I didn't expect much when I downloaded the app. Maybe to chat to a couple of people here and there. Not having many friends now, it would be nice to meet some new ones. Even if they are from the other side of the county. This Reach app has apparently be very successful in giving people new friendships. Maybe it will work for me, maybe it won't. I'll just have to wait and see.

After getting back from college all I wanted was to slip into bed and sleep. My brain hurt so much. As I went to unpack my bad my phone went off. I grabbed hold of it and looked at the screen. It was a message, from someone I didn't recognise. I opened up the message.

"Hi Mel, my name is Katie. It's nice to meet you! I saw that you're a fan of the Fast and Furious movies. So am I! Never met another girl that's into them. Not trying to be sexist lol."

I laughed at her last sentence. I quickly began typing back.

"Don't worry I don't think its sexist. Never met another girl into them myself. Kinda annoying since I can't brag about them to my friends lol."

I place my phone down and began to unpack my bag. Just as I took out my last book my phone went of again. I look down and saw it was from Katie. I quickly grab it and began to read.

"I know right?! So what got you into the movies? Was the the hot guys? Lol. Or was it the sweet racing?"

"A bit of both. I just decided to put the first movie on one day and got hooked after that. Its just such an amazing movie series."

"It's one of my favourites. Have you got a favourite movie out of the 8?"

"Number 5. Not sure why. Could be because its one big heist, or maybe the whole vault chase. That's defiantly my favourite scene."

"One of mine too! I said after the movie that I hope they put some of that 100 million towards getting the road fixed."

"I said the same thing!"

We talked for hours after that. I carried on with get myself sorted for college tomorrow. I got myself some dinner and got changed into my pyjamas.

"So you're hoping to become a author one day?"

"That's the dream. I've always wanted to sell my own novel. I'd quite like to make it a series."

"Got any ideas on what you want your first novel to be about yet?"

"Too many lol."

I look at the top of my phone and realise the time. It was 11 pm. I had college the next day. I better get some sleep before I pass out in class. I felt a little disappointed at the fact I had too stop our conversation.

"I am so sorry but I need to go and get some sleep. I have collage in the morning."

"Completely forgot we're not from the same county. It's only 6pm here."

"Well it's 11 pm here so I need to get some beauty sleep before I sleep through my alarm in the morning lol."

"Well I'd love to keep on talking tomorrow, if you want to that is."

I feel a small smile form on my face. I quickly start to type a response back through my tired eyes.

"I'd love to. Talk to you tomorrow!"

"Looking forward to it!"

I place my phone down on my desk and let my mind slip into sleep, thinking happy and exciting thoughts. Have I found myself a new friend?

Katie and I have been talking for over a month now. We've grown very close. We have talked every single day. I've learned so much about her. She's in collage like me taking hair and beauty. Her dream is to become a personal hair and makeup stylist for a famous person. She also has a little brother called Chris. And her hobbies are almost the exact same as mine. Well not completely.

"How can you run half a mile a day? I can't even run for a minute straight!"

"I'm just very athletic. Besides, its good for the body."

"Do you do other sports apart from running to death? Lol"

"Ha ha, nope just the running. I played for my girls basket ball team in high school, but that was just for fun. What about you? Surely you must have a favourite sport?"

"Dodge ball was my favourite. I was always last to get out on my team. I loved hitting people with the balls."

"Ooo, violent much?"

"Nah, just a good way of letting off some steam once in a while. Now I just throw stuffed toys at my wall."

"Mel, dinner's ready!" I hear my mum call from downstairs.

"Coming!" I quickly start to type to Katie.

"Sorry, gotta go. Dinner's ready. Talk later?"

"You bet. Speak to you soon x"

I feel a small smile form on my lips as I notice the 'x'. We've never done that before.

"Speak soon x."

I sat at the dinner table, looking down at my phone once again. It's been 4 days since I heard from Katie. We were talking the other day, just like any other day. I had just left college and she was on her way to college. I told her to text me when she was on her break, but she never texted me back.

At first I didn't think much off it. Sometimes she wouldn't text me until she had finished collage, so I just decided to wait. But then the next day came and there was still nothing from her. I sent her a few messages throughout the day, making sure she was okay, but she never messaged me back. She didn't even read them.

