fools of magic 2.0

Story description: what if caroline didn't save tyler but, sophie Claire cousin to davina claire ; a new Orleans witch

Fools of magic

Summary : what if caroline didn't save tyler that night of the comet but, sophie Claire; a witch in her own right,cousin to davina claire ; a new Orleans witch, will magic affect their relationship ?

Note: sophie is the daughter of Joanna & elijah

Cast: Danielle Campbell as davina Claire

India eisley as sophie claire

Tyler lockwood Michael Trevino

Author's note: okay I'm sorry that every chapter is a bit short but i really didn't know if any of you wanted this revamped version of fools of magic but knowing after i saw with girl of steel & love at night that you might want the revamped versions

The revamped versions i have left to write is alternating my past the princess of krypton & another dark road hope you like them because i have work hard on them with my beta Arnesishartis

Disclaimer : i don't own vampire diaries julie plec does , but if I did elena would die during the ritual

Default chapter

Sophie doesn't understand her uncle at all and why he wanted elena dead And asks but klaus tells her that it is his business And begs him to tell her But klaus won't tell her and She gets mad and storms out not knowing that they had ears on them And they watch her leave and follow her,The scooby gang hopes that sophie switches sides and try to ensure that sophie picks a side but they really wanted her on their side because she was powerful niece of abby Bennett granddaughter of shelia claire great niece of sheila bennett cousin of bonnie bennett & davina claire descended from one of the five witches & daughter of elijah mikaelson which meant she was klaus mikaelson's niece

Chapter one

Sophie begins her day at mystic falls in history class And she meets someone; Jeremy who shows up late and stoned and is stopped by tanner for showing up late and stoned,Sophie is annoyed that Jeremy is trying to get with her even though she is a year older than him And asks why sophie said that jeremy is not her type and jeremy is left stunned that sophie doesn't want to date him but he wanted to show sophie that he wasn't a little kid

Sophie is invited to tyler's party along with the whole school not knowing that elena would be kidnapped or that katherine showing up to attack bonnie & everyone who was friends with elena

When the party begins aimee & sara want to get tyler to show his werewolf side and he is worried but acts on it anyway

Elena is missing while Elijah is town Tyler is a werewolf after his party ended & matt was drunk and fought with his friend &Aimee or sara is dead and sophie's powers has started

Chapter two

Sophie meets her father for the first time not knowing that her father or family was the most dangerous vampires in the world

Elijah looked at his daughter and smiled hoping that she would embrace him

Sophie meets grant at the party of tyler lockwood where she blushed at a joke he was telling later grant wanted to date sophie not knowing she was a witch

When sophie began dating grant and they go to a restaurant the grill and have fun playing pool the next day tyler and sophie hang out and they go to the grill Caroline gets jealous and is stopped by tyler

Caroline talks with elena & bonnie about sophie and why she wants tyler to stop hanging around but they disagree about caroline's jealousy and how being friends with sophie might be the way to win tyler's heart the next day Sophie does boxing with tyler & meets his uncle mason who was watching him box And he helps out telling him how to keep his feet grounded but he doesn't like the girlfriend of tyler, tyler questions him on why he hates caroline it's because she is a vampire & mason wants sophie to help him kill vampires Sophie finds out that mason is her godfather & friends with her mother

And asks him why he didn't tell her mason said he didn't want her to treat him different

Chapter three

Mason hopes sophie could forgive him But she needs to think about letting him be her godfather & how she wants people in her life mason leaves her a letter on her desk along with the moonstone that he leaves in her jewelry box

Mason dies By Damon and sophie is heartbroken since she was going to let him in her life but mason leaves something for sophie a letter and she reads it saying that he understood that she wouldn't let him in her life ,Sophie knows mason was murdered And asks damon why but he never answers her on why he killed her godfather

Sophie plans on killing damon is stopped by stefan Sophie begins her magic training

And has others training her her mother and bonnie suspects that sophie is a witch

Sophie doesn't know her uncle klaus is after the moonstone & elena And they warn her but sophie thinks that elena can handle herself

Chapter four

Sophie begins to show her magic towards bonnie And Bonnie is in awe but really Bonnie freaks out and wants sophie to join their side And explains that klaus is dangerous,Meanwhile bonnie reads a book that explains the five witch families and flips out on the info on klaus' mother esther ,Sophie begins to think about helping her uncle and not the scooby gang

And lists pros and cons and the pros out weigh the cons of helping klaus

Sophie meets her uncle and asks questions about if she will survive the outcome and he tells her the percentage and she hopes for the best Klaus tells sophie he holes she picked the right side to fight on And she worries that she will never be trusted by the scooby gang

Sophie meets the rest of her family

And they ask her questions and sophie feels that she needs more time to answer their questions and she explains that the scooby gang might not like her after this

Chapter five

Sophie meets up with tyler and talks with him And asks questions about if they are still friends and tyler said And they are which makes sophie happy then tyler tells her that damon killed mason sophie is heartbroken but angry that bonnie would hide that because she thought they were friends but Sophie knows she made the right choice in choosing klaus over elena

And lists the reasons and the major one is that her godfather was murdered

Tyler leaves mystic falls & sophie behind and leaves a note Caroline thinks sophie knows where tyler is And she says she doesn't but caroline doesn't believe her Grant and sophie go to the prom and they pick blue to wear Tyler sends a letter to sophie telling that he is okay And she reply well She tries to but she doesn't have the right address And she goes to find it but then she calls a friend of friend