(The episode opens with me, a 19-year old African-American girl with purple pajamas and one ponytail laying in her bed writing in my notebook)

Jana: Kanisha! Your Package came!

(Jana: a 30-year-old woman has a bun in her black hair, wearing a pink hoodie, blue leggings, and white slippers)

(I ran into the living room seeing my box that was as tall as me)

(Looking at box is Jerry: 10-year-old boy, wearing a black shirt with yellow stripes, black jeans, Jon: toddler who has frizzy black hair, wearing a blue shirt, dark blue pants)

(Jenz: a man who has shaved head, wearing a red shirt, blue pants is sitting at the table)

Me: Who's that from?

Meria (looks at the box): Tamiya, London.

(Meria - 10-year-old girl has black hair in multiple ponytails, wearing a red shirt, and pink skirt)

Me: I don't know anybody London (confused) should I (sees Den opening it) Den!

(Den: a 9-year-old has short black hair, black jacket, yellow shirt,and blue jeans)

Den: What I was just looking inside?

(The box started shaking)

(Den jumps off the box)

(Out of the box comes a robot, it looks at everybody, then looks at me, changes it hand into a vacuum cleaner and sucks me up)

Jana: Cough up my cousin (throws a chair at the robot)

(The robot scans everybody in family)

Meria: Mom, I think you made it mad.

The robot: All family of Kanisha's must be destroyed.

(Everybody runs out of the apartment, the robot comes out of the roof)

(The screen shows me in a closed space looking cramped)

Me: Well, I got to say being stuck inside a robot was not one of the things I expected to happen to me.

(The robot is blasting lasers at everybody)

(Denz leads everyone to the woods, the robot followed them and hit with a green ray, which left a huge hole where the trees used to be)

Me: What was that sound?

The robot: Kanisha's family eliminated.

Me: This thing must be sound proof I can't hear the robot talk.

(The robot takes me away into the sky)

(A title card shows a purple background showing the words 'Two weeks later')

(The screen shows me in a tube screaming in pain with a bunch of scientists surrounding me, some of them is by a machine that looks like a volcano)

(A man who has long brown hair, wearing a white lab coat, yellow shirt, black pants, and white shoes named Neil looks at me with a smile and writes on a clipboard)

Neil: So far, you are making the perfect experiment.

A female voice: Almost, her soul hasn't fully given up hope.

(The female voice is revealed to be a woman with long blond hair, wearing a white lab coat, red dress, and white heels named Cal)

Me: My family isn't gone, not all of them, they will come for me or at least some form of the government.

(The scientists laugh)

Neil: The government! Never going to happen, we have stayed hidden from them for a long time, so you better give up hope.

(I got shocked again, making me temporary glow)

Cal: And as for your other family, we locked them up.

Me (weakly): When I get out of here, I will kill you

Neil: Kill is? I think you mean join us after all we are helping kids and I hear you are one of those positive people that just want peace, and I'm giving it

Cal: You can cure the virus.

Me: (surprised) What? (Touching the tube) Impossible, the virus has killed off people for two years, no doctor has figured it out.

Neil: No Doctor, but we are scientists

Cal: And we have found the cure, which is finally ready (pulls up the lever)

(I screamed more in pain and releases a bunch of waves of blue aura which spreads through the town and stops)

(I fainted)

(At that moment, a door gets destroyed)

Cal: Who dares?

(The screen shows Jerry, Meria, Jana, Jenz, Den, and Jon wearing blue jumpsuits with yellows stripes)

Jana (flying): We dare

(Meria sends a wave of water that wipes out the scientists)

(Jenz melts the tube and catches me)

(Den snaps his fingers and everybody disappears)

(The scientists coughed)

Neil: Our experiment.

(The screen shows me waking and seeing everybody)

Jana: We

(I hugged them all)

Me: I knew you were alive.

A voice: Where's our hug?

(The episode ends with me looking shocked)