I was starting to worry. Something just felt wrong.

It came to 9pm and I decided to take myself to bed. I know there's nothing I can do right now, only wait and hope that she get's back to me soon. I just hope I didn't say something to her that has broken our friendship.


I look down at my phone and see a notification come through. I quickly grab my phone. It was from Katie.

"I am so sorry I haven't messaged you recently. I was in a accident and have only just gotten out of the hospital."

Wait, an accident? She was in the hospital?!

"Are you okay?! What happened?"

"Some idiot driver hit me on my way to collage the other day. Got a concussion and my leg broke. Had no internet in the hospital so I couldn't get hold of you. I'm so sorry if I made you worry x"

"I'm just glad to hear you okay x. You did have me a little worried, no gonna lie. How are you now?"

"Leg is in a cast, will take some time to heal. But apart from that I'm all good x"

"Good, glad to hear it. Guess this means you'll have to take some time off collage? X"

"For the time being. I'll properly be bed ridden for a while. That's gonna be boring lol x"

"That's the dream! Not the whole getting your leg broken, but being in bed all the time is lol x"

"LOL you have a point. I'll properly binge-watch the whole of Fast and Furious x"

"Ah, lucky. Too bad I can't pop round and watch it with you x"

"Why don't we schedule a date and time and we can watch it together from our homes? X"

Now that has just given me an idea.

I only had to wait a few days before getting the picture from Katie. I open it up and see her with the gift box I surprisingly sent her. She's wearing the Fast and Furious t-shirt I got her. She has her 'Get Well Soon' teddy I got her, and a BFF mug I bought for her and myself.

"Love this! And love you! XXX"

"Love you too! Now get comfortable, its time to 'Ride or Die' x"

Katie and I have been friends for 2 years now. She now working in a hairdressers. She still lives with her parents but is looking to move out soon with her boyfriend she had for a year. I myself have started seeing someone. His name's Jesse. We've been together for 8 months now.

Katie and I have been joking about how we should finally meet up and go on a double date. Unfortunately she and her family don't have the money yet to come over and see us. What she doesn't know is that for the past year, I've been saving up to go over and finally meet her. Jesse said he'd come along next time since he can't take the time off work, which sucks a little but I understood.

I was able to get in touch with Katie's parents and get it arranged with them. The offered for me to stay with them as well instead of a hotel, which is really nice of them. I told Katie's that me and my family were going on holiday this week and that I wouldn't be able to message her today due to the flight. Which she totally bought.

Me and my mum were now pulling up at Katie's house. I can feel the nerves getting to me. After nearly 3 years, Katie and I were finally going to meet. I've never felt so excited before in my whole life. I step out of the car and see this beautiful county house. I see someone exit the house and recognise the person as Katie's mother, Sara.

"Mel?" She asked as she walks over to my mum and myself.

"Yes that's me." I answer.

"It's so nice to finally meet you." She said with a smile.

"Same here. Does Katie know?" I asked. Sara shakes her head.

"Not a thing. She's currently round the back play some basket ball with her brother. You wanna see her?" I quickly nod my head.

"Yes please." I said all to eagerly. The 3 off us start to make our way round the back of the house. I see a small basket ball court and 2 people playing on it. One of them was a boy, around 15. The other was a girl teenager about 17 years old. It was Katie. She currently had her back to me and held the ball in her hands.

"Katie!" I called out.

Katie turned around and froze. I see a hand go to her mouth as the other hand drops the ball. It was like a moment in a movie. I began to run over to her. Katie quickly started to do the same. It felt like the whole moment was in slow motion.

I'm not to sure what happened next, but we both found ourselves on the floor, wrapped in each others arms. Are legs were even crossed over. I just held her tightly, not wanting to let her go. I could both hear and feel her sob into my hair. I knew I was doing the same with how badly I was shaking.

I was so happy right now. So happy.

Not sure how long we were like that but we slowly started to pull away from each other. Once we were back standing were looked at one another. Her light brown hair still covered her face like it does whenever we video chat. I can see her freckles more clearly now, along with her green eyes.

"Hi." She almost whispered.

"Hi." I laughed a little, whipping the tears away. She quickly grabs me and pulls me in for another hug. I happily return it.

We were finally together.