Three weeks after Vali's arrival in Midgard-

The pack of wolves ran as fast as their legs could take them. It was late in the evening and all sorts of nocturnal creatures were waking up in order to look for their next meal. The wolves were doing the same, or at least they should have been. But what they never saw coming was the death of the young alpha, especially by a human child. Chasing after the pack of wolves was a 12-13 year old child with messy black hair, wearing a determined grin on his face. This child was Vali.

"Where do you think you're going?" calling out to the pack of wolves I increased my speed. If I was able to kill these wolves, I'm sure I could get a few more level ups for the day. It's too bad that the wolf meat doesn't taste good at all. Thankfully I'm an alright cook, so I am able to make a decent meal out of the meat. You do have to tenderize the meat quite thoroughly though. If you decide not to do that then it's like eating hardtack as wolves have a lot of muscles and are very lean in general. That's what I should be saying, but thanks to my cooking skill, everything I make is quite tasty. For normal people wolf meat is definitely a terrible ingredient, but for someone well trained, it's as if the meat is no longer even wolf meat. All kinds of flavors are brought out in the food and it becomes irresistible as the food practically melts in your mouth. I'm quite proud of my skill, but I'm sure someone out there is far better than me.

Anyway, after eating a few wolf hearts, I had gotten all of the skills they have, which isn't saying much. They don't have that many or even helpful skills, but I guess they are ok to have. There are a lot of different animals in this forest, but most of them don't even have abilities or ones worth taking. For the most part they are just normal animals. Another reason why I was hunting the wolves was in order to level up the skills I already have.

In order to reach the next skill tier, one has to level up the tier they are currently at four times to reach the next skill tier. This requires tons of experience that is only acquired through the use of a skill, spell, etc. Exp from hunting, unlike one's level, does nothing to add exp to skills, which greatly hurts skill growth. All of the skill levels from weakest to strongest are primitive, novice, apprentice, journeyman, master, demi-god and lastly Ascendant. Likewise the values needed to level up are 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, and finally 20,000. As I said before you need to level up four times in each column in order to reach the next skill tier.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of work. In fact, the only reason why I'm so far in with my skills is because of the bonus from the Yggdrasil's Guidance buff, as it gives me a 100% increase to all exp gains, which include skills.

When I told mom and Hyldra that I had several ascendant abilities, they nearly fainted. It was incredibly rare if not impossible for humans to have any skill at the ascendant level, due to their life spans, and having several would be even more difficult, and forget about having them at birth. It took very many years to cultivate skills and most often the entire lives of people to even reach the master tier.

When we told Loki, even he was surprised. He started ranting about how he doubts even the other Champions have skills up at that level and how he always chooses right. He then said, "See Hyldra, I told you it was a good idea to resurrect him here. All of the other champions would probably try to kill him if they knew of a monster like our little Vali here." He then started giggling to himself like a schoolgirl. If I could have seen his face through that magical scroll, I bet he would be smiling ear to ear.

He also made it known that to be born with such abilities is something only powerful beings such as gods have. To further prove this, he drew my attention to the skills themselves. They had no roman numerals next to them, meaning in order for them to get stronger, something called a skill evolution would have to take place, as where they currently are is their max. This makes my parents' background even more shady. With that, Loki told me nothing more than this though, saying something along the lines of "With a skill like devour, I'm sure you'll find out one day. Maybe skill evolution is done through a combination of spells? That would only make sense right? Or maybe if your understanding increases you can use it differently? Who knows, I guess we'll find out one day.

Anyway, when my body was aged at about three years, Elyris finally let me outside of the house. It only took two days, but still it was very hard to convince her. She was terrified that I may get hurt. I told her that I would not leave the house or the area surrounding it until my body aged more. She must feel this way after what happened to her daughter… She eventually relented and allowed me out as long as she was watching me. With the time I had, I repeated activities in search of skills. To any onlookers, I must have looked to be quite the weirdo.

So far I had managed to unlock hand-to-hand combat, which could prove useful later down the road. I have already been using it in my hunts. I'm sure that it will be more effective on people than animals, I just need to test it… Every day, since I've been allowed outside, I have been honing my skills. I have also been practicing my already beastly cooking skills as I am the official cook at home. Really, for a young child like me to be the cook? Strange world huh? Not that I mind too much. After all this only helps me, still though, it's not like mom's food is bad, maybe my stuff is just that good. Maybe, I could open up a restaurant one day? Hmm, who knows, I didn't want to run the old ladies shop for a reason… I'd rather be a cook, not a businessman.

Each new day has had its ups and downs, but one of the worst things I've had to endure is my mother's sometimes distant gaze. What she has gone through is, to say the least, horrific. Each morning, afternoon, and night I have tended to my mother's burn.

When I first started going outside, she would wear bandages around her face in order to cover the wound. Sometimes she caught me staring out of concern and would cover the side of her face with her hair. Just seeing it tormented me. Such a nice and caring woman... She should never have experienced something like that. I have been doing all I can for her though, and it's been going well. I think. Her skin looks much healthier and it's started to grow back a bit. I have also been using the method that Hyldra showed me to keep the wound as clean and botherless as possible.

Due to this, I unlocked a passive skill called First Aid. Basically it allows you to apply some healing without using magic, but it takes much longer to do. However even with all of that work, she will definitely keep that massive scar. I can't help but feel a little responsible for it…

Currently, through hunting and what not, I had already managed to reach level 98. That was way higher than I could have hoped to reach, especially in such a short amount of time. I still had a few days to farm for exp. However, I have noticed that the animals around here have been giving significantly less exp recently. The wolves I had been chasing for some time suddenly ran into a nearby cave I had never been to yet. Following them, I prepared myself for a fight.

Currently, I have no weapon. I was only using my raw strength and skills to get me through my fights. At first, it was rather difficult, fighting without a weapon and all, but I got used to it and began developing my hand-to-hand combat. I do wish that I had some kind of combat magic but that's for another time I suppose.

