Ah, the coasts of KwaZulu-Natal. Offshore, the Agulhas Current never stops flowing.

Out here, there's a strait. It separates the tip of a cape from an island.

On the island, there are penguins. They're not very big...in contrast to the king penguins, of an island much farther south. Here, they lay their eggs. And when they like their chances (they don't always, but they just love the sea WAY too much to turn it down), they go fishing...playing water polo with one another as they do so.

There might not be any leopard seals here to prey on them. But naturally, wherever there is sea, and wherever there are penguins...the springbok can bet his white-lit rump that there will be predators.

Across the strait, the cape is where a colony of fur seals breed and bask. On this cape, the males chase the females...and they do NOT play fair.

It's nearly that time of day. And seals have gotta eat...

From Durban-ways, a yacht approaches. It sports a VERY broad bow...and a tiny black broad on its bow.

Meet Inde Meir. She's a local...as most black folks are here. She's small-bodied, wears her head shaved, and sports a flat chest. You can't see it past her bikini panties, but somewhere beneath the ass-covering, there's a tattoo of a great white shark on her right bun.

Just outside the strait, the dorsal fin of a real one approaches...slicing the sea surface as it approaches... Elsewhere, he's got good, and VERY hungry, company.

It's time. The fur seals flip and flop their way into the waves. They vanish, and start crossing the strait...breaching as they go along.

From below, aboard the yacht, a white man emerges. Meet Thedo. He's a videographer. And he's brought along a very special camera, for the occasion...

He sees the seals swimming, and beams. At various parts of the strait, he points the camera. When the footage is finally edited, it'll show the seals crossing this strait in slow-motion.

But the seals are just his preliminary project. His main objective has yet to start hunting...

Inde feels very fragile, on the tip of the bow. Below, she can see the seals swimming. Every now and then, one breaches close by.

One breaches right over her, with its jaws open. He makes it over...but Inde is shocked shitless.

She screams, shakes, and nearly falls over the rail. She grabs onto the topside of the bow, hangs, and looks down.

She breathes relief. It doesn't look like the sharks are too close yet. If any of the sharks are socialists...or even over-expecting conservatives...they'll probably have a bone to pick with her. Or rather, they'll have all 200 of her bones to pick FROM her...

Alas, she sees something down there. It looks white, and big... She shrieks. Her screams echo from the highest points of the strait and island.

Lucky for her, Thedo crawls across the bow, and grabs her arm. Shocked, she lets go...and falls some more.

He's got her. Alas, he's the only thing keeping her off that shark's sonar. Terrified, she looks up into the Dutch boy's eyes. They're blue...and merciful. He smiles, rolls over, and hauls her aboard.

She comes up atop him...with her knees on either side of his midriff. He smiles up at her. She's tense. She can't move.

"Watch the seals," he warns her, in an Afrikaans accent. "Some of the Jongens get to jumpin'!"

Inde scoffs. "I know all about jumpin'," she says, in an alto voice. "I used to listen to Destiny's Child." She helps him up. "Get back on the forecastle. You've got sharks to shoot."

The great whites are still just outside the straits. Now, it's time for the U-boat fleet to begin its maneuver. And for that, they dive. The dorsal fins sink, and vanish from aerial sight...

Ordinarily, Thedo wouldn't need Inde to do this. But in real life, sharks breach very fast. With that said, Thedo won't know where to point the camera, and have an adequate amount of time to film the breach. He, himself, doesn't entirely understand why he needs Inde. Nonetheless, he trusts her...as much as some of his Dutch relatives would have cold feet about asking black Africans for help...as cute and adorable as they might be.

Case in point, Inde has a power. She can control sharks. Her power isn't precise...but she can influence sharks. All she's gotta do is find one, compel it to breach, and then point in the direction, that her "shark's intuition" tells her to, so that Dutch Chocolate Éclair will know where to point the camera, and what to shoot.

(His hair is chocolate; not his skin. Obviously, he's a Dutchman; his skin's going to be as white as an Englishman's...as much as Inde wouldn't mind that...especially if he had an English accent. But of course, that's not to say that Inde minds Afrikaans accents...)

Below, a great white has dived. Far around him, others do, too. They've got seals on their sonar. And their target locks are on.

This shark sees a seal. He's resting. The shark makes a move to rise...

