Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Like they did in Robert Frost's timeā€¦

Except time marched on as it should

And Chipotle opened here 'cause it could,

So I entered to get rice soaked in lime.

Overpriced blandness gave me time to think.

Think upon Frost's choice on the road.

Neither path was blazoned in pink,

Saying, "Come over here and drink!

Blackjack and hookers in this grand abode!"

Robby Frost was careful to mention

That each road was less traveled that day.

It seems that it escapes the attention

Of every high school section

That his choice was not profound, as they say.

That's the way to live, Bobby!

Float to whichever direction with guts!

Now with the time I have free,

I'll head down the road labeled 'B'

And have a wonderful time going nuts.