The cave was dark and damp, and quite large. The opening alone was probably some 20 feet in height. The familiar smell of ancient rock was in the air with another, less pleasant smell. Blood. The wolves had totally disappeared. Slightly on edge, I headed further into the cave. *YELPING* Pausing I listened. The wolves began to raise hell farther in the cave. "Are they being attacked?" Walking at a slower pace, I walked to a corner that opened up to a new chamber. Slowly looking around the corner, I looked for the pack of wolves. Freezing, I looked on in surprise.

The entire wolf pack had been slaughtered, and standing over their corpses, eating one of the wolves, was the largest bear I have ever seen. It was totally black with blood smeared all over its face. It was at least 9 ft tall while on all fours, and had paws two times larger than my head at least. Focusing on the bear a bit more intently, it's level and HP popped up. What the name said was "Ursus, Lord of the Forest LV: 247?'' In yellow with a crown next to it. I hadn't seen a creature like this yet, plus it has a title meaning it's probably very strong. Levels are a very interesting thing here. The system designates them as such.

Level information

Green- Not too much higher level than you if at all. Should be an easy fight.

Yellow- About 100 levels higher than yourself. Maybe a little caution wouldn't hurt fine.

Orange- means it's about 200 levels higher than you. Great caution is advised

Blood Red- Normal blood red means that the enemy is 350 or more levels higher than you. If three ? are present, then this number is undeterminable. Meaning the creature is not tied to the worlds laws or they are simply far higher in level then you. It is highly advised to run while you still can.

If a boss is tied to the world, it will always reveal its level, regardless of what the creature's true nature is. ?Boss/? ゚ムムElder boss(Experienced variant of a normal boss monster generally much more powerful and smarter)

Deciding that this is most likely too dangerous for me to handle without the backup of Hyldra, (who was usually with me, but was currently reporting to Loki at the moment on my progress) I began to try and edge out of the cave. Of course, a piece of rock I was gripping snapped and fell to the ground.

Snapping it's head up from it's meal, Ursus, began to sniff the air. After a moment it began to walk over to where I was. Damn! Of course a cliché like that had to happen! Well, I suppose that I was going to run into this beast sooner or later. Backing up to create some distance between myself and such a monster, I prepared myself.

Ok, so this is exactly the reason why I wish I had a weapon. I have a few skills that can help me fight but that's it. Compared to a beast such as this, I'm not sure how my stats match up. But I'm willing to bet he has much more physical strength than me. Around the corner he came sniffing the entire way. Looking my way he stared for a moment as if sizing me up. Maybe he'll think I'm not worth the effort and leave me alone? As if he heard my thoughts, Ursus stood up on his hind legs reaching a horrifying height of about 17 feet. *ROOOOAR*

Letting out a roar that shook the entire cave, he dropped back to all fours and charged. "Of course." Using one of my skills called "leap", I jumped with all my might to avoid the massive bear. Landing behind him, I used another skill I acquired simply called "claw" by swiping my hand rapidly, not unlike a cat batting at a toy, I managed to cut the bear several times. Slowing his rush forward the bear twirled around and leaped at me. Astonished by his quick reflexes, I was unable to move fast enough before receiving a strike from one of his massive paws. Instantly pain erupted in my abdomen as he smacked me. Flying through the air I braced for impact.

*BANG* Hitting the wall, the air was knocked out of my lungs. With full intent of finishing me off, Ursus rushed at me. Quickly, I used Yggdrasils blessing to patch up my wound a bit. As he rushed me, I rolled out of the way at the last possible moment causing the massive monster to ram head first into the wall. From the vibration a relatively small stalactite fell from the ceiling along with others and landed before me. While the bear was in his tipsy, I grabbed the stalactite and ran at the beast. Attacking him as much as possible I stabbed him in the shoulder with my new improvised sword.

Unable to pull out the stalactite from his flesh, I began ripping at him with "claw". I landed tons of hits on him and managed to inflict the bleed debuff on him. Finally, Ursus snapped out of his daze and swiped at me. Jumping away at the last second I avoided most of the attack. "Agh!" A few of his claws managed to snag my left arm as I leaped backwards. *Warning debuff "Bleed" has been applied. You will lose 200 Hp every 10 sec for 5 mins. Remain still for the effect to fade at a faster rate* A warning popped up on my screen. "Well, that seems fitting. We both have the same debuff huh?" Ursus stared at me intently. Hate was evident in his eyes. He hated me for interrupting his meal and wounding him. With a title like "Lord of the Forest" he was probably not used to having difficulty in battle. He must be taking me seriously now. We sat there for a moment, sizing each other up, waiting to see who would make the first move.

Not wanting to see what he would do if I gave him the chance, I moved into action. He too began to move, wanting me dead as fast as possible. Grabbing some dirt from the soft cave floor, I threw it into his eyes. *RAAARGH* In pain from the low attack, he raised up on his hind legs and stumbled backward. Taking the chance I activated "claw" and dragged my nails down his belly as he dropped back to the ground on all fours and slid underneath him. Expecting me to be underneath of him, Ursus landed on the ground as if he was belly flopping, fully intent on crashing me beneath his incredible weight.

A massive shock wave propelled me far away. I was again thrown into a wall. Coughing up a bit of blood while on the ground I realized I received a message. *Attention! You have been struck by Unrelenting Smash! Stunned for 5 sec before movement is allowed again.* Trying to force myself to move I saw the bear rushing me. Out of options I activated a skill I hadn't touched yet. "Demonic Awakening" was a skill that I had never used before. Just by its name alone I have hesitated using it. But it's effects are incredible. Using the skill, upon activation I felt different. All fear of the beast in front of me was gone. I felt invigorated, even my natural healing ability had kicked in, far more effective than ever before. With the activation however I felt my MP lowering instantly however, as it grants a ton of power but costs a lot of mana to keep active.

