Sera and Theodore – Chapter 1

I can't see anything. All the candles have burnt out by now and I forgot once again to buy some more at the market. The only light is moonlight, illuminating my modest room; an old couch, an armchair and a plain woodden chair are the only furniture I have. The whole room smells of beeswax and mold. Even in the dark, I can see a huge, mold hole in the wall. The air is stale and suffocating and it makes my head spin. I look around, my eyes adjusting to the darkness as I become aware of my loneliness. I'm alone. Again. My heart sinks and I feel a hint of hopelessness threatening to overwhelm me. Until I spot a black kitty curled up on the couch.

It's Lucius, Theodore's cat. Why is he here? Is Theodore also here somewhere? I look around again but to my disappontment I don't see anyone. Maybe he left? Or he wasn't even here? I slowly look around once more. He does have the annoying habit of hiding around and getting himself in trouble.

"Theodore?" I call out

No answer.

Lucius comes up to me and gives my leg a cheerful head-butt, purring. I crouch down to pet him. His fur is warm, comforting.

"Where is Theodore, Lucius?" I ask, looking at him as if expecting an answer

He keeps headbutting my hands and ankles. To my surprise, he suddenly fixes me with a stare, unblinking, and doesn't look away for a few moments. Maybe he's trying to tell me something?

I look behind me only to see a familiar figure, a tall silhouette barely visible in the dark.

He's standing with his back to me but when he turns around, I can make out a sorrowful look on his face.

"Sera," he whispers


My heart races and I can feel my hands shaking just a little.

"Where have you been?" I ask, trying my best not to sound distressed

He sighs. I can feel the uneasiness that radiates from him. After a few long, quiet moments, he finally speaks:

"You wouldn't believe me…"

I give him a quizical look.

"How do you know that?"

He doesn't answer my question. He's staring at the floor as if searching for something. Seeing Lucius, he slowly crouches down to pet his head.