Hello there. You can call me Nova. You could say that I "control" everything. Now, control is a very loose term to use in this situation. Think of me as a game developer. Sometimes bugs happen in games. Random issues that take time to understand and eventually fix for the improvement of all things and people that are affected by said bugs.

However, there is one massive difference between reality and video games. You may be wondering what this difference could possibly be. If you were to say that fantastical things only happen in games well, guess what? You're wrong. The true major difference is quite simple. A game is in the end controlled by a developer, correct? So what happens when the developer no longer performs their duty of patching a game regularly? Why, it gets absolutely flooded with bugs of course. As long as new content comes into a game bugs are bound to happen eventually, as new items and systems react and affect each other in different ways. So what does this have to do with reality you may ask?

Well to be as short as possible, events can be influenced by the people who aren't in power. Unlike a game where the developers play as god in a sense as they have the final say in the game's development, reality is influenced and can even be changed by people who are resilient and determined enough to complete a goal. Now this may seem very simple, but events like these have been noted throughout history.

Some of these determined people have made impactful and lasting changes in society to the point where who knows what would have happened without them. A man such as Martin Luther King Jr. A man so determined to help his brethren obtain equal rights that he did not stop his peaceful protesting until his untimely demise. He did all the good that he could and made a lasting impact with his actions. But where there is good there is evil. Adolf Hitler. Once a soldier in war who was nearly on his death bed yet was spared. He went on to kill millions upon millions of people after working his way into power under the guise of making Germany extremely powerful. What I'm trying to show you is that many things whether they be good or evil can come from people in absolutely random ways. Random events lead to random outcomes such as Hitler in the end being the one to take his own life.

Now, I'm going to tell you a story of one such resilient individual. The world this story takes place is very far from where you are now. That I can assure you. A place of demons and gods. In fiction there is always truth. Even if only a little. The demons have become weak and are no longer a threat to the gods. They are just like a normal race. Although they are widely discriminated against, they are generally peaceful. The gods, for the most part, are simple. Some areā€¦ a little out there but aren't we all? They are fighting for the right to control it all. Champions are chosen from far lands as these gods play their little games. Many champions come from brilliant lives and can shine ever brighter as a champion of a god. Yet, there are those that simply never knew much good in life and struggle with their own demons. Chris Seff would be the latter. This is the story of how entropy changed everything.