My teeth became sharper, my nails longer and my eyes became almost hazy. Everything shaded in a very dark color but Ursus. Ursus himself was a blood red color. Upon activation of "Demonic Awakening" Ursus seemed different. He was terrified. I then noticed a strange aura surrounding me. It was pitch black, and although it was not very dense it was quite noticeable, appearing like shadows were flowing off of me. Ursus seemed as if he was far more cautious now, but by no means was he retreating, even if he wanted to.

Again, we charged at each other. Reaching out with his paws, Ursus activated his skill once more Bracing for impact, I held my arms out in front of me in a defensive posture. I took the brunt of the attack. His claws scratched at my arms, and the force was painful, but I was not backing down. As he continued to put pressure on me, I used my new strength and activated "leap". Doing this, I was able to shove Ursus off of me, causing him to stumble and fall backward, painfully landing on the ground. Rolling over slowly onto his belly, Ursus, was dazed, if only momentarily. Not wanting to let such an opportunity pass me up, I activated "leap" yet again, and jumped onto the monsters back. Bucking wildly like a horse, Ursus tried his best to get me off of him. "Yeah, not happening bud!" Using my left hand to grab a hold of his fur, I steadied myself on his back. I used my right hand to yank out the fallen stalactite that was shoved into the bear's shoulder.

Using all the force I could muster I shoved the makeshift weapon into the neck of Ursus. "HYAAH!" *ROOAR!" The stalactite cleanly went into the beasts neck, however it failed to kill him. Withdrawing the weapon I stabbed and stabbed at the monster's neck. *GROOW* *ROOOOAR* I could feel my weapon cutting through flesh and crushing bones. *Gargle* After about the 11th stab, Ursus stopped moving. Stumbling around a bit the beast finally gave in and fell. Dead.

Amazed that I won, I flipped over the beast so that his belly was facing up. Cutting into him with my trusty stalactite, I claimed my prize. His heart. Although quite gross, I have the ability to consume and gain skills from the hearts of beings that I have killed. It was hard to get used to at first, but… now it's just a way of life I suppose. I sat there for a bit, ending my "Demonic Awakening" skill, I tried my best to recuperate from the fight that just concluded, and ate the heart I had earned. *Multiple Lvl ups, skill evolution, skills earned, new title!* A lot of information popped up. Intrigued and too drained to get up just yet, I decided to check it out.

Status: Attention your status updates constantly and may change over time! (Help, for more info)

Name: Vali

Lvl: 135

Experience points: 0/100

Race: Half-Human

+15 Dark, Spiritual RES, +15 dark, Spiritual APP

Age: ?

Health (Hp): 16,200 (Start 100)

+20 upon Lvl up

Regen- 350 Hp per min

-How much damage you can take before death.

Mana(MP): 20,250 (Start 100)

+50 upon Lvl up

Regen- 300 MP per min

Intelligence (INT): 11,775 (Start 65)

+65 upon Lvl up

-Your ability to learn.

Stamina(SM): 17,550 (Start 100)

+30 upon Lvl up

Regen- 200 SM per min

Your ability to act before getting tired.

Strength(ST)and Agility(AG): 9,750 (Start 50)

+50 upon Lvl up

-How strong you are and your ability to react.

Aptitudes(AP)/Resistances(RES): Gained 15% to all at Lvl 15 (Start 5)

-Dark: 35%

-Light: 20%

-Water: 20%

-Shock: 20%

-Fire: 20%

-Ice: 20%

-Earth: 20%

-Nature: 30%

-Spiritual: 35%

Luck(LK): 70/100

+0 upon Lvl up

-Likelihood of positive things happening to you.

Class: None

Weapon: Stalactite (Primitive) +50 Attack

Armor/gear: Basic Clothing, no benefits

Racial abilities/Buffs:


-Yggdrasils guidance- Exp inc 100% and extended life by 50 years

-Loki's blessings: Access to spatial magic

-Demonic Awakening (Ascendant IV)- A skill used to awaken the user's demonic lineage. Grants 200% increase to speed and strength as well as 150% increase in hp, as well as additional hp regen, 150 hp per min. Costs 500 MP per minute. Immunity to fear and produces an aura that makes anyone within 200 levels of you fear for their life.

-Spatial magic (Ascendant IV)- Loki's very own magic. Users can teleport items or themselves at will. Can also be used with multiple people or items. If talented enough the user may be able to levitate items and manipulate them directly, instead of the space surrounding the item. Per teleport costs 10 MP, +10 MP for every additional item or person.

-Claws of the beast- Claws gained from a strong beast. After Consuming the heart of Ursus you have gained his powerful claws and draw them from your finger tips at will. Melee Attacks plus 100 damage. Stacks with Melee skills and martial arts.


-Yggdrasil's influence: Grow rapidly to your previous age. Upon Lvl up gain +100 to all stats but, SP, ST, and INT. SP, ST and INT growth ends at Lvl 30. Effect lasts for 30 days.

Once achieved this buff expires


1 Developing



-Champion of Loki: spatial magic

-Hunter: 15% extra damage against normal wildlife

-Lord of the forest: All creatures in the forest respect and fear you. If ordered they may help you. Gained Unrelenting Smash skill 20% more damage to any forest life and +10 nature RES and APT.

Inventory: 200

Mother: Elyris

Father: None

Spouse: None

Family/Friends/Acquaintances: 3

Enemies: 1 (House of Rulic)

Spells: Crits= 50% increase in damage

-Yggrasil's Miracle (Ascendant IV): A spell formed from Yggdrasill and Vali's blood. Can be used twice every 2 weeks and can fully heal 2 people on the brink of death and cure any ailment/diseases. Each heal requires 10,000 mp and 5000 HP.

-Yggdrasil's Gamble (Ascendant IV): If both heals are used at once it could possibly revive one person. 50% chance.

-Yggdrasil's Blessing (Journeyman IV) 244/2000- Can be used as long as the user has mana. Is able to cure diseases and heal wounds as long as it is continuously applied until the process is complete. Heals 50 HP per sec costs 5 MP.

