a longing soul waiting for someone.

thirsty of love, hungry of love, seeking for attention.

she maybe stupid, but she certainly know something. that something is, emptiness she felt in her heart. no sadness. no anger. just empty.

stay still, waiting for someone to fulfill that emptiness.

fill her heart with affection, fill her heart with kindness, fill her heart with, love.

"how long?" she said, muttered to herself, standing without a lil bit staggered on the shadow.

"how long will it take for you to come?" question out of her mouth, again. not knowing the answer. because, only the time that knew it.

moreover, who is 'you' that she referred to, anyway?

is that person really exist tho?

once again, only time that knew it.

( but what if, what if she should waiting for eternity? what if that 'time' will never come? or what if that question is has no answer at all? )

she wonder.