I stood behind the glass, awaiting to see who my visitor would be. IF I even had one.

My dull expression must've been contagious because nearly everyone on my side of the glass seemed hung dumb in themselves.

Then, I saw him. Tyler was coming in from the other side and sat carefully down in the seat opposite mine.

"Tyler! I know how this looks but I didn't-"

"I know, Podge..." He interrupted me and I held my index finger up, about to ask a question I didn't think I knew the answer too.

"What exactly do you know?"

"Oh, plenty. The taunts are hard to handle, especially when he is insistent on my mind."


"You know who," Tyler told me, more so with his worried eyes than anything else. It was then, that I realized that I DID know. Though he was telling me with his stare not to say a word.

"Oh, yes... I guess I do."

"I'm so sorry for everything, Padraig. This isn't what I wanted."

"Me neither, honestly." I said, but my reply was dry, "So I was told I'm going before judge, jury and executioner in a few months."

"Just judge and jury..." Tyler trailed off and sighed heavily, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in.

"You're one of my best friends, Podge."

I smiled a little when I heard this.

"Same to you, Tyler."

"That's why you have to stay away."

I cocked my eyebrow up, puzzled, "Why?"

"Because you know me... and you're not safe."

I couldn't understand what he was telling me. Who was after me? Who wanted me out of the picture?

"I have to go..." Tyler finally said and began to get up to leave. I pressed my hand against the glass, trying to grab him before he left... but it was no good. He was gone.

"Now, now..."

I blinked surprised, hearing that cunning voice that teased and taunted with just its sound.

"Luke...?" I whispered and saw him appear on the seat Tyler had only moments before.

"You're not as dumb as you look, Padraig."

"WHY DID YOU WANT THIS FOR ME?!" I screamed at him, rattling the glass as I slammed my fists into it, "WHY!?"

Calm down, will you?

"NO," I said with one sharp word.

You're amusing, Luke continued to think thoughts in my head, like I said.

He peered right at me, his blue eyes playful and amused.

"Haven't had this much drama in a thousand years."

He chuckled after he had said this, and I felt my temperature rising in rage.

"YOU SON OF A-!" I screamed and pounded my fists into the glass. Some guards took notice of my violent actions and hurried over to me, pulling me off the chair and putting me in an arm hold.

"HE SET ME UP!" I protested, kicking my legs about as they restrained my upper half, "HE'S THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS!"

I watched as Luke waved goodbye to me before vanishing from my eyes. I was thrown into my cell, hitting the back wall forcefully before falling on my knees, and then dropping my upper half to the ground, slamming the cold cement floor with my balled-up fist. Tears ran down my cheeks, dropping in small puddles on the harsh ground.

I closed my eyelids slowly, and only moaned and wept by myself. No one was there. No one.

It was then I said the words, my last hope... if he even existed.

"God..." I whispered to myself, the pain hurting so much. The emotional pain hurting even more.

"God... if you're there... what I'm I even expecting?" I took a deep breath in, "If you're there. Save ME!"

"P-please..." I uttered on, raising myself to my knees and looking upward at the dark brick roof, "Please... make it stop, make all these bad things stop."


"I hear ya,"

I slowly looked out through my bars and saw the sandy blonde young man from away. Watching me like I was an entertaining show to be witnessed.

"But if you start talking to 'God', they'll call you crazy and have another reason to convict you."

"I. DON'T. CARE." I said and sat back on my cold damp bed. My arms hung between my legs, my eyes sore from the tears. It was at that second I realized something.

Believing in good, justice, and hope... they were always there... but I had always taken them for granted. Because if they were real, then maybe a good being was real that made them good. Someone who in this universe loved me. And would save me... I had just never asked.

Don't even think about it, Luke whispered in my mind, there is nothing in this universe or existence that cares for you. NOTHING.

I rejected Luke's teaching.

There's a place in hell for you, Luke, I told him then and he seemed to shudder in my mind, You will not get away with this.

And your 'God' will save you? He taunted, but sounded so angry with his words, why don't you fly to him then? Hmm, Podge? Fly! Fly! That's all you ever wanted, now that's all you'll ever have.

I gulped, trying to block out his words but they hurt.

No one is coming for you, you've lost. YOU. LOST.

I opened my eyes in a slit, my mouth making a cold straight line and I stood up, looking out the barred window to the dark sky beyond it.

I should've been defeated. But I wasn't. I was going to believe there was hope. There was a reason to hope.

I was still alive. Fate would play out for each and every one of us. This was not the end for me. I would win the case.

I had hope. That's all I had. And that would get me through the hard times to come.

I watched as a shooting star dived across the sky, and whispered to myself, a warm hopeful feeling in my heart.

"Fly... I will fly again..."

Whether in chains or a freedman. I was going to fly once more.

And maybe in a world that one day would be free from him.

The one that liked to play with our lives.


Fly, he had teased in my mind, and all I replied was with.

You just watch... and see...