Skills: Crits= 50% increase in damage


-Devour (Ascendant IV): Consume the hearts or blood of your enemies in search of their strength. After consuming a heart, gain one skill or spell from the creature it belonged to with a small chance at receiving an extra skill or spell.

Cooking (Master I) 752/5000- You are amazing at cooking. Top chefs would love to learn your ways. Your food tastes amazing and adds a calming effect to those who eat it, allowing them to recover lost HP and Increase their will to continue. +150 HP every 2 mins, and +30 to ST and AG for 20 mins.

First aid (Journeyman IV) 120/2000 - You have learned how to effectively clean and patch up wounds without magic, and now your work has gained effects. +200 health minor repair of damaged tissue.


Leap (Apprentice IV) 90/1000- spring from the earth with a powerful jump to get away from or catch something. Costs -50 SM

Claws of might (Apprentice IV) 0/1000- Using the claws of a beast, slice at your opponent causing them -650 HP with a 15% chance of bleed lasting for 5 min where they -200 HP every 10 sec. Rapid attacks improve the chance of bleeding being applied. Costs -100 SM

Unrelenting Smash (Primitive I) 0/100- Using all your might smash a target with all your might Unleashing a massive shock wave. Deals -900 HP with a 65% chance of stunning the target. Costs -500 SM

Martial Arts: Crits= 50% increase in damage

Hand-to-hand combat (Apprentice III) 47/1000- Due to constant fighting against wildlife and training you have made your own fighting style. Move to inflict damage and block attacks.

That fight was more than worth the effort. Not only did I go up 37 levels but I got new skills, a new title and a new racial ability. Huh, claws that I can use at will that don't cost stamina or magic. That could be very useful. Plus, one of my skills evolved somehow. Maybe it's due to the combination of skills that are similar like I thought? As I looked over my new stats I noticed something. "Hmm, what's this? A condition developing? That's weird, must be a glitch or whatever. I feel totally fine aside from my wounds from the fight." Wincing a bit, I used "Yggdrasil's blessing" to heal myself. The level of the spell has raised so much since I first started practicing with it. I may be able to completely heal my mother soon.

Finally, I stood up. Looking at the corpse of the previous "Lord of the Forest", I got an idea. "Well, we can't just let this guy go to waste now can we." Smiling to myself, I got the idea of making dinner out of the bear. It would last us for quite sometime and would allow me to raise my cooking skill. Plus I could ask Elyris to make clothes or possibly even some armor for me out of his thick bear pelt. After resting a bit longer, I reactivated "Demonic Awakening" and began my long walk back to the Cabin, with the corpse of Ursus dragging behind me.

Some time later-

Walking home carrying the massive corpse of a bear was, to say the least… troublesome. For the duration of the walk, I had to use "Demonic Awakening" or else there was no way I would be able to bring the body of Ursus home with me. Even with my ridiculous stats, my body was still quite small compared to my 17 year old self. The entire time I was getting additional stats *+1 ST, AG, and SM*, as everything in this world has a direct impact on your life in one way or another. Through a little research into the menus, I found something quite interesting.

Currently all of the additional stats that I should have from actions such as the current ones I am performing now, have been being stored and not yet applied. At first this worried and upset me. But like I said, I looked around and found out why this was happening. According to the help menu, if all of my stats were applied to my current body, and I quote "Your body would tear itself apart due to the rapid growth being forced upon it and uncontrollable power. Please wait for your original age in order to receive your stats. Thank you for your patience." When I told my mom that she was both delighted and horrified at my growth. It seems she wanted me to stay a baby for a while, but she understands why this is happening.

When Hyldra explained that I was the Champion of Loki she wasn't completely surprised. She knew something was going on when not only I appeared to have intelligence and an unnatural growth rate, but especially when Hyldra, who is a Valkyrie showed up. She was also told about me being reincarnated. Someday I'll have to bring it up with her but… not now… I just can't. I want to be her son, and I'm afraid that she will abandon me after knowing my past. Although, she has not abandoned me yet, even after finding out I'm from another world.

She then told us that there were no such things as champions on this continent. The champions were legend to these lands, as they were exclusively found within the holy continent Verah, although, in times of need, they are said to appear in other places. Verah is the largest and most diverse continent. All of the Gods' Champions have been resurrected there, well, almost all of them.

Until I showed up, all champions have been resurrected there, and have been well known for changing the entire place. It is supposedly a very calm place, even though there are constant battles among the champions, and the fact that there are many dungeons and powerful monsters would say otherwise. Surrounding the main continent are six sub continents. Currently, I live on Tuhl, the Alpine Continent. Like its name suggests, there are lots of mountains and forests. In fact, after my many hunts I have located a decently sized mountain nearby, however, both I and Hyldra have steered clear of it. It has an extremely ominous aura about it that can be felt from miles away. We have decided that after Hyldra got back tonight we would check it out tomorrow. If something was corrupting the area we needed to find out, "It could cause problems for the whole continent..." claimed Hyldra.

The other Five continents by name are as follows. Grin, the Grassland/Swamp Continent of the Pixies. Fridgis, the Arctic Continent of the extinct Ancients. Sylbr, the Mountain/Desert Continent of the dwarves. Amazonia, the Rainforest Continent of the Elves, and lastly, Illsa, the Islands of the Demons. That last one caught my eye, as my race is in fact half-human and I have a demon skill, but that's something for another time.

As you can probably guess, each of these continents have a unique environment that spans the entire continent. The one continent that ignores this is Verah, the Holy Continent. It is a mixture of all six, and in the center it has an enormous Redwood forest, surrounding from what my mother knows, as the Abyss of the Gods. Sadly, Elyris doesn't know anymore about this abyss besides its name, and neither Loki or Hyldra would answer my questions about it. Many people would leap at the chance to step foot in the Holy continent, however, only the "worthy" are permitted or else there is a high chance of death due to the strong monsters that live on it. That's also not even mentioning that it's seen as a holy land by many of the worshippers of gods.

