"Woah, where did you come from, from space?" Crystal asked.

Itwas late night/3-4 6 Monday morning, but something or somebody had came blasting like a shooting star into Dugli's study, who was hiding making Crystal curious.

"Yes I am, from the planet Harley, my name's Casey." the stranger replied nervously.

Crystal had heard o that planet from her uncle, that it was magical and only magical being's or aliens could findit, because Queen Naraka had cloaked it, from NASA's probes making her wonder.

"Is your planet in danger, is that why you came here?" Crystal said softly, her purple eyes wide in awe seeing a brown-red furred girl that had blue eyes, wearing armour, but had a raccoon tail which she thought cute.

"No, it's not, I just wanted to visit." the raccoo├▒ girl said.

Crystal heard their bellies rumbling, guessing they could have a late-night snack, going to the kitchen getting chocolate milk and cookies for them, guessing travelling made Casey really hungry and thirsty.

Casey was telling about herself, and that she had magic too,impressing Crystal hearing Casey yawning guessing she was sleepy, or planet-lagged, putting her on the couch that was a day-bed seeing her resting on there.

Dugli was surprised but impressed later, after Crystal told him, what had happened.

"That planet became deserted, after NASA discovered it, so Casey was the only one still there, so Queen Naraka will be very happy, she was trying to get Casey to leave for a while." he told her.

Crystal felt bad, deciding to let her stay seeing Dugli agree needing to tell Queen Naraka otherwise known as Ogre-Child what was happening seeing his niece agree because Casey needed a home.

"Really, I can stay with you, you're not joking?" she asked.

"Of course you can stay, we have a lot of room, trust me." Crystal replied making Casey grin hugging her.

Later that night/early morning, Casey was still up being nocturnal eating cookies and drinking milk in the kitchen making Crystal understand, because she had heard noises in the kitchen, relieved it was just her friend, not an intruder, makimg Crystal understand, remembering when she'd first came to Earth with her uncle Dugli seeing Casey nodding..

"Yeah I'm a little scared, as this world is all new to me, after living on a magical planet, you know, was it hard for you, when you first came here?" Casey admitted.

"Yeah it was at first, since I didn't know anybody here, until I started going on adventures with my uncle, along with attending Mystico Prep which a lot of magical and human kids go to here, which helped, along with my other two best friends, Jessica and Kaley so it'll be alright." Crystal assured her, relieving the raccoon-girl.

"Thanks Crystal, as maybe things will work out." Casey said.

She was finishing the glass of milk she'd been drinkimg, before going to the room which Dugli had set up for her, getting onto the bed instead of in it, curling up, using her soft, furry tail like a pillow, fallimg asleep, guessing living on Earth wouldn't be so bad, hoping Crystal was getting some sleep, unaware the sun was comimg up.

Crystal stirred a little later, realising it was the weekend and not a school-day hoping Casey was sleeping alright, after earlier, stretching and getting up smelling her mom's famous pancakes, deciding to tell her mom about Casey, if her uncle hadn't first goimg to the kitchen, sitting down at the long table, seeing Dugli was not up yet, seeing her mother, Raven flipping chocolate-chip pancakes, which were Crystal's favourite way to start the day.

"So, how's Casey doing, after getting here last night?" Raven asked her, while setting a plate in front of her, making Crystal surprised, that she knew about Casey, before she'd gotten the chance to tell her, makimg a smile cross Raven's magenta-furred face, brushing her lomg magenta-hair behind her horns.

"Sometimes parents can read their kids's minds, plus your uncle told me, while I was briefing Queen Naraka on things, like how Casey got here in the middle of the night, which we were hoping would happen, after what happened to the magical planet, she once lived on, it's astounding she came to us of all places, that the two of you are friends, how did that happen?" Raven told her.

"I picked up a call for help from her a while ago, and went to help her, so we've been best friends ever since, talking on WhatsApp." Crystal replied making her mom impressed, seeing Dugli up, drinkimg de-caff coffee, sitting down at the table, digging into pancakes makimg Crystal smile, askimg her mom, if she made extra seeing Raven nod, knowing she wanted to give Casey breakfast.

"Yeah, since travelling to here might have made her hungry, you know?" Crystal said.

"That's a very good idea, as it is techinally her first day here." Dugli said.

After breakfast, Dugli was going to do work in his secret yet magical study, plus Raven had to report to the Arian Explorer's Society which Crystal found awesome, wondering when she could join, as the adventures she had went on with Dugli had helped her learn skills which would help her if she joined the society, which Raven wanted, knowing Dugli would freak, if that happened.

"Maybe someday, sweetie." Raven said making Crystal get it.

Casey woke up with a jolt, remembering what happened earlier, arriving on Earth and her best friend, Crystal's apartment in quite a grand fashion, realising she'd been sleepimg so was taking deep breaths, hearing the door open relievedit was just Crystal with food makimg Crystal guess that she'd just woken up, seeing she had bed-fur which was cute, seeing her relaxing smelling chocolate, along with coffee smiling, revealing baby fangs.

"Yeah, my mom makes good pancakes, but you looked a bit jumpy, is everything alright?" Crystal asked, sitting on the bed beside the brown-red furred girl, as her shoulder-lemgth hair which matched her fur was hanging in front of her blue eyes, feelimg Crystal put it behind her furry ears so the whipped cream would not get in it, making Casey smirk, which relieved Crystal, as she'd been worried about her, feelimg her cellphone buzz, making Casey curious, knowing about Jessica and Kaley.

"Is it them, I bet they're wondering if you're okay, you know?" she said while eating at the same time.

"Casey, don't talk with a full mouth, you'll choke!" Crystal said seeing her swallow.

"Sorry Crystal, but is it your other ffiends?" Casey asked her.

"Yes, oh boy, they saw you entering Earth late last night, they're going to be curious." Crystal replied.

Casey realised she'd looked like a magical star entering Earth's atmosphere, guessing a lot of humans and magical creatures were curious about her, including Crystal's friends, knowing the magenta-furred goblin girl wanted to tell them about her, nodding, seeing Crystal hug her which felt good and relaxing seeimg Crystal texting her friends after that.

"I can do this, as Crystal is my best frI can trust her friends, I hope..." she mumbled lookimg at her paws, as her magic was activating, becoming unseen, while Crystal left to get her friends...