one that was he was meant to be with was supernatural.

He could see her in his mind eye so clearly, her every changing colored eyes, her smooth skin and dark hair. Could almost think about the vision that the seerer gave him of her. Her laughing spinning around. Happy.

He wanted to see her. Wanted that future. And was more than willing to fight for that. For his soulmate no matter what the costs.