The Forest

The moon shone upon the canopy of the forest, with only few cracks of light breaking their way through to the forest bed. The trees were dead quiet, with not a rustle of leaves to be heard, the floor was covered in greenery, hiding its inhabitants, with only the Crickets and Cicadas allowing their presence to be known. The forest was as normal as any other until a bloodcurdling sound broke the peace…

The sound was of sirens, but these sirens sounded distorted, as though it was played from a broken vinyl. It felt as horrible as cutlery screeching against a plate or the horrible noise made by metal scrapping against metal. It was unnatural. It was enough to wake anyone up and it did!

He rose from his slumber, shuffling out of his bed. He didn't seem moved by the spine-chilling noise, but rather prepared for it instead. His back was straightened, and his shoulders were broad. As he got dressed into his overalls, his back was barely visible through the dim lamp. He had scars running along through them, each dissimilar from the other, seeming to have been inflicted by something as unnatural. It was obvious he wasn't the type of man to be easily frightened, but he wasn't indifferent to the emotion. His eyes seemed to be empty, but every so often you could see a glimpse of fear. This was one of those times.

Soon after getting dressed, he made his way straight to the door of his cabin, where he picked up a shotgun and an axe, both seeming to be placed there as though he had planned for this. The moment he walked out into the outdoors the sirens stopped. It felt like something was watching him from high above up, waiting for his entrance. The sirens stopped but was replace by something more sinister. It sounded like a woman crying for help, but also didn't. The voice was just as distorted as the sirens were, as though someone had changed records to something just as broken. The voice wasn't aggressive but rather maternal instead. But this didn't take away from what was said. Something creepier than the voice. It called out to him; it called his name. "John why don't you want to help me, please help me John, why won't you help your mama."

This only angered him, and he ran. He ran towards the noise in a blind rage, with only one thought running through his mind, "Revenge". As he sprinted towards the voice he could hear it getting louder and louder, thinking to himself that he was getting closer to it… Or was it getting closer to him! Now he could feel tremors in the ground, with each yard he ran, the tremors would get bigger and bigger. It came to a point where he could no longer stand up and the tremors tripped him over. But he was still adamant for revenge. He stood there waiting near the 'Rocky Road' as that area was known, notorious for its fog, sheer cliffs and white-water rapids at the end. It got louder, now switching back to its deafening sirens. The tremors were enough to topple a skyscraper! As he stood there, waiting for his desire to be fulfilled, it stopped. The sirens stopped, the tremors stopped, even the Crickets had stopped. Everything stopped.

As beads of sweat ran across his face, he waited confused, unable to understand where everything went. It was at that moment he felt the glimpse of fear he kept buried deep within him, burst into flames, spreading across his whole body, consuming him. He tried to move but his body wouldn't let him. His will was shrouded with fear. He could only move his head minimally, and when he noticed he could, he looked and high as he could. And there it was. A long slender figure stood there, waiting for his realisation. Its body was unnatural as though its skin had been vacuumed tightly to its bones. Its arms were greatly disproportionate to its torso and so was its legs. But that was the extent of his sight, with the rest of the monstrosity being obscured by the dense fog.

After what felt like an eternity of its taunting it finally bent down, making its spine bend at inhuman angles. And that's when he could see. Its head was the worst part of the thing. For a head it had a metal spike coming out of where the neck should be and attached to it were was two speaker shaped contraptions. But inside the speakers was two mouths, but these were unnatural, the mouth was only teeth and gums. As he stood there in disgust the thing swung its arm around in an attempt to pick John up, but in an instant his will was strong enough to allow him to regain control of his body. He brought his shotgun around and shot the Thing in its hand. It recoiled and bellowed a deafening shriek. It lunged at him again, snatching the shotgun out of his hands and without a moment's notice, John ran straight at the thing with his axe and began, chopping into its leg, managing to make it halfway through before he was kicked to the edge of the cliff.

As he lay on the ground, able to hear the joints of that monster grind against one another, getting closer to him, he had a choice to make. Take his chances in the rapids (below and hope to be alive at the end of it or to give into the thing he swore to destroy! Before he could think anymore the thing grabbed him by the leg and lifted him almost 40 ft up in the air. He was able to look straight into the void that was the monster's mouth and made his decision. He kicked and wriggled from its grip until-

For a moment he was there floating above everything, able to clear his mind from years of torment and pent up rage. But that was gone in an instant as he could hear the wind rushing past him then *splash*….