Howard Wilner of Sudbury has been keeping a close eye on the status of the global pandemic and he doesn't see the situation improving anytime soon. He understands with most of us working remotely, things are very likely to be overwhelming for a few of us. In that order, he keeps sharing tips and ideas to help create a comfortable environment for all his followers.

One of the few things Howard Wilner of Sudbury emphasizes the most is the importance of technological tools. Tools such as project management software, video conferencing platforms, timers, and more help make you more productive and keep in touch with your coworkers. He highly recommends his readers to set up a dedicated workspace in their homes as it will keep them away from the things at home which otherwise might distract them and affect their productivity.

Notably, Howard Wilner has donated a large portion of his recent sales for COVID19 and Beirut explosions relief experts.

About Howard Wilner

The President of Automax Preowned and Mina Property Group, Howard Wilner is an experienced business development professional. Having received his education from the Massachusetts Bay Community College and the Boston College, Howard has been active in the automotive industry for a long time now. He has a strong command in automobile site acquisitions, automobile inventory management, negotiation, coaching, sales, and automotive repair.

Howard has also been a part of several organizations including the Charter Oak Country Club, Boston College Club, NHREIA, New England Society and Automotive News Professional Community. He also volunteered with Rotary International for three years.