Ava walked back into the house, herbs in hand, hearing Jonathan shouting out in the garden and something smashing to the ground. She crushed the herbs in her hands and put them into the pot of vegetables that were almost done. Stirring the pot, and feeling tears start to come to eyes, as she sighed.

Why are you crying? You didn't know you were going to end up here with these two men. And now you're crying about it. She thought as a stray tear streaked down her face, as she wiped it away, angry at herself for feeling this way.

Ran from a family that didn't like me and now I'm with someone that bought me, not for himself but for someone else. And that person hates the thought of being around me, even being in the same room as me. Ava thought, as she stirred the pot, feeling the steam hit her face, as she leaned down, taking the spoon closer to her mouth and plucking a vegetable from the spoon and putting it in her mouth.

Tasting the flavor of the quite plain broth as it hit her tongue. Since it took her so long to realize that they weren't about to come back with anything from the garden to throw in earlier to make it more flavorful. And tasting one of the carrots that were soft enough to not have to chew at all.

She smiled at her little victory for the day. Always quick to think of the positive out of the negative. Yes, she was just bought for someone else that hated her. But at least she could make some decent food with little ingredients.

Ava walked to the counter, grabbing a candle, and the fire steel in the other. Walking back to the table and taking the fire steel in her hand and holding it over the candle, flicking the steel to create a spark that connected to the candlewick. Ava blew on the wick gently and smiled at how quickly the wick causes a fire. She set the fire steel back on the counter. Looking out at the open window that was right in front of her that had a beautiful view of the back property that stopped just where the forest started. Noticing that neither of the men had come back yet. She shrugged her shoulders and started opening cabinets and seeing where there were any bowls.

Finding one, she wiped it with her hand and looked at her fingers that were caked with dust. She rubbed her thumb over the dust that covered her fingers thinking how the bowl could possibly be so dirty.

She used the end of the shirt to wipe out the bowl quickly before walking over to the hearth and dishing herself up a big portion of the vegetable stew and sat down. Taking the bowl in her hands. Sighing contently at the warmth she felt through the ceramic bowl and started sipping at the broth, happy to be able to have a hot meal for once.

Her head turned at the sound of crunching that was near the open back door. As Amaros walked in, followed by Jonathan both looking somberly at her, and also a bit surprised.

"Oh you still here," Amaros said as his somber look turned quickly to a smile.

"Yeah well someone had to finish dinner. Plus I really don't have a choice to leave now do I?" she questioned, as she took a sip of the broth.

"There's more than enough for all of us," she commented, as she put the bowl down and watched as Amaros went to grab himself a bowl, as Jonathan didn't move from his spot standing on the edge of the entrance to the kitchen.

"Come on Jonathan, aren't you at least going to try it?" Amaros offered, as he dished himself up some of the stew as Jonathan looked squarely at Ava.

"Thought you only consumed blood Amaros?" he questioned, as Amaros turned to look at Ava and Jonathan just staring each other down.

"It's more a preference. I can consume human food you know that though." Amaros said with a sigh.

"Ignore him, Ava, he's being a two year old and pouting," Amaros said as he went to sit next to her as he flicked out his wings slightly to lay behind the chair.

"Why? Is he angry that I'm still here. Again, I don't have a choice." Ava commented as Amaros took a sip of the broth, as Jonathan loudly stomped over to the pot of vegetables and broth, looking into the pot.

"What afraid that I poisoned it?" Ava questioned in a clipped tone.

"Oh, she didn't at all. This is delicious. Maybe it is a good thing to have someone that knows how to cook around the house." Amaros said with a slight smirk on his face, directed at Ava.

"What? Neither of you knows how to cook? What do you do then?" She questioned, as she watched Jonathan grab a bowl and wipes it clean with his shirt. Then takes the serving spoon and put only a bit into the bowl.

"Oh, what do we do she asks Jonathan. Well, we more or less enjoy hunting our food not buying it at the daily market." Amaros commented as they heard a gagging noise behind them, and looked at Jonathan who was beating at his chest and coughing.

"Are you alright?" Ava questioned, as Jonathan nodded, as he cleared his throat.

"Yes, wasn't expecting that answer from Amaros that is all. Because we do go to the market for things but the garden in the back does help with us not having to buy so much right Amaros?" Jonathan questioned, as he took a sip of the broth with a frown on his face at his friend.

"Well yes it does, yes it does. "Amaros said as he went back to his bowl with a huge smile across his face before taking the final sip from the dish.

"Am I missing something? I feel like I'm missing something?" Ava asked, as she looked between Jonathan, who was frowning, and Amaros that was now smiling from ear to ear.

Then he shrugged his shoulders, "well that's more on Jonathan to...explain really. Thank you so much for this it was delicious, I'm going to go take a walk around the property. If you would like to join me Ava?" he questioned as held out his hand out to her.

But Ava looked past Amaros genuine smile to Jonathan's frowning face at the pair.

"You know what? I'm actually pretty tired. I think I'm going to bed early, but thank you for the offer maybe tomorrow evening?" she offered, as she went to put her bowl on the counter to clean up in the morning. And looked between the two men.

"So where am I sleeping tonight? Or do I just pick a spare bedroom myself?" she questioned, as Amaros smiled.

"I'll take you to one that will be probably to your liking before going on my walk. Leave Mr. frowny by himself with his thoughts." Amaros said with a laugh as Ava giggled quietly before following behind Amaros.

And leaving Jonathan alone with his thoughts and the sound of Ava's laughter playing in his head. Just like it did 100 years ago when he had the seerer tell him about her and show him the vision of her. Dancing by herself and laughing with her every changing colored eyes.