Also, according to my mother, Tuhl used to be the continent of demi-humans. The entire continent was well known for the plentiful and peaceful demihumans that lived all around it. The former Emperor of Tuhl, a human named Emperor Veron, was a very powerful yet kind man and had made peace treaties with many of the other races. Peace reigned across Tuhl. That is until one fateful night. A ball was being held in the royal capital. Humans and Demi-humans socialized throughout the night. Until Emperor Veron suddenly fell ill. Emperor Carn of Verah Stood and went to Vernon as if he was going to help the sick man. There in front of hundreds of guests, Carn fatally stabbed Veron.

This was over a hundred years ago, and ever since, Tuhl has been plundered, enslaved and resettled as a human domain. Although plenty of other things are said to have occurred that led to this. Such as disappearances. Upon learning such things I was disgusted with myself for being human… or at least half-human. I have known of these kinds of things from my own world, but it really hits home to see this kind of stuff first hand. Ever since the day I met my mother I have wanted revenge. Not only could the house of Rulic have killed me, but they were the bastards who had harmed my mother. I would never forgive them for what they have done, especially after learning what has happened to this entire continent. Upon telling my mother of my feelings, she told me one thing. "Whatever you do, don't discriminate Vali. I'm sure not all humans are evil. Don't lump them all into a basket. After all, even if you're only a half-human, you're not evil."

As I continued to the Cabin, I continued getting notifications on stat increases until a new one popped up.

*Skills unlocked. Age requirement reached for passive racial abilities to be shown.*

-Universal Language- speak and understand any language naturally.

-Magic Domination- Control magic in its raw form and direct it however you desire.

Looking at this new message I was slightly confused. I figured I had some kind of ability that lets me communicate with people in this land, as I was able to chat with my mother easily. Although she said that she can speak the human language, she heard me speak in her native tongue. Apparently, Loki gave me the unique ability to both speak and understand any language possible. I have no clue as to how this works, as I just speak naturally and listen. From what it seems like, my words are transformed into the language that others understand most, and their words are then transformed to English for me. Truly a mind boggling ability, but a well appreciated one at that. I just don't understand why it was hidden as it's not dangerous. However, the other was a mystery to me. "Magic domination huh. The way it talks about it makes it sound potentially dangerous if misused or loss of control. I wonder what it's capabilities are…" I know that there are different types of magic, so the phrase "domination" is quite intriguing. Like I said, it could be very dangerous. I'll have to try it in a controlled environment, just in case something were to go wrong. It seems to be another racial ability as well. The first time I told Hyldra about my "Devour" and "Demonic awakening", she immediately jumped up in a hurry and left to tell Loki.

*Drip-drop-shhhhhh* Suddenly, without warning, it began to rain furiously. The size of the rain droplets were massive, about half the size of a golf ball. Getting hit by the rain was like being shot by a paintball gun. Not wanting to be out in the rain any longer than I had to, I began pushing forward using more energy. The rain was coming down in such heavy sheets that it was impossible to see through the wall of mist. While continuing to push myself across the forest floor and dragging the massive Ursus behind me, I realized that I was in fact, lost. Taking cover underneath a tree I looked around to see if I could find where I needed to go.

After a few minutes I was about to give up. That is until I saw something. A light. Or that's what it seemed to be. It was a glowing light. Almost pulsating as it flew closer and closer to me leaving a glowing trail behind it. I sat there in awe not knowing how to react. I have never seen anything like this before, not even in the game. As it got closer, it began to circle me. I could feel the warmth from it as it seemed to observe me. Suddenly it began to float to the right of where I was walking. Before it got too far away, it stopped and began to softly pulsate.

*Follow…* That phrase echoed around me. It was not said out loud and there was no actual voice that was uttered. It was as if this light somehow sent a simple thought directly to my mind. It was hard to distinguish it from my own thoughts and I barely even noticed it.

*Rare quest received, Follow the light!*

Intrigued as to what this thing was, I grabbed Ursus again and followed after the light. Bobbing up and down slowly, the light began to move forward. Occasionally, it would stop and wait if it got too far ahead of me. *Crackle-BOOM* The rain was still coming down in sheets, and now there was the sound of thunder overhead, accompanied with a flash of lightning. *BOOM* I have no clue where this thing is taking me, but it's gotta be better than this weather. Slowly, I followed the light into the dark rainy night.

Elyris POV:

"C'mon Vali, where are you? It's late. *BOOM* AHH!" Standing on the front porch I waited for my son. This storm came out of nowhere and my baby boy was out there alone in all of it. The thunder constantly scares me and stirs me from my thoughts. Pacing around on the porch I asked Hyldra questions, "Where could he be! He said he would be home earlier tonight. Now this storm... Oh, I hope he doesn't get sick! I knew I shouldn't have let him go out there without you Hyldra!" Panicking I turned to the Valkyrie, "Wh-what if something happened to him! What if he was attacked by monsters and got hurt?! Hyldra please let's go after him!"

Looking up at me the Valkyrie slowly said, "Elyris, please calm down. Despite how it looks, Vali is not late I can assure you. I'm sure that he is fine… I hope..."

"What was that?"

"N-nothing!" Even though her face was akin to stone when it came to expressions, her eyes told a different story. She too was worried. I could feel that she was barely restraining herself from changing into her small silver hummingbird form, and flying off to find Vali. At first, I thought that Hyldra was a very strange girl. She does not show emotion very often and is incredibly dedicated to her job. That last part I can understand somewhat, as she is serving a god after all. However, I have noticed that Hyldra and Vali have been becoming great friends as of late. They have been spending a lot of time together as Vali is usually exploring and hunting. She follows him and usually sits on his shoulder ready to attack if need be. However, today was different. Hyldra had to leave in order to report to Loki. I wasn't going to let Vali leave the house today as he would have no support if something were to happen, but after a while of him saying that he would lose valuable time to lvl up and get stronger, he managed to convince me that he would be alright. I know that he comes from another world but right now he is my boy, and he needs to get home now!

