Chapter 1

Faint future

Walking down the covered in freezing cold water footpath. I flip my black hoodie over my spiky black scruff, with my head looking down to the darkened concrete filled with puddles of water. The puddles splash with every step I take.

I can feel the Icey wind whipping itself against my figure, whilst my body is working against the pulls of it.

I let out a deep-frozen breath watching the puff of smoke evaporate after a few seconds.
The background of tinted streetlights passes by me as I proceed on walking.

To my dismay I hear one of the lightbulbs from the nearest one next to me start to fizz and spark.
I lift my head just enough to eye the yellowish sparks igniting by the second from the bulb, right before they disappeared as soon as they arrived.

I heave a sign in disturbance to the now darkened streets, the light bulb tended to self-destruct resulting in pure darkness on this part of the street.

I lower my head once again before hearing a whisper from out of nowhere occur next to my right ear sending shivers down my spine when saying, "Off in the darkness again Grady?"

I take a short glimpse to the pathway left in front of me sighting on something I didn't believe I would, The Devil..