I was so high above the ground, it seemed impossible to me how I was able to get to that height. I watched the world below me in wonder and awe.

"So that's what our crappy city looks like!" I shouted to myself. The wind speeds up here were faster than the breezes below on solid ground. I saw the sun start to set and leave the sky a deep purplish pink.

I mouthed the words, 'wow' and decided I would fly towards the giant beam of setting light.

Just as I reached it, I saw light bounce suddenly away into the distance, and I straightened my lips, about to zoom after it but heard a call down below.

"Padraig! Padraig!"

I flipped around in my flight direction and lowered slowly to the floor, seeing who had said my name.

And there they were. It was hard to explain, but it was like Amy and Cameron had become the one person... like they had morphed together.

"Oh, Amy... Cameron... you two look... good?"

"You mustn't fight your destiny, Podge." Their one mouth said together, and I only looked at them baffled. This was all very weird.

"What is my destiny, oh, wise one..s?"

"You must fight for us, fight and never give up."

"But Amy- Cameron, you two told me you didn't want me?"

"Well," They said with one voice that seemed to be holding both their accents and tones of their own speech, "We can change our mind."

I cocked an eyebrow up, so confused and only shrugged my shoulders, about to fly off again when in the distance I noticed something. The sun was growing.

"Oh no, oh no!" I screamed and flew up towards the ball of light that was growing faster and faster.

"Save us!"

I glanced back down to the city and realized that it was full of Cameron and Amy clones. My heart galloped in its beating and I bit my lip, nodding my head and knowing what I had to do.

Sacrifice my life... for them.

I suddenly took a deep breath in and felt my body expand into huge muscles all around my midsection.

I clenched my biceps, seeing they were strong and full of might, and I then grinned widely. I shot myself through the air, breaking through the atmosphere and holding my hand upwards in a fist as I pushed away from the earth's pull and gravity, aiming for the sun before grabbing it in my hold.

I lifted it up with my two strong hands and felt my muscles strain at the weight. It wasn't long after that I tossed the ball of dense burning fire into the distance, where it stopped expanding and came to a halt, returning its heat to normal.

"Yeah!" I shouted in space, and heard the cheers of my cloned friends down below on the planet we called home.

"PADRAIG! PADRAIG! PADRAIG!" They chanted and I felt a blush skim up my cheeks.

"Padraig... Padraig... Padraig..." I said in my sleep, before getting a bucket of water dropped on my face.

I startled awake, looking around in panic, and sat up quickly... my upper half soaked. I then looked around to see the bucket dangling over my head. See, it was an invention I had constructed to get me out of bed. I shivered there as I took hold of the tin bucket and went over to the bathroom not far away, filling it with water and returning it back to its wooden plank that would pull back at eight in the morning to let it drop on me. Sure, it was orthodox, but it did the trick.

I felt the damp fabric of my pyjama shirt stick to my skin, and I shivered there from the cold. I looked over to my clothes on a shelf, and grinned widely, tearing off my wet clothes and replacing them with my birthday outfit.

Yes, today was the day I turned eighteen, would get my power of flight and would be living it up. Saving lives, helping old ladies cross the road. I would be doing it all.

I told myself I had to be down there by twelve, the temple, to be touched on the forehead and receive my own special birthday 'gift'.

I was all giddy as I came downstairs and made myself some breakfast. As I ate my cereal, I spotted my mum and dad coming out, stretching their arms and yawning as they arrived into the room.

"What are you doing up so eaaarly?" My mum yawned, and I smiled at them, scooping the rest of my meal into my mouth and swallowing it down.

"It's a very special day today."

"What? Garbage collection day?"

"No." I sang, and jumped up on the table, pointing with my two hands at myself, "Birthday! It's my eighteenth birthday!"

"Oh, yeah." Mum added, and smiled at me, "Do you want your present?"

"Er, duh! Of course, I want my pressies!" I replied and stepped on my seat, hopping off the furniture to the ground.

My mum and dad looked between one another and nodded their heads slyly. They left the room, and I stood there, puzzled, as I waited somewhat patiently for them to return – though my foot was tapping the floor in urgency.

When they came back out, they were holding a small box in their hands, and I blinked surprised that my gift was so... small.

"Open it."

They handed me the wrapped up tiny box, and I tore away the wrapping paper, popping off the top lid and my eyes widened in amazement.

There before my eyes... were keys.

And not just any boring old keys – keys to a hover car.

"Oh my holy goodness!" I peeped, trying to catch my breath, and I threw the keys through the air, snatching them with my hand and listening to them jingle and clink in my grip.

"Now, Padraig, we know how much you've been dying for your own car, and we thought – surely he'd be mature enough when he hits eighteen."

"You are looking at the image of maturity!" I replied all giddy. I shoved the keys in my pocket and ran outside our house, seeing dad's old hover car which was now mine.

I was about to run to it to start it up and get flying... but I soon remembered that I had to prepare for something just as important.

My power gift.

Oh, shoot. Sorry Miss Hover Car, but I'll have to make an appointment with you later. I have some other fish to fry.

Or, should I say, fly!