Chapter 14

Pitch blackā€¦

Grady's point of view.

Darkness...the world and room is filled with darkness...

The odd stench filling the air is filling me with disgust...

The throbbing in my head and neck feels as though I'd been stabbed multiple times over and over again.

I can't see anything and every part of me feels numb.

Where am I? What's going on?

When struggling to move I feel a jolting zap spark through me with something tightened around my waist and wrists.

What was that? What's holding me down?

"Well if it isn't Grady. Did someone get some good sleep?" The voice encounters from within the darkness somewhere.

I continue staring off into a random space in the darkness hoping to see something, but nothing appeared.

"Who are you? What do you want from me!?" I scream while thrusting my body around trying to break whatever was holding me down.

"Quiet boy. Our boss will deal with you shortly. But until than, stay quiet."

"Never!" I scream while shifting my tail to slam the floor repeatedly.

"Suit yourself." The whisper came off harsher than I expected, as did the sharp pain injected into my neck. I yelped out in fright right before things became all but a blur to me when the thumping in my head stopped suddenly for a second. My head than felt heavy but then formed into nothing...

Devil's point of view.

Things certainly haven't been going my way recently.

First Grady and I have a fight.

Then we wake up together all happy while I managed to see the note that Grady had left me about my booking he made for me.

Then I got into an argument with someone who was calling Grady and I useless. But then I got darted after that from some random person in a black hoodie with black trackie pants.

Things really weren't going well...I don't even know where Grady and I stand on a status level. Like- we said we love eachother and all, but it feels like nothing has changed even the slightest.

I personally think he likes someone else...I have no evidence though...but maybe I can find some? Yes, I'll find some! But first where am I?

Knock, knock, knock.

"You awake in there?" An angered voice yells from apparently the doorway.

"Why yes I am. You care to let me out now? I don't really find your cell bars to be accustomed to my standards." I state while tapping the thick steel bars with my finger causing them to go, ting, ting.

"Stop being a smart ass. Or so help me on what we'll do to your little boyfriend." The guard snickers while leaning up against the brown doorframe with his arms crossed tightly.

"Speaking of him, where is he?" I growl demonically under my breath while the orangey coloured flames blare from my horns angrily.

"I don't need to tell you. And as a matter of fact, I won't tell you." He finishes the sentence off with a lift of his chin showing that he's 'better than me' through body language.

"Come a bit closer, you got something on your cheek." I hiss hoping he'll fall for it.

"Sorry D. That ain't working on me." He smiles satisfied to his outsmarting me moment before a voice calls out "Lewis! I'm on shift now! Get outta here!" Leaving him with his grin dropping.

"Darn it Ethan! Am I on toilet duty tonight!?" Lewis questions with an innocence spreading through his blue eyes in attempt to soften the answer out of Ethan real fast.

"Sorry bro, but indeed you are." Ethan states firmly while shoving Lewis off the doorframe spinning him into the direction going down the white narrow hallway.

"Now get outta here!" Ethan growls with a small silent chuckle at the end when watching Lewis bolt away.

"Sorry about him Devil. He never learns on how important it is to keep our toilets clean." He comments freely while shoving his hand through a mass of his short messy brunette coloured hair.

"Agreed..." I reply with the look of confusion spread all over my face. Why were we sitting here talking about toilets? How is this guy so chill with me? I'm pretty sure I heard his name was Ethan.

"Anyways though, to answer your question. Grady's fine. He just got darted a few times; nothing to worry about." He complies calmly while looking at me from the corner of his eye with his hand still weaved through his short hair.

"How can you be so calm? I'm full on freaking out!" I reply confused with a snort of breath coming out of my nose quickly.

"Practice Devil. Practice. If you let things get to you, they sure as much will. You need to learn to control that anger of yours if you wanna succeed in life." He whispers quiet enough for only me to hear. I think about his words for a moment.

He's right. I get angry way to fast. That's the whole entire reason I'm even in this mess! The fact I had attitude with that guy who darted me.

When thinking about what Ethan said I hear some footsteps bolting down the hallway to my cells' room, so I quickly usher a "thankyou" to Ethan in a whisper before sitting on the plain wooden bed in the cage.

"Move Ethan." Growled one of the guards hastily while swinging him aside into the grasp of his backup guard. Ethan tossed and turned disapprovingly in the backup guards' hold which only resolved in him getting thumped on the head hard which coldly knocked him unconscious.

"Do you know anyone named Archer, Devil?" Hissed the first guard. I look over at Ethan worried before turning my head back to stare at the one who addressed me, noticing that he has a huge gash bleeding from on his cheek which shines unpleasantly with a heap of red puddles dripping down his chin.

I tap my tail on the bed before saying, "I know a lot of people, why?" to the first guard who grumbled in reply.

"Why? I'll tell you why. Look at what he did to me!" He screamed from where he stands at the cell door now turning around to reveal sickening blood splotches stained through his white shirt with three arrows hanging out while still being jammed into his white tops' fabric.

"Very fashionable I see. I love what you did with the red splatters everywhere- You should really take a picture." I comment hoarsely with a wide smirk overcoming my lips.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny Devil. Look- just answer the damn question!" The blood covered guard screeched from where he's shaking my cell bars furiously.

"Fine. Yeah I know him. But what's it to you? And why did he do that to you?" I question now moving my tail down to the metal chains wound around my ankles tapping at them softly making a happy ding, ding noise.

"Because I'm going to kill him. And along with that. I'm going to kill your future Coleader too."