There he was sitting on the campus stairs in his oversized sweater. Reserving a spot before the peace was interrupted, and before the steps were full. He listened attentively to the sounds of the sprinklers and the songs of birds passing by, partially wondering what type of bird he would be. It was a silly thought to have, but it was one that kept him distracted from the figure watching him. He pretended not to notice, but could not keep his eyes off of it. Maybe it was simply fatigue and the lack of light playing tricks on his eyes, but he could not shake his growing suspicion. He had surely thought that the campus would be safe, even at this time. His father always told him "to never leave yourself in the dark," but he never believed that something like this could even happen. He tried to go back to his state of attentive peace paying only attention to the joyful sounds of his surroundings, but that peace had now been shattered much like a broken vase. The sounds of sprinklers were now replaced by unfamiliar footsteps, and the birds were replaced by screams that only he could hear. Now panic had taken his mind, and all that he could think about was running as far away as possible. He approached the doors, but then remembered that he was there much too early for them to be unlocked. After realizing that he was cornered he dashed to the left, opposite of the side of the slim figure, without care for what the few others there thought of the situation. While the others were devoured by the figure he would still be alive! He ignored what he thought to be their screams turning around the corner where he could hide. Much to his surprise, however, the pacing of the figure increased towards his direction. His worst fears were now confirmed as he looked back to see the others untouched. No, this figure was after him for some reason and he had no idea as to why. He thought back to every time he stole from the cookie jar thinking this was some punishment for his wickedness, and though he could not outrun something unearthly he would try. The figure was much faster than him, and he had thought his final prayers. It was clear that he was delaying his death, and hoped that giving in might inspire mercy from his pursuer. Now accepting of whatever comes next he stopped ready to face his punishment, but much to his surprise he found the figure out of breath. "Hey! Next time I'm keeping your wallet!" It was Kelly, one of his classmates from physics, wearing dark purple clothing. She was not happy to have chased him all this way, so he made sure to thank her for her troubles, still unsure of whether or not she'd hurt him. Kelly walked away furiously grunting all the way to the stairs, and he followed behind at a safe distance. After the whole ordeal, they had both arrived in time for the campus doors to finally unlock. Today it appears that he learned quite an embarrassing lesson.