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Four days had passed and Cody and I we're truly starting to bond. We would talk about our lives, which were COMPLETELY different, especially since Cody lived in the Forbidden Forest and I lived in the town. We would also hunt for food and just sleep on the grass since we didn't have the things we needed to set up a tent or anything. We would each take turns going in the lake to wash up and drink water. Sometimes the lions in the forest (who were surprisingly nice) would let us stay in their cave for the night or let us brush our teeth and everything in their house,(since the lions could turn into people.)

"The only jobs in this forest was to dig for any treasures hidden here and to keep the forest healthy." A lion named Donny explained. "And though not many creatures go to work outside this forest, in fear of not belonging, there are also creatures that do go to work in the town."

Ella was shocked at some of the facts she learned about the Forbidden Forest. In the town they didn't really talk about it much, except for when they were in fear or to bring hatred to them. Rumors she heard about the Forbidden Forest were not even true. There was a pretty girl in my school last year. Her name was Scarlett Green. She claimed that a snake attacked her and tried to kill her with his venom.

"Does she mean John? Oh no no no. That's not what happened at all. John is young, 14. He has a kind soul, kinder than most snakes. That girl would come and bother him CONSTANTLY. As in everyday. It was annoying she would try to step on him and kill him and stuff, even though she was not supposed to. So one day, John decided that it was time to grow up and defend himself. He didn't even hurt her, he just scared her."

"Oh." I reply.

"I hate when people make creatures in the Forbidden Forest look like the bad guys." Cody later told me. "Just because we live in a forest that's called Forbidden doesn't mean we are mean and scary. It just means we feel more comfortable here. We fit in more. It's unfair that we have that stereotype on us all the time. Why can't we all hang out? Why can't we all be friends?"

"The world is unfair." I reply. "And I'm sorry that I used to believe that nonsense."

"It's okay, it isn't the first rumor that's spread about creatures in the Forbidden Forest."

It was now the fifth day, and I was starting to get homesick. I miss my family, I want to see them again. I wish I could just teleport and get this over with, but I can't because I've never been in this forest, and so I can't envision the other side of it. That night, I am awoken by a harsh shake. I open my eyes to see Cody shaking me roughly. Once I do, he stands me up, and I still trying to regain my footing say, "Hey! I'm tired."

And then he silently motions for me to look ahead. Just a few yards away stood a big, brown, bear. He was on all fours and staring straight at me.

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