Hide and Seek with Alex

One day a little girl named Lilly wanted to play hide and seek with her best friend Alex. But Lilly could not find Alex anywhere. "Where is Alex?"

First, Lilly went up to her room to look for Alex. She checked on top of the bed and underneath the bed. Lilly found her favorite bedtime book, but no Alex.

Lilly thought for a moment, "I know! Alex always wears green because it is his favorite color!" So, Lilly looked around her room for the color green.

Then Lilly saw something green sticking out of her closet. Lilly opened the door, but it was only her stuffed animal snake Slinky.

Lilly looked all around her house for Alex. She looked in the bathtub, behind the blue couch, under the table and in the coat closet. But she could not find Alex anywhere. "Where could he be?"

"Alex likes to play outside," Lilly remembered. So, Lilly went outside to check her sandbox. Lilly found her favorite yellow shovel and pail, but no Alex.

Next Lilly checked by the swings, under the red slide, and on the trampoline. But she could not find Alex anywhere outside. "Where could he be?"

Lilly climbed into her tree fort to get a better view of the backyard.

Lilly spotted a purple ball in the garden, a pink hula-hoop next to the garage and a white jump rope on the picnic table. But no Alex.

Then Lilly saw something green in her kiddie pool. So, she climbed down to look. There is Alex!

"I forgot! Alex loves to play in water because he is an alligator!"