I opened the door to our apartment. It was big, considering it was an apartment. It had a kitchen, a laundry room, a living room, and five bedrooms. Why five? Because I lived with my parents. That's all. Plus, my big brother and sister need a room too. And one study, for my mom and dad.

It was bare and plain. Nothing special. The Athens Apartments all had these rooms. Athens was a community in San Francisco. Dad liked it a lot. Mom, she did too. Mom didn't come yet, she was in New York, packing up the last of our stuff and making sure everything is in place in her job and dad's and my school and my siblings' college. It just dad and I right now. Mom (she was alpha in our house) told us to come here and watch the painting job.

So here I am, Brooklyn Hunt, looking through the house. Dad showed me my room. It was nice. The master bedrooms were for my parents. One for their bedroom and one for the study. It was a one floor apartment, don't panic. There were two bathrooms too. I liked my room. Lots of light and there was a walk-in closet (not that big). My room would be painted in white. No, light blue. No, pink. Yuck, no gray. No wait, I want white walls. But a better one then this bland color.

I put my suitcases to the side and went back to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast counter. Dad was making lunch. "So, how's the house?" he asked. "It's nice. Bigger than New York at least. So, can I go visit my brother and sister." I asked. Dad laughed and I did too. Brian and Kimberly (yes, those are their names) didn't know we were moving. They still thought we were in New York. Boy were they in for a surprise. "Sure honey. Here's a sandwich to go. And some money for the taxi since you are not old enough to drive a car." "Ok, thanks dad." I grabbed the money and sandwich and went outside into the hallway, then the lobby and then outside.

While I walked, I didn't mind walking, I looked around. It was a beautiful city. My thoughts wandered back to New York and I felt less happy. My best friends since kindergarten, Melissa Myers, and Timothy Leslie. I had to leave them behind when I came here. Dad said I could go for visits and call them all the time.

I shook those thoughts away and stopped in front of Athens University. My sister was majoring in film making and minoring in acting. Brian was majoring in astronomy and minoring in aeronautical engineering.

I went to the dorm building and to the reception table. "Excuse me, I said." The woman looked up. "Yes dear, what is it?" "I'm here to see Brian and Kimberly Hunt." "And how are you related to them?" "I'm their sister." "Do they know you're coming?" "No, it's kind of a surprise." "That's nice. They've been having exams for a week now. You'd be the perfect break after…." She stopped herself. "After what?" "It's nothing. Their rooms are on the fourth floor, rooms 424 and 414." "Thank you. Have a great day Miss…." "Molly. And good day to you too."

I went into the elevator and pressed the fourth-floor button. I got off and went to room 414 (Kim's) I knocked on the door. A girl opened it. she had caramel colored hair and hazel eyes. "Yes?" she looked at me and her eyes widened. She pulled me inside and called, "Kim! You have a visitor!" I hid behind the girl and she gladly hid me. "Who is it Kate? please tell me it's not…." The girl, Kate, moved and Kim saw me. And screamed. "Brooke!" she tackled me in a hug that almost broke my ribs. "Can't breathe." I managed to croak out. "Sorry. It's just that you. In San Francisco. How?" I smiled. "Mom got the hugest promotion ever and is being shifted to Athens, California." I said casually. Her eyes were as big as saucers. "You mean…." "Yep. We moved here. Our apartment is not too far from here." "That is amazing. This is the best surprise ever. We need to go to my room." She pulled me into her room and made me sit down on the bed. "So, how are your exams?" I asked. She slumped down beside me. "Ugh! Don't ask. I've been studying for weeks. I think my brain is going to explode." "I hope it doesn't. Dad said you could come by whenever you want. But he wants you to stay at the dorms." She sighed. "Of course, he does." I asked the dreaded question. "How's brian?" her expression darkened. "He's fine, I guess. Kyle, Taylor and Nate said he misses you, a lot." I sighed. Brian was remarkably close to me. He doesn't see me much now after that huge fight we got into three years ago. "I miss him too. A lot. I was stupid. Doing that. It tore us apart." I looked down. She patted my back. "You could go to his room, 424. I'm sure he forgives you by now. It's been three years." "Yeah right. He hasn't seen me for years. He's avoided me when he comes home for vacation. He ignores all my texts and calls and emails. He doesn't respond to my letters and probably throws away all the gifts I give him. He hates me." I blinked my eyes and tears came down my cheeks. "Ohh Brooke." She engulfed me in a hug and rubbed my back. "I know he doesn't hate you. He loves you." I sniffled. "Ok, I'll try and talk to him. Where's your bathroom? I want to wash my face." She directed me to her bathroom, and I splashed water on my face. I looked in the mirror and my reflection looked back. My naturally dual colored hair. Brown at the top, blonde at the tips. My sapphire eyes held so much guilt I couldn't bear to look.

I came out, said bye to Kate and their other roommate Taryn and gave a big hug to Kim.

Deep breaths Brooke. You got this. I gathered up all my courage (practically nothing at this point) and knocked on the door.