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100 years later…

Ava ran out of the house out into the night, feeling the wetness seeping into her clothes that was covering the front of her. She turned a corner trying to get as much distance as possible from the house when she heard that ear-splitting scream coming from the house.

Well, that was quick. She thought, as she picked up the pace and tried staying blended into the shadows of the night. Her bare feet against the dirt feeling it crunch beneath her feet, trying to propel herself to run faster as she picked up more of her skirts.

Should've thought this one through, definitely should've waited until I changed into pants. She thought frantically, as she went to grab more of her skirts with her other hand and realized she still had the knife in her hand, covered in blood dripping silently on the floor.

Once her eyes looked down at the blade, she dropped it with a clatter and continued running, hearing shouting from behind her as she ducked into an alley as she caught her breath desperately.

She didn't want to do it. Kill her aunt. But after tonight she had had enough of her. Her abuse, though not towards her, Ava could swallow her pride and stomach the things that her aunt had said to her many times.

"You're just a waste of space, another mouth to feed. Honestly, if it hadn't been for you being my sister's daughter I wouldn't have taken you in at all after they died!", your aunt Lara had said many times to her throughout her time living at that house.

Ava would simply roll her eyes and ignore it. Ava helped provide for the family by selling some of the fruit from the various fruit trees that surrounded the property.

"I showed you what a waste of space and another mouth to feed can do." Ava thought as she peeked out of the alley and into the darkness of the main street to see if anyone was around to gain more space between her and the house.

She picked up her skirts again, her hands gripping onto the sticky blood-stained material that wet her hands, as she scrunched up her nose.

"Going to have to get rid of this, who knows what I'll attract other than people that will report me to the law." She thought, with a shiver going down her spine thinking about the supernatural creatures that dwelled openly in town that would be attracted to blood.

Vampires. She thought, as she peeled off the outer layer of her dress, leaving her in her shift underneath that was clean of blood and leaving it in the alley before running again.

That would be the one creature she didn't want to attract. Although the war between the humans and supernatural creatures was over a hundred years ago, the aftershocks of it were still felt. After a bloody campaign, the humans managed to overtake the supernatural beings with their advanced form of weaponry and battle configurations. Taking into the account that they would be able to work together cooperatively unlike the supernatural beings that were all out to protect themselves

But that's what the history book said. Frankly from what she'd experienced living amongst supernatural beings while being a human herself, humans were a lot worse. From what she'd seen with how her aunt treated her older cousin since she was born.

Lara said it was always that since her daughter Danica was born that she hated her mother. Came out and had a scowl on her face at her. And would always make a point saying that to Danica. As well as the blatant favoritism that was always shown between her and her twin brother, Cade, who was the golden boy that could do wrong in his mother's eyes.

Ava had no doubt that if Lara could, she would leave nothing for Danica in her will, stricken her from it months ago in another angry spat with her daughter over nothing. At least that is what it seemed to Ava. Always over nothing, that they would fight over and Lara would spout hateful words and then lock Danica in the basement. Like always, for days without food or water. To the point where Ava could see the fights coming and would stock up on food, keeping some in napkins from every meal to sneak down to her.

Ava thought about that, ashamed in herself that she didn't have enough time to get Danica before she ran from the house. Leaving her to her twin brother Cade. Ava knew that that wasn't the best of options. Yes, the lesser of two evils when in comparison to Lara. but it didn't make her feel any less uneasy about what she left her cousin, and her potential of her future life.

Maybe if I can loop around, go back to the house and get her? Ava thought, as she looked to her right and saw the darkness of the forest. No one ever went into the forest at night. Too many rumors and stories about children going into those woods and never being seen from again. Even grown men going on hunting trips out to get food when food was more scarce during the winter months. She faltered at the end of the dirt path looking into the dark woods, looking back at the town and hearing sounds of voices approaching.

To die in the forest or be captured? Rather take my chances with the unknown. She thought as she ran into the darkness, bushes tearing at her dress, leaving cuts all over her legs as she continued. Running in the opposite direction from before, trying to find her way back to the house to get to her cousin, if she was still there at this point.

So focused on getting back to the house, Ava started to feel like she was being watched, as she heard the sounds of her own feet crunching the leaves beneath her feet. And then heard other footsteps behind her.

They followed me into the woods? She thought as she fought the urge to look back into the darkness. Or worse, much worse. She thought, feeling the stickiness of the blood that had dried on her feet and legs from the brush that she ran into to get into the forest. She slammed into something hard, and was spun around. Or was that my own head spinning? She thought, as she blinked finding herself just beyond the main street of town. Not where she was moments ago in the forest.

She looked back into the forest, narrowing her eyes a bit thinking she saw something a couple feet away. Just as she thought her eyes were focusing on the form she felt the tip of a blade at her throat forcing her to turn away from the forest.

"Look what we've got boys? Knew we would find you soon enough." the man said, as she took in his dark uniform. He pressed the tip of the blade closer to her neck, as she got up to stand, as shackles were put on her, as she looked around and saw her cousin Cade riding up on a horse a sneer on his face at her, as she was pulled by the captain's horse that had the chains connected to the saddle to take you to your cell. To await the next market day, when you would be put up for auction, like an animal.