Sitting down resting my head on the table, I began to brood again. After being rescued, I awoke in a strange house that I had never seen before. Looking around I saw that the once newborn baby Vali was now like a small toddler. Astonished at his unnatural growth, I left the room quietly, so as to not disturb his sleeping form, and explored the house. I soon found and thanked Hyldra for saving my son and I. She told me not to worry and addressed my wound. Quickly, I covered my face with my hair. "I'm… sorry. That was rude of me." She apologized as if she was slightly confused. For quite a while she explained things to me. She was a Valkyrie serving under the God Loki. She was sent to look after Vali, who just reincarnated and was now Loki's first and only Champion. Apparently, it was Loki's plan to have me find and take care of Vali. I asked Hyldra about my son's past, but she wouldn't answer saying, "That is for him and him alone to say… It is not my place to give that personal information." Respecting this answer and not wanting to know something I have no right to, I questioned no further.

Continuing to talk, Hyldra explained a few things here and there. But after that, we simply talked. Well, we talked as much as we could. Hyldra was very short with her answers and generally quite awkward. It's not that she was rude or anything she just... hmm… doesn't get out much? Anyway, we talked for a bit and eventually, I explained my past to her. Who I am and how I got captured as well as what happened to... my daughter. Heading back to my new room, I woke up Vali. Picking him up we headed back to Hyldra and continued talking again. Looking at my neck she said to me, "Miss Elyris, would you like me to remove that collar around your neck. It looks quite uncomfortable, not to mention it's cutting off your magic power."

"Yes, please. I would never never put this on myself. Please, if you could remove it, I would be grateful." Nodding, Hyldra lifted her staff, and with a quick motion, split the collar perfectly. Instantly I could feel my mana flowing into me. So much mana so fast was intoxicating. Like relaxing in a hot spring after being out in cold weather all day, and being allowed to rest. I felt my tail split into two, and then into four. After so many years my power has been released. I was now even stronger than I was as a Sylarashi priestess. I was born with two tails and now I have four, symbolizing my magical strength. Vali's eyes went wide at the sight of my multiple tails. Bringing them forward, Vali grabbed them and proceeded to snuggle into the soft fur of my tails. Heh, I guess he has never seen someone with tails where he's from. After sharing a quick chuckle with Hyldra over Vali's action, I thanked her again and went to take care of my new son.

Snapping out of my trance, I asked my son who was nowhere to be seen "Vali, where are you?" Standing, I began pacing again. Occasionally looking out into the storm, for my dear son.

Vali POV:

Continuing to follow the strange light I began to recognize some of my surroundings. "That's more like it. Seems like this thing isn't leading me to my death after all." The Pulsating orb continued to bob up and down as it continued to slowly lead the way. At this point I had been walking for what seemed like ages. In actuality it was more like thirty minutes. My muscles were screaming at me to stop and take a break but I would never do that. Following this orb was how I was getting home tonight, and there I could rest. This walking right now was just another form of training at the moment.

Other than my muscles, I was getting a massive migraine and even got a bloody nose. I guessed that this was due to me using so much mana recently such as my fight with Ursus and now me using "Demonic awakening" for so long. Suddenly, the glowing orb of light stopped moving forward, and came back towards me. *Done...* The orb then popped like a bubble and a strange glowing object almost like a small malleable stone fell to the ground. Intrigued by the strange development, I bent down and slowly picked up the strange item. Opening my menu I scanned the object. *Will-O'-Wisp remnants* Remnants huh. Does that mean this thing was alive. Should I eat it? Thinking to myself I debated whether I should give it a try. After a few moments I popped the remnants into my mouth and chewed.

*Rare quest complete, Devour skill activated, Skills have been unlocked, new title obtained*

-Will-O'-Wisp (0/100)- Create a sentient being of light either from the soul of a being or using more energy to create it. It can lead you, heal you and even attack. Lasts 10 mins. Costs 100 MP with a soul or 300 MP without a soul. Can auto refresh the wisp if desired. Only 2 wisps allowed and only one can be refreshed.

-Spark (Primitive I) 0/100- Create a small yet hot flame. 25 MP

Title gained:

-Beloved of the Spirits: Gain +15% RES and APT for spiritual abilities.

Sweet! New skills! Well I guess eating random things can pay off after all. After reading the skills I celebrated by doing a small jig. I had gotten quite the few skills today, and better yet these ones were spells based off of their names alone. "I'll have to train these with mom sometime. She is amazing with magic after all." Looking up, I again realized the situation that I was in. "Wait, that thing said "done" right? Does that mean it brought me home? Hmm...I do recognize this area."

Taking a few steps forward I entered a clearing, and sure enough there was my Cabin, glowing in the rain with its strange magic lights. On the porch was mom and Hyldra who noticed me right away. Not wanting to keep them any longer I deactivated "Demonic awakening" and ran towards them. Upon reaching the porch, mom embraced me right away and peppered me with questions. "Are you ok? Why are you late? Is that blood? *sniff* What's that smell?" With the torrent of questions I had my hands full trying to answer her.

"Mom, calm down I'm fine. And I'm not late, I'm... just cutting it a bit close. I got into a big fight. Oh! Wait here a moment!" Peeling away from my mother's embrace, I ran back to where I had just come from, I grabbed the body of Ursus and with all my might dragged it back to the house. Shouting out to the pair on the porch I said, "Look at what I took down today! This bad boy sure was powerful. He even gave me a new title!" Astonished at the kill, my mother and Hyldra looked on in amazement. In a later conversation I would find out that Ursus was a very well known beast that would attack nearby villages and leave them in ruin. The attacks were so brutal that even Elyris heard about them at the Estate.

Looking at me with large eyes in a bewildered state, mom asked, "How did… how did you manage to kill Ursus?! He was incredibly strong after all. Where did you even find him?"