Alas, a powerful emotional force overtakes him. It tells him not to attack that one...but that other one...that struggling one that all the other sharks have somehow overlooked. He will charge, and he will take that seal, and he will breach so high, the war gods will see him from the heavens.

Sharkey doesn't know who this is, who'd command him...and he doesn't care. He does as she says...down to the last detail.

It's quite a breach. Like a punted football, the shark, with a doomed seal in his mouth, flies in an arc over the yacht...

From the deck, Thedo gapes, and laughs a bit, as he records the whole breach...moving his camera in the direction of the shark's breach. He's so amazed, he pays no heed to the caught seal's bad luck.

Knowing Thedo can see where the shark is, Inde smiles, and lowers her arm. Again, it was a very magnificent breach. BBC Nature couldn't do better.

Far off the yacht's other side, the shark splashes back down...and eats what he's caught. Thedo laughs, and stops the camera.

"I don't know how you do it," he shouts fore, "but from the bottom of my heart: BE-FOKKING-DANKT!"

He prepares...and lets her know when he's ready for another shot. She smiles, closes her eyes, and manipulates another shark into breaching.

The day passes. Still, the seals cross. Still, the sharks breach...with jaws full of seal. With luck, a shark won't accidentally breach right where the yacht is...

Alas, Inde can't keep track of all the sharks at once. And sometimes, she has a tendency to let down her guard, as she's pointing her arm at where her shark-puppet's going to breach...

As a result, she isn't expecting it, when a great white abruptly breaches just off the port bow, and makes a move to bite her arm off...

Inde screams, and falls off the starboard bow. And this time, she's so scared, she doesn't bother to grab onto anything.

Now she's underwater. She surrounded by seals and sharks. The sharks are coming up everywhere. As small and black as she is, she resembles a smaller one of them...

Nearby, Thedo splashes down, into the depths. He saw her fall in. He swims, scoops her up in his huge white manly arms, and hauls her back to the surface.

A great white approaches. Inde was controlling it before...but stopped, when Thedo unexpectedly saved her.

He climbs the ladder on the stern, and swings her safely onto the poop deck. She's too overwhelmed by what's just happened to thank him.

"That was close," he tells her, "if I've never been there!"

From behind him, the shark approaches. He comes on fast.

With his nose, he strikes Thedo in the back. Thedo yells, and falls over backwards, right back into the drink, from which he's just saved the bokki.

"THEDO," Inde shouts, in despair.

She struggles, to use her power to stop the shark. But it's too late. Underwater, Thedo's blood has already been spilled. And naturally, it's attracted all the other sharks. All of a sudden, the seals are of minor importance to the great whites' hunt.

Like a scared little girl, still in her revealing bikini, Thedo sits in a corner in the wheelhouse, and hugs herself. She shivered. O her god; she's just killed a boy! She's finished. Not just her reputation; her career, too...

At any moment, she expects a shark to breach right where the yacht is. She deserves for one to.

The day passes. The seals cross the strait. The ones who've made it start hunting penguins on the island, and fish in the shallows. The ones who didn't... Well, let's just say that they've joined Thedo in the afterlife.

By now, she's teared up. Slowly, she regains her ability to use her power.

There aren't many sharks left in the strait. With her power, she banishes them to more open waters. In some of their stomachs, Thedo's remains remain. They will be recycled back into nature. One day, they may yet fertilize some algae, that will, in turn, fuel the next sardine run. But as for Thedo's family... Their men and women will breed with other families...but no bairn they can produce will ever replace Thedo.

To motivate herself, Inde strips, and changes into a black bikini. It's not the same as a black robe...but in her soul, it sends the same message.

On one of the cups, a white octopus symbol is embroidered. Inde only scoffs at this, and re-starts the yacht's engines.

The yacht's screws make foam in the water, as the yacht makes its way back to a wharf near Durban. It's been a hard day of work. Everyone's exhausted. A crewmember, after all, has sacrificed himself in the service of enhancing philanthropy...as unnecessary as it seems, to some, for humans to watch a great white shark breaching, and catching a seal at the same time, in slow-motion...

Across the strait, below the yacht's ever-spreading wake, a small formation of chokka squid swim backwards, via jet propulsion. Some of their females are heavy with egg.