I've had great moments, of utter fulfillment
And still others, when it feels hard to go on
Yet I knew for sake of my mind and my soul
To succeed, I'd give my all, to stay strong

For most of my life, this had felt like a quest
To discover and know what it is to find peace
I had searched earnestly many, a dusty tome
Prayed for these pains and struggles to cease

I learned life's voyage may often seem endless
Recognized profundity, revealed with each day
That no matter how much its believed we know
There comes a moment we can all lose our way

As I've grown older I'd comprehend this truth
Though I may not know how it all came to be
Why the revelation, I had sought for so long
Became the answer, that had slept within me

I try harder, not to be blind to what matters
And to those things in our life, that are true
As I've realized, we don't have to be perfect
To find hope amid these trials we go through