"Yeah, he was very strong. By far the strongest thing that I've fought yet. I was chasing a pack of wolves. They retreated into a nearby cave after I killed what I presumed to be the alpha of the pack. They ran into Ursus and were decimated by him." Going into detail, I explained the events that happened not too long ago. "As I entered the cave, and followed after the wolves. I heard them whimpering and what not. I decided to check out what happened and saw Ursus. Of course things happened here and there causing him and I to fight. Of course after trying some abilities out I managed to strike a fatal blow… or a few." After glancing back I saw some of the wounds I had inflicted, and there were definitely more than a few fatal blows to the neck of Ursus. I had stabbed him with a stalactite quite a bit after all. Still, unless you were extremely low level or facing a very powerful foe, a fatal blow in my old world could, in some cases, be merely a scratch in this world.

"Ahem, yes, I... can see that, but… why did you drag him back here with you Vali? That had to have been difficult, considering your size." Chiming in was Hyldra. Asking quite the important question.

Adding to the query was my mother, "Ah, yes I too would like to know why you brought him along? Especially in such horrid conditions." added my mother as she glanced out into the rain.

"Well…" After a few minutes I explained to my mother. I told her I wanted to see if she could perhaps make clothes or even a set of armor out of the beasts' remains. Apparently, my mother was quite skilled at making clothes as she did "help" make clothing and occasionally repair armor at the Estate. Agreeing enthusiastically, Elyris asked what the dimensions of the armor should be. "Well, I'm not particularly sure about all of the measurements. I know that I will grow to be at least 6' tall, so I guess give it a couple of inches just in case." Telling her what I know, she shook her head enthusiastically. I guess she has really been wanting to help make me something that could help me while I'm fighting.

"Alright! You still have a few days until you reach your original age right? I'll start working on it immediately. Oh! Hyldra, can I ask you to get me a few items please?" Her eyes gleaming, my mother turned to Hyldra and whispered into her ear. After a few nods here and there Hyldra agreed. "Vali, can you bring Ursus around back and cover the body with a tarp?" Listening to my mother I did just as she said. Something that I have not mentioned yet, was that behind the cabin was a workshop. I had used it a bit to learn how to make basic items. It also had a kitchen section where I would often cook large meals. The cabin is quite strange in that it looks relatively small, but it feels much larger on the inside.

After dragging the corpse to the shop, I began to carve up the body. I said I was going to make dinner out with this guy, so that's what I'm gonna do. After taking a look at the meat that I had, I decided to make something that should be rather simple. Grabbing some of the items that I had Hyldra bring me, I began to make dinner. My mom, who was currently on the other side of the shop, was also starting her new task. After cleaning the meat off and lighting the stove, I grabbed a large pot and pan. Laying out a cutting board, I began to cut the meat into smaller, chewable pieces. I was going to make a stew out of this beast. Now, I had never made a stew like this so before, especially from something like a bear. But, after coming to this world I have found out that alcohol is incredibly common as a drink. According to my mother, children are usually able to start drinking at the age of 16. Shocked by this, as the age from my world was quite a bit higher, I asked why. The reason that I had received was that at the age of 16 a person's magic is generally strong enough to negate the negative effects alcohol has on the body, well aside from hangovers.

So, as an experiment and celebration of my large kill, I decided to make an Irish dish. Taking the now smaller pieces of meat, I mixed some flour, pepper and salt together and coated the meat with it while shaking off the excess. Using the pan I had gotten, I tossed the meat in and cooked it the point where the outside was browned nicely. Taking the pot that was very reminiscent of a Dutch oven, I added some venison stock, along with some red wine and tomato paste. After mixing the ingredients together, I began to then add some seasonings, bay leaves, rosemary, garlic and the browned stew meat. For the first time I used my new "Spark" spell to help heat the meat faster and let it simmer. The entire time I was doing this Hyldra was watching over my shoulder practically drooling everywhere.

The first time I cooked she didn't expect anything, but, then both my mom and her were entranced by the smells and could not stop watching the food cook. Looking up from the food I glanced over at Elyris who was working on making me armor and new clothes. Sure enough she too was drooling while looking at the food that was cooking. After a few seconds she noticed I was watching her. Her face lit up red and her head snapped back to the work that she had at hand.

Taking the lid, I covered the Dutch oven in order to let it simmer for some time. Turning around to the still drooling Hyldra, I waved my hand in front of her face to get her attention. Honestly, she was like a dog who was hypnotized by the food of her owners. Shaking herself from her trance, Hyldra wiped the drool from her face with a blush covering her features. "Y-yes Vali! What is it."

"I would like to talk to you in private while the food is cooking. If that's alright with you?" Smirking, I crossed my arms. Seriously, when it comes to well cooked food, this mighty Valkyrie's composure disintegrates.

"Y-yes of course what is it that you would like to talk about?" Answering me, the Valkyrie shot back a question. Using my finger, I gestured to her, telling her to follow me. Using the door that connected to the cabin, we headed inside.

"Hyldra, do you have a way to contact Loki? I would like to ask that clown some questions. He hasn't even visited me yet. Me, his only champion that he nearly got killed on his first day being here."

"Like I said, that situation was out of our control. There was no way we could have predicted something like that would happen." Defending herself, Hyldra held up her previous claim.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Still, you would think that he would come to visit me after a situation such as that." I was not necessarily angry that Loki hasn't come to visit me yet, but I was definitely a little bit annoyed. After all I had quite a few questions that I'm sure only he has the answers to. "Seriously though, do you have a way we can talk to him? You know, like that scroll we used before?" Seemingly calming down, Hldra gave me her answer.

"Yes, I do in fact." Pulling out a rather ornate mirror Hyldra explained. "This right here is a scrying mirror. They are quite a rare and delicate item so be careful with it. It acts like… almost like a cell phone from your world. You simply say the name of the person you want to watch or contact and they will appear in the mirror. All you need to know is what the person looks like and have a mental image of them as you say their names. Oh and of course hope they don't have something that blocks the mirror." Hmm, so it's kind of like a video call huh. Sounds easy enough. Taking the mirror from Hyldra I began to focus. Alright c'mon, this can't be that hard, after all Loki does have a dumb face no one could forget. Thinking myself ready, I said his name with a mental image, "Loki…" The scrying mirror suddenly shifted from reflecting my face to being as black as the darkest night. After a short pause, the mirror started to change color, and sure enough there was Loki and his big dumb smile.

"Howdy sport! I was wondering if you were ever going to contact me again." There was Loki, God of Mischief, cleaning off some strange yellow orb in the largest library that I have ever seen. "Knowing you, you have an endless amount of questions. Oh!" Quickly, Loki left the frame and returned a few seconds later. "There! I've got a pen and a fresh notebook. After I'm done I'll probably have an entire novel!" Only a few seconds of him talking and I was already getting a headache…He always goes on these long rants, and he never shuts up unless you interrupt him.

"Yes, how are you Loki? I do in fact have a few questions for you."

"So you do huh? Well spit it out already! What's wrong?" In a very sarcastic tone Loki answered. I know that Hyldra reports to him every other day. He most likely already knows what I'm going to ask. So, let's catch him off guard real quick.

"Well, for starters ahem, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!" Startled at my change in tone, both Hyldra and Loki snapped to attention. Also, I swear that I could hear my mother in the workshop call out to me.

"Vali, watch your mouth!"

Not wanting to lose my momentum and sudden audience I continued, "Loki, I know for a fact that Hyldra has told you of my first day here. Why have you not come here yet? I am your one and only Champion after all. What if I had died? Then, you would not have a champion plus my mother would have been killed because you decided to attend something that was not even important for you." Getting rather heated I continued. "Next, what do you know about me. After looking over my race and some of my abilities, there is something seriously wrong. I don't remember either of my parents being demons. So let me ask you this. Why am I a half-human? What did you do to me?!" Finishing my current thought process, I aggressively gestured to myself at the end. Loki stared at me for a moment. It looked like he was deep in thought.

"Well… you certainly are fired up huh? Well to start, I have been rather busy lately." Now staring directly at me Loki continued. "I'm sorry that I have not come to visit yet but, like I said I have been very busy. But, I have some good news. Tomorrow night I will come and visit you. After all, from what Hylrda there says, you guys have found quite an interesting discovery. So after you come back tomorrow I will be waiting here ready for a chat. Now as for why I have been so busy, is directly related to your second question." Grabbing a strange globe Loki pointed to a massive lump of islands. Realizing where Loki was going with this, I nearly gasped. No way, you have got to be fucking kidding me. "That's right I can see the surprise in your eyes. One of your parents, specifically your father is from this world. I don't know how he did it or how it happened, but your father was a demon that came from this world's very own Illsa. From what I can gather, your father was a very powerful demon. I don't know too much as info was very scarce but, he somehow managed to slip into your world, and in the process we believe he lost all of his power and was unable to return." With a smug smile on his face Loki continued. "In other words Chr- ah ahem sorry, Vali, I did absolutely nothing to you besides giving you my wonderful blessing and the essence of Yggdrasil. Haha, you've practically returned home! To think that the champion that I have chosen has such deep ties to this world already outside of a simple game haha!"

"But... how di- I don't understand. Why would he ever go to earth? It just makes no sense he even died because he was powerless."

"Sorry Vali. That's a question that I simply can't answer at the moment. But hey, maybe one day you can go to Illsa, and maybe discover your father's past for yourself."

"Yeah, yeah I suppose you're right about that. I'll do that if things are ever very slow and or I'm more than powerful enough to travel."

"Of course I'm right, I'm always right! Anyway, have you tried that spatial magic out yet? I'm telling you you are going to love it. By far one of the most helpful abilities anyone could ever receive. *Knock-Knock-Knock* AH! That's my cue. It seems that a goddess would like to have a chat with little ole me. Cheerio Vali, cya tomorrow!"

"Hey! Wait! Loki!" It was too late. By the time I started to say the words the mirror began to go back to normal. "Dammit… I wanted to talk to him a bit more. Oh well. He'll be here tomorrow, or so he says. Here you go Hyldra." Attempting to hand back the scrying mirror, I held it out to the Valkyrie."

"Keep it Vali. You never know when you may need an item such as that. Now, let's get back to the food!" Like a starving dog, Hyldra scuttled back to the workshop. I just shook my head at her antics and opened my massive inventory space. I placed the mirror inside and went about my way. The rest of the night after that was rather relaxing. Turns out my mother was an incredibly fast worker when it came to clothing. She had made quite a few sets of shirts and pants out of Ursus but many standard clothes out of materials that Hyldra had brought her. To my surprise my mother even had some talent in metallurgy and had requested some metals for my armor. However, this was easily the trickiest part of crafting, and she declared that it would take her a few days to finish not only the design, but the crafting of the separate items as well. After the stew had finished, the three of us sat at the dining room table.

Unveiling the stew, was as if Hyldra and my mother had entered heaven itself. After loading their bowls with stew, they could barely even say "Thank you for the food!" before shoveling it into their mouths. Obviously, I didn't mind too much. I was happy that they liked the food as much as they did. I still remember the first time I cooked they were hesitant to take a bit as they claimed "It's made of strange ingredients..." All I had made at that time was simple breakfast burritos out of the items that I had requested from Hyldra and discovered out in the forest and grew in the garden. However, this simple meal was apparently so good, that the two of them dubbed me chef of the house. After dinner, we talked a bit about our days and then headed to bed with full bellies. After coming to this world and meeting Elyris, I have been able to finally sleep soundly again. She truly has been a blessing to me. Laying there in bed next to my loving mother, who was hugging me tightly, I drifted off into the world of dreams. Thinking about the adventure Hyldra and I have ahead of us tomorrow, I